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The first place we stayed at was Ouyen. We left in the morning to go to Mildura. When we got to Mildura we had a look around and then we went up to Renmark. We stayed in Burra Creek Gorge Campground for the night. We had a campfire. We left in the morning to go to Flinders Ranges, and we stayed there for a night. In the morning we left to go to Wilpena Pound. We had a massive walk to it and there were a lot of interesting things there. Stayed at Rawnsley Park for the second night. We are going to leave to go through Flinders Ranges and go up.... read more
Solar Power Station at Wilpena
Solar Phone Box

We finally left a bit after 11 o’clock Tuesday and drove through to Ouyen. Stopped for tea and then couldn’t be bothered driving any further, so stayed at the local caravan park. Unfortunately too close to the road and the trucks only stopped between 2.30am & 4am. Not much sleep. Had a look around Mildura on Wednesday - only one paddle steamer was around, and it was closed up. Crossed the border into NSW - just to say we had been there. Stopped at Lake Cullulleraine for lunch - very pretty, will remember it for next time. Was searched at the Quarantine Station for fruit & veg & got the all clear. Restocked with fruit & veg at Renmark. Drove through to a little campground at Burra Creek Gorge. We turned at the first driveway and ... read more
1st Walk in Flinders Ranges
Wilpena Solar Station
Rawnsey Park Campsite

We finally left on Tuesday and did lots of driving. On Wednesday we looked around Mildura went over the border at Yamba. Saw a purple swamp hen at Lake Cullulleraine (thanks Mr. Keystone). Took lots of photos. Stayed at Burra Creek Gorge Campground and Dad told us all about the Drop Bears! On Friday, we did lots of walking. Saw some kangaroos and a joey. Walked to the top lookout of Wilpena Pound - and Dad gave me a shoulder ride halfway back. Had lots of fun. We saw Aboriginal rock carvings and paintings. ... read more
Kate on a Rock
Kate and the Kangaroo

Adelaide will always be special to me, as that's where we met Bruce, our first camperoo. And so you all heard it here first folks, five months of mostly only talking to one another and we've finally cracked and begun to anthropomorphise our vehicles. But to Bruce, a mere five years old and already travelled over 275,000 kilometres carrying tourists of all shapes and sizes the length and breadth of Australia. Bruce is a 'cheapa campa', in other words the poor man's campervan, but don't think that he's cheap, no, his mosquito nets may be broken and his paintwork slightly worn, but he was a trouper and when we discussed our itinerary with him - 2,600 kms in a week - his engine purred and he obliged. First off we navigated the city traffic, which to ... read more
South Flinders Ranges
Bush textures
A wee kangaroo

By second day we were beginning to consider everyone a new friend....packed in a bus, sharing meals and kitchen duties, and using neccessities of life together tends to do that. A couple from Sweden, nurse from Holland, guy and girl from Germany, a girl from Maine, an asian girl who grew up in Melbourne, (all twenty something)and a Kiwi, Les, the old guy on the trip, celebrating his 60th birthday by retracing his single days in Alice. Erica was our leader, she's got a great playlist (read Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler/ and more) on her MP3 player, so we know we're going to like her....not to mention we are always headed north and right into the sun...glad she's driving. Up at 5:30am for breakfast and headed to Wilpena Pound for a good hike. A really interesting ... read more
Everything is brown
Aboriginal legends for everything
View of Wilpena Pound

The main attraction in the area is the Flinders Ranges National Park, in particular Wilpena Pound, a natural rock amphitheatre formed by a giant serpent in Aboriginal legend. My first day there was overcast, and the walk to Waranga Lookout resulted in a fine view over the Pound but, creaturewise, only a solitary roo, an emu, and a few small birds. The trip to Sacred Canyon was quite different. It was along an unsealed road, which left the (red) car covered in orange dust, and almost shook the filling out of my sandwiches. This is precisely the sort of road that's specifically forbidden in the rental contract, given the risk of the paintwork being chipped. I passed any number of kangaroos, bouncing around in their peculiar fashion. They also have an endearing way of shaking their ... read more
Tree of cockatoos
Sacred Canyon

What a weekend!! Just got back from a 4wd tour of the Flinders Ranges. Amazing place and the tour was brilliant - saw so much. It all started on Friday night when i caught the bus from Adelaide up to Port Augusta (The Crossroads of Australia apparently - all the outback towns use it for supplies and such). There i was told to look out for a white 4WD and a black cowboy hat, and sure enough there he was, Paul Keen my tour guide. Absolute typical Aussie bush man!! Didn't get into Port Augusta till pretty late so me and my two companions on the tour, a Dutch woman called Hellete and her son Peter, headed straight for the hostel. The Andu Lodge - not bad as far as hostels go. Next day we had ... read more
Wilpena Pound
Dutchmans Stern

We did a lot in the past week. Probably as much in one week as Les and I did in our first month here. As a result, and since this blog is first and foremost my way of recording our time down here, these will be some LONG blogs. I’ll be posting three in all, but I’ll caption them. So if you feel like you’d like to read about Flinders Ranges, you can skip to that section, or you can skip it altogether. I hope this way those of you who read in five minute breaks here and there will have some nice ‘break length’ snippets. Adelaide Our flight to Adelaide took place in two parts, and both went about as you’d expect given we were flying with a toddler. The only exception was that on ... read more
The Baby balcony in Adelaide
Inside the Pound
Christmas Dinner in Wilpena Pound

It was too windy and wet for walking today (October 23 - Happy birthday Polly!!) so we are publishing one of our earlier walks in the Flinder's Ranges that we hadn't got around to telling you about. Now what trip to the Flinders wouldn't be complete with a visit to Wilpena Pound? The weather was windy and wet, but we were lucky enough to get some walking in before the more persistent showers in the afternoon arrived. The Pound is popular, particularly on the October long weekend, so we saw plenty of walkers and campers as we showed Dan the Pound. Wilpena Pound is an amazing geological structure that is best seen from the air. It has a cup shape, and there is one creek that flows out of the cup, (at Sliding rock) which is ... read more
Sliding Rock
Sloping sides
Dan and I at the top lookout

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