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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare September 14th 2018

Watervale this morning is Windyvale, man it was blowing big time and then some. So bad, the dude in the landcruiser had to make a windbreak with his vehicle, so that we could pack up our tents without them taking off like Mary Poppins. Kirk decided to ride with us to Clare to stock up on his food supplies, as Watervale completely shuts down on Sundays. We battled the wind to Clare, on the way we stopped at the Golden Fleece roadhouse to fill our water bottles and grab some eat & ride food. We don't have the luxury of the Tour de' France riders with their support vehicles handing out snacks and water bottles along the way. So we just had to store food and water and ride heavy loaded bikes all at the same ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare June 30th 2018

Woke up to the ole' Good News Bad News story. Good news today we are back in the saddle, feet are itching and we are ready for that distant horizon. Bad News, it rained last night, tent fly wasn't closed properly and I have a minor lake in my tent, everything is wet wet wet!, More bad news, possums broke into my food pannier and made good work of my vegies. But I am a glass half full kind of fellow, you learn to just "go with the flow", on the road and count the many blessings, that come with ultimate freedom. We said our Cheery Byes to all our good friends we had made in Gestapo land, broke through the razor wire and made our escape, on our trusty treddlies. Just a quick stock up ... read more
Eerie Saddleworth Cathedral

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare October 7th 2016

Thursday 6 October 2016 - Black Point to Clare Valley Black Point, primarily a beach holiday town on the east coast of Yorke Peninsula, offered us beautiful weather although the morning was a little breezier than the night before. During the evening the sea was like glass, however there were a few white caps further out to sea. This sun was still shining. We headed for Ardrossan and was looking forward to eating mini-Kitchener buns we had with Sheryl & Brian when we were last there. We arrived at the brilliant red cliff face which backed the beach area, and parked our vans to walk to the bakery. Sadly, they only had large Kitchener buns and they put too much jam in them so they were a bit too sweet. We had become connoisseurs of the ... read more
77.1 Ardrossan (7)
79.4 Paulett Wines for morning coffee in Clare Valley (6)
79.5 Sevenhills Winery in Clare Valley (12)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare August 30th 2016

Friday 5th August 2016 Today, with David and Helen, we spent the day revisiting the town of Burra, an old copper mining town where some of Judy’s early relatives once lived. We explored the lovely little town, saw the holes in the side of the river bed where the Cornish miners used to live, and checked out the mine itself from the lookout. From here we could also see some of the old restored buildings and parts of the mine. We could only visit these briefly as the gates were locked at 12.30. Lunch was in town, where we had an original Cornish pasty called a Tiddly-Oggi pasty. This is a large pastry with vegetables a little more than half its length, with apple at the other end. It was served with cream and tomato sauce. ... read more
Tiddy-Oggi Pastie for lunch
Coffee at the Adelaide Central Markets
Goyder's Line Memorial

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare April 26th 2016

1. Wherever you go, you can meet people easily. It's surprising how easy it actually is. I guess since being out here I have realised how independent I actually am. I talk to everyone, literally everyone. You never know who you're going to meet or what contacts they have. It's nice to talk to all walks of life as I have experienced either on the train, walking down a street, talking to people in a shop. I feel absorbed in their life as we chat although I always get the same question from absolutely everyone "where have you been in Australia". If we had all day, I would tell you all of the stories and things I have seen and done. But we have ten mins until my chai latte is ready so I'll just name ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare October 23rd 2015

Day 1: Melbourne to Grampians National park After goodbye’s with our Melbourne friends Yamuna, Ankit, and Ari we load into the van to begin our great 6000km Australian road trip. We have one big suitcase, one small suitcase, one large backpack, and two small backpacks for our journey. We loaded up on food yesterday at the grocery store and Yamuna grilled us some Tandoori chicken to take with us so we are good to go. Next stop: Grampians National Park! Gas in Melbourne is $1.19/liter. Coming from New Zealand we find this amazing. We fill up the van for less than $60 and we are off. Not long after getting on the highway, though, we pull over. There are signs for a fruit stand: 10 mangoes for $10! It’s busy and we wait in line but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare August 27th 2014

Today it became obvious that our trip was almost over. We are back in familiar country. The mountains are gone, replaced by rolling hills. Crops are more common and emus less evident. We are amazed by how much the crops have advanced in the brief time since we saw them a week ago. They are much taller and the canola especially, is that much brighter. Greg’s cold is still wreaking havoc. Joan is still fighting fit. However this is to change by the end of the day. A sneezing fit and that’s it … full on. Greg managed to orchestrate a timely departure from Hawker that would conveniently place us in Jamestown at lunchtime. The Jamestown Bakery for lunch? Of course! And it was just as good as last time. Armed with a London bun to ... read more
A productive country side, wind farm included
A checkerboard of colour across the hills
Sheep moving along the roadside – are these the same group as last time?

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare June 6th 2014

Hi travel lovers. I figured it was time for a travel update since it has been some time. We spent a couple of weeks in Adelaide checking out all the local sites in and around the city and surrounding country side. Included was a quick 4 day trip to the Gold Coast (Mullumbimby) to celebrate my sisters (Isabelle) 60th birthday and brother inlaw (Darren) 50th birthday. A great time and congratulations to you both. Included in the Adelaide adventure was trips into the Adelaide Hills to see Mt Lofty, Bridgewater (Bridgewater Mill and water wheel), Hahndorf (German Village), Lobethal, Gumeracha (giant rocking horse) and then the Gorge Wildlife park before heading back to Adelaide. On leaving Adelaide we headed for Clare (another wine district - Riesling) to spend a couple of days checking out the surrounding ... read more
Hahndorf Pub
White Wombat
Wedgetail Eagle

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare March 4th 2014

It’s hard to believe but we have once again shacked up in a wine region – this time Jeff has found himself working for the winery Pike’s – and is smack bang in the middle of vintage as you read this. This has meant an unpredictable mix of day & night shifts, but now that all the grapes are ready they all pulling out all stops to get the fruit off asap. So unlike Margaret River, where the harvest could stop & start right through till about Easter, he reckons the season here will be well & truly over in the nick of time, & who knows he may even get the Easter weekend off, yay! Also wishing everyone a very happy 2014, & hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a quiet chrissy day ... read more
After scoffing a beaut lunch - Mr Mick, Madge, Tab Jeff @ Mr Mick's
A beer in Burra Boxing Day
Almost reddy

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Clare July 2nd 2013

Part II of the adventure. I joined a tour with a company called Top Deck, a week long tour of south and central Australia. An area approximately 4 times the size of England. Crazy. Day 1 An early start: 7am pick up ready for an adventure. The tour bus picked me up from my hostel in Adelaide. There were 5 of us on tour altogether and I was happy that every one of them were great. We all got on really well. Good thing as we would be spending 24 hours a day together for the next 7 days. There was a French girl, Australian girl, American, stereotypical Texan, girl, a Swedish guy and me. We all introduced ourselves and chatted like we'd known each other ages. We set off, heading north. Our tour guide was ... read more

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