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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville June 23rd 2019

On Thursday, the 20th, we left Charters Towers and headed into Townsville. It was only about 2 hours away and we soon were driving into the main street and down to the Strand. We found our accommodation, Mariners North Apartments, but it was too early to check in. We drove along the Strand and parked and went walking. The Strand runs along the beachfront and has many cafes, playgrounds and places to sit and watch the world go by. It is also used for walking, many people were either exercising, jogging or briskly walking. It was a beautiful day, cloudless and mild and we enjoyed our stroll. Debbbie Strange messaged us and we messaged back telling her we had chosen to have lunch at the Seaview Hotel. She was one of the Strand walkers so she ... read more
Our lounge room/kitchen in the apartment
Our back verandah
Debbie, Fletcher and I at the yacht Club

Travelling from one place to another with children in tow can be a daunting task. Even the most well-behaved child can be quite a handful during a trip. This can usually be attributed to the change in environment, moving from a place that they know to an unfamiliar area can be disruptive to their routine. However, children do not have to make the idea of travelling sound too hard, you just have to plan ahead in order to take care of any contingency that may arise. When travelling, the safety of your toddler is of utmost importance and listed below are a few tips for ensuring that your child is perfectly safe while on a journey Be prepared While travelling, your child will most likely come in contact with dirty objects or surfaces that are full ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Charters Towers June 19th 2019

On Monday morning, after a lovely time in Alice Springs, we again headed north. Our goal was Tennant Creek which was about a 5 hour drive and we motored along happily, listening now to Thunderball and noting the monotonous scenery of red earth, spinifex and low scrubby trees. Our one stop along the way was at the Devil's Marbles, or Karlu Karlu, which stands out amidst the rest of the country. Round boulders sit atop each other and there are several outcrops. An interesting sight. We arrived in Tennant Creek about 4pm and checked into the Goldfields Hotel/Motel. The room was comfortable, with all we needed except the WiFi was unreliable. We then went for a drive to see what was there. We drove up to the Bill Allen Lookout from where we could see the ... read more
Largest of the Marbles
Balancing rocks
Fletcher at Devil's Marbles

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas June 13th 2019

Forecast!!!! Cloudy, winds from 10k to 100k and the possibility of some showers. Oh No! But, Yes, for the 11days I spent with Warwick driving from Cairns to Cooktown and back, this was the daily outlook. As with all forecasters they did get most of it right but quite a bit was wrong. We didn't really get any rain apart from a couple of showers that didn't affect our plans. We did see quite a bit of sunlight, but nowhere near enough to satisfy our wants. We did get wind, some gentle, some strong enough to dull the mood. While in Cooktown we had some gusts strong enough to necessitate adopting the 45degree walking style. Did we enjoy ourselves? Oh Yes!!. I loved the whole time. For me, seeing this part of Australia for the first ... read more
Warwick and I.
A Tree Hugger.
The Closest I Got.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns June 1st 2019

Since last weeks blog we have enjoyed good food, wine, company, sightseeing, and such. So nice here with the weather holding its great temperatures and the sun not to hot. Just enjoying being around this wonderful place. A bit of swimming in the pool and walking the beaches. My niece,Louise and her daughter, Lexi arrived from Christchurch to enjoy a break, and so the days became a bit different with a 21 month old doing a great job in entertaining her grandparents and grand aunty and uncle. She really is a cutie. On the Friday before Louise arrived we drove down to a town where my old friend Ian had his stand doing his farmers market selling. This market is very well known on the coast and is well attended by a huge amount of people. ... read more
The Farm House.
Macedonia Nuts.
Out By The nut Trees.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville May 30th 2019

We stayed with a friend in Townsville who showed us a picture of a queue people edging along a tiny ridge approaching the peak of Everest. It can take up to two months to acclimatise enough to attempt a climb the summit. Climbers arrive at base camp, trek to the first level then back down again, up two levels then back to base camp. The body needs time to adjust to the altitude and new environment it finds itself in. We’re not climbing Everest but we are still going through a period of adjustment. The boys fight with each other every morning. It’s become like some sort of ritual. Wake up, bicker, eat breakfast, get on with the day. They niggle each other over trivial matters like a couple of old grumpy kangaroos. At first Jason ... read more
Caravan life
All our possessions
Pizza night

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast May 24th 2019

Catalyst – a person or thing that precipitates an event. We’ve always talked about taking the boys on a lap of Australia. I did it with my family when I was four and Jason and I had done it in sections over the years before kids. 2020 was going to be the year we set off to coincide with Jason’s long service leave. That was until a series of events set the wheels in motion just a bit faster than we had originally planned. With the passing of both of my parents in just over two years we were ready. What were we waiting for. Life is too bloody short to sit around talking about ideas and ideals. My mum passed away in December last year after battling for nearly two years with a blood disorder ... read more
Gorge walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 21st 2019

This is a report about Brisbane which I wrote when learning English at TAFE and I would like to share with you. I have learned different types of writing, such as report, narrative, exposition, biography, discussion essay, cause and effect essay, and persuasive essay (or argumentative essay). Learning academic writing was a great experience which I have really enjoyed. I hope to become an English teacher in the future, and one of my plans is to teach English at an orphanage in Vietnam. BRISBANE This report is written about Brisbane for the purpose of providing brief information about the city, as well as assisting first time visitors in discovering its attractions. General information about the city’s geographical location and population, in addition to guidance about major tourist sites, will also be mentioned in this report. Geographical ... read more
A man performed a magic on Queen street, Brisbane CBD
Christmas celebration
Buddha festival

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 18th 2019

After a long journey via Manchester, Stockholm and Singapore we finally arrived in Brisbane. Martin and Gemma met us at Brisbane Airport. We all set off on the short car drive to their "Queenslander" style home in Clayfield, Brisbane. It was a few days before we fully adapted to the time difference and settle in to the Australian lifestyle. Our first major outing together was North to Coolum where we rented an Airbnb house. From here we could explore the beach and places nearby on the Sunshine Coast, such as Noosa. It was a very pleasant few days and we returned to Brisbane via the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains. The next 2 weeks we spent our time in and around Brisbane city visiting the botanic gardens, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and enjoying walks along the riverside. ... read more
Poppy having a rest
Forest scene
watery scene

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Town of 1770 May 12th 2019

" People don't take trips....trips take people." John Steinbeck Whilst at Yeppoon, we had noticed a large port to the north and drifting away from Lake Awoonga, it made sense to go and check out Gladstone which was only a matter of 30km away. The entry into this mid-sized town was dominated by industrial type buildings which made sense as this is a major port for the stuff the Aussies dig out of their mines. Industrial/commercial hubs tend not to impress but Gladstone was in the mould of all the towns seen thus far; neat, well laid out and bedecked with stunning parklands and manicured public spaces. Not the usual grimy, smoke infused mess reminding any visitor that a bit of industry keeps the place ticking. Having not caught a barramundi for dinner, Google came to ... read more
1770 Walkway

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