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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove April 22nd 2015

The entire continent of Australia is best with beaches along its perimeter. You could go to any part of the country to find a beach that will put you directly on some of the most lovely places in the world. The beaches are so frequent that you can pick from many, but the best beach in the country is at Palm Cove. Palm Cove is one of the best places to just get away for the weekend in Australia, and I took a trip there recently that showed me just how gorgeous this locale is.#1: A Simple Car Hire... read more
Weekend Getaway

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Karumba April 22nd 2015

I pretty big driving day today. We left Mt Surprise about 7.30 after making some braised lamb chops in our Thermo pot, ready for dinner tonight. Oh funny thing last night too, a tiny little frog popped out of the sink! (See the pic)! Not sure how that happened! I set my self up for a day of knitting but not too far down the track my heart was in my mouth because the easy going road turned into a single patch of bitumen up the middle of the red dirt. It was rough going and a bit scary. Intermittently the road went back to a good quality road, to the skinny rough bitumen, usually with no warning. There wasn't a lot of other cars but when they go past you have to move right off ... read more
Rocky terrain
That road
That road

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Surprise April 21st 2015

It's definitely cooled down a bit, though still warm. Obviously the altitude is higher here. This morning there were kangaroos all over the fields near us! Missed a photo though. Not sure Mareeba grabbed me as a town so was happy to be heading out. No particular reason just the vibe, your honor! A short drive into Atherton which seemed liked a nice town. We stopped for some breaky and provisions. It's a quaint little town and felt good. People were very friendly. Lots of $2 shops which is great when you need bits and pieces. We set the jury rigged door up with a better option which was great! Last minute decision saw 2 of the worlds best apple turnovers sneak their way into our fridge! For later! (Pictures to follow) We saw a sign ... read more
Crystal caves
Crystal caves
Crystal caves

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mareeba April 20th 2015

Well today was a mix of good and not so good. The good included 'Tyson's birthday'! And we had a fabulous facetime call with him this afternoon when he opened his special present from nana and pa. Made me feel a little bit sad again after the phone call. Its hard to be away from the family... But our trip goes on and its important to enjoy all aspects of it. We left beautiful Port Douglas a little bit sadly as we'd hoped to stay at least another day to have a bucket of prawns for Waza and have a last swim in the Pacific ocean. We are heading west from here on. But our door was in need of repair so it was synched up with 'Robby's Running repair' and off we went. But after ... read more
Port Douglas
Pacific Ocean goodbye

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree National Park April 19th 2015

What an amazing last 2 days we have had. We hired a car and despite the rain we headed off to the Daintree. First stop was Mossman Gorge. The rain had stopped and it was pretty hot. This is an incredible place. The beautiful rushing rivers were crisp and clear. It’s a spectacular place, I can’t think of enough superlatives. We managed to get off the board walks and get into the real bush. The trees are incredible, massive, ancient and a site to behold. We found a beautiful creek and I had a paddle. Swimming wasn’t recommended today apparently but I took my shoes off at the large waterhole and had a paddle. It was pretty lucky because I realised I had a leech trying hard to attach itself near my ankle! It had caused ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 18th 2015

Day one - about to fly to Istanbul Having booked and paid for this trip 9 months ago, This day is finally here! It doesn't quite feel real yet! Looking forward to meeting some of my fellow travellors from the Gallipoli forum I have been actively following on Facebook for about 6 months now. A nice sleep in and time to pack today 14kg main luggage and just on 4kg hand luggage yah 16kg for shopping!!! Late breakfast at home at 12 and a movie before we head to the airport. The beauty I guess, (as I just found out) by flying with the same airline (Etihad) the whole way through is the need to only check in for a Domestic flight in Brisbane - all the way through to Istanbul with only needing to clear ... read more
Hand luggage and day bag

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane April 18th 2015

G'day everyone! After my very pleasant mid-term trip to South Korea (I'll give you a follow up on that separately) I got back to Brisbane last week. Although it is a lot cooler now during the nights its definitely hot compared to Seoul. Highlight of the week was a cycling trip to Mount Cootha - together with my German friend and our Chinese buddies we cycled to the foot of the hill (it does not fit the bavarian definition of a mountain) and hiked up pushing our bikes. What a lovely view on Brisbane you get there - if you're lucky enough to catch a clear day. Keeping up our spirit for sports, my friend and I decided to show-off our rookie-tennis skills - was great fun. Saturday night we went to see the local Brisbane ... read more
The end of a long quest
Suncorp Stadium
Blues band in Lefty's Old Time Music Hall

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas April 17th 2015

Well we have had a very restful day today and that's been very welcomed. Sadly the weather hasn't been the best.. Raining intermittently and generally overcast. It was very hot overnight so was a nice relief. Still very warm air, but we have had a wet tail dozens of times today! However we've still managed to get out and about!. You walk out the back gate of the caravan park and the beach is just through the trees. The tide was incredibly high this morning so there was no visible sand on the whole 4 mile beach! Amazing site! Once the tide went out though I managed a beautiful ocean swim in the region of the stinger net! The water is sooo warm! It started pouring while I was swimming! Its pretty wild. I had a ... read more
ST Mary's by the SEa
Port Douglas
Port Douglas

Oceania » Australia » Queensland April 16th 2015

Quelques photos de notre petite halte à Rainbow Beach en nous rendant à Sydney ainsi qu'à Tin Can Bay où nous avons pu nourrir des dauphins sauvages qui viennent chaque jour au petit port! Ah, on oubliait: en retrouvant un pote des vendanges à Gin Gin, nous avons eu le bonheur de croiser une petite chose toute verte...... read more
Tin Can Bay - Dolphin Centre
Tin Can Bay - Dolphin Centre
Tin Can Bay - Dolphin Centre

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas April 16th 2015

Yet another HUGE driving day today. We couldn't leave Bowen at stupid o'clock because I had left the laundry in the dryer and they locked the laundry. It didn't open till 6.30. Soon after though we said goodbye to this seriously beautiful place. From here on it was pretty much, drive, drive and drive a bit more. We passed through some beautiful scenery and towns though. The famous Burdekin river, Townsville ( a really huge city, surrounded by army barracks) Tully and Ingham. I was always trying to get photos along the journey out of the window, but it never does the scenery justice. Because we were trying to make up time, it wasn't possible to stop much. Maybe another time! We did have lunch in a beautiful town called Cardwell. It was on the ocean ... read more
The kids
The view
Burdekin river

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