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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton September 20th 2018

Long Dayyyyy...,, Up at 5:45 and down in the garage by 6:30. The lift at the MARRIOTT to the garage level was broken so I got a guided tour of the maintenance areas of the hotel to get down to my bike. The MARRIOTT Brisbane -BTW-was a great choice if you decide to visit Brisbane. Excellent location and great rooms and staff. I'm going keep this blog a little short and talk more about the two day combined ride in the next blog. Once I loaded up the bike I was on the road by about 6:45 but it took 45 minutes to get on to the M1 and eventually the A1 and out of the City. I covered only 12 miles in those 45 minutes. Brisbane may only have 2.5 million people but the city ... read more
river rh
currency quiz

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton September 19th 2018

Brisbane - Rockhampton- Townsville Walked down by the river front and down to the Queens Mall area and did some shopping on my day off the bike. Brisbane is a beautiful city but I'm ready for the hinterlands. I'm going to get everything packed up tonight so I can get an early start and try to beat some of the traffic in the morning. Logically, I'll be going against the grain but I would have thought the same about coming into town yesterday afternoon... Not. I've been told once you get north of Brisbane you leave behind the last of the southern urban areas and start to see more wildlife. I've got 847 miles to cover over the next two days. Tomorrow I'll do half the distance and make it to Rockhampton then on to Townsville. ... read more
River Bridge day time
Queen street Mall Brisbane
River Brisbane

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton December 13th 2017

We left Rockhampton not very happy. We paid $75 for our room but the WiFi did not work, the washing machine was broken and the hairdryer in the room did not work. The lady in reception did not seem too bothered. We drove south via a show cave and had an hours tour with Emily our guide. Continue down south for the most important part of the day. The Bundaberg rum distillery tour and meet up with Colin “Spike” Bale and his wife Sandra and father in law John. Our guide Damo gave us a big insight into how my favourite drink is made and we had 2 free shots of rum. An aged rum and a banana, toffee and rum liqourre. After the tour Colin met us in the car park and guided us to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 1st 2017

My dream suddenly started hearing 'Under the sea' which was interesting. I then realised it was Alex's alarm going off and it was time to get up at 6:45am. We headed off at 8 am to see the Maheno shipwreck. This ship started off as a diesel travel ship to New Zealand, when the war began it was converted into a hospital ship and is said to have saved over 20,000 lives. After the war it was converted back to a travel ship but there were faster models now available so the Maheno was put up for sale. The Japanese decided they wanted it and as they were towing it back to Japan a cyclone hit and the Maheno became shipwrecked on Fraser Island. The Japanese took everything worth any value off it and left it ... read more
Stop off for Brunch
Big ass truck
Alex and I

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton August 29th 2015

This was another day where we hadn't planned anything other than drive south. After returning to the highway, we drove a short distance before the traffic became quite heavy (the Bruce Highway is mostly single lane with short passing opportunities each 5 kilometres if the terrain is flattish). We decided to pull in to the Flaggy Rock Creek Cafe for coffee and cake. They had home made ice cream too so we had to try the mango but it wasn't anything like what we had enjoyed previously at Wild Mango in Kununurra. Because Georgi wanted to spend some time in her early home town of Gladstone, we decided to stop early in Rockhampton (so we had plenty of time in Gladstone tomorrow). We refilled the gas bottle, topped up the bus with diesel and found a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 28th 2014

Today was a fix-it day for Barry, starting with getting the gas bottle filled before we stray into the more remote areas. He also decided to go ahead and get the new electric cables put into the ute so, hopefully, the rear battery will accept the full charge from the front one now, without any loss. He also collected the Lugs for the fridge, which had finally arrived. With luck we are all set to continue our journey without having any more electrical or repair worries (probably expecting too much but one can dream!) I spent the day catching up on some of my Travel Blog and getting a few days uploaded. It gets behind so quickly and I’m often tired after a big day out, when of course there’s lots to relate. I’ll just keep ... read more
Bird Bath Time
A Blue Information Breed Bull
A Braford Bull Statue, Rockhampton

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 27th 2014

Today we went to see the Heritage Village, as it had free entry due to the Emergency Services Day. The event has been going for seven years and shows the locals what the various emergency organisations can do. It also gives people information on what they can do to prevent or cope with any emergency or disaster. We entered through the Information Centre and picked up maps for both the event and the usual Heritage Buildings and Museums. The first thing we saw was a display of clocks dating from 1630, that had been collected by the local watchmaker, Ernie Gomershall, and his family over many years. They included Grandfather Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks and some obviously French clocks. Many were similar to each other and most of them weren’t labelled, so it was hard to tell ... read more
SES to the Rescue
A Field Hospital, Emergency Services Day
The Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Truck

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 25th 2014

Today is the day for the Cattle Sales so we set off for Gracemere, about 15 km away, where the largest saleyards in the Southern Hemisphere are located. We parked and walked past lots of empty pens to the area where the action was taking place at the far end of the lot. Cattle were mostly in breed groups of 10 to 12 head per pen, which they sold as one lot, with the occasional pen having only 4 or 5 head of the better looking animals but of mixed breeds, which they sold as individuals. Many of the pens held Brahmin and some held brown cows, also with humps on their backs, which are new breeds developed from combining the Brahmin with others. Some of the pens had very thin animals in them, and a ... read more
The Auction
All Lined Up
That's what you call a U-Turn!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 24th 2014

Our Mount Morgan Tour was due to start at 10.30am at the Tourist Information Centre of the town so we were up and out quite quickly this morning. We arrived at the lovely mint green coloured Historic Railway Station Museum, which also housed the Info Centre, with about 10 minutes to spare – just enough time to take a few photos and have a look at some brochures. The tour minibus turned up soon after and the ten of us doing the trip piled in. Our guide took us around Mount Morgan and showed us some of the older buildings, including an old cinema with a colourful mural showing some movie stars in their movie roles (e.g. Marilyn Munro with her white dress blowing up; Clint Eastwood in the “Go ahead – make my day” movie). ... read more
Scenery on the Way to Mt Morgan
The Contaminated River at Mt Morgan
An NCR Accounting Terminal

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rockhampton July 23rd 2014

We booked the tour we want to do at Mt Morgan for tomorrow, 2 hours for $22 (Seniors rate) each. Then I did more on my blog while Barry worked on the electrics some more and then went in to speak to an Auto-electrician. He said that he thinks the electrics are working OK and the only problem is the rear ute battery needs replacing. They did that, so it is now both a cranking and deep cycle battery. This means if the engine won’t start because the main battery is flat we can use it (no more stopping strangers in the street and asking for help, if it ever happens again.) After lunch, Barry said we should go out and see some of the town. We decided on the Botanic Garden and Zoo, which are ... read more
The Large Male Chimpanzee Enjoying a Juice Box
A Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Barry Getting Up Close and Personal with a Bottle Tree

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