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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman August 10th 2022

Mossman was our next stop, and it was an ideal base from which to explore the Daintree Coast, including having a good range of shops and services. We managed to secure a powered site in the Mossman Shire Council Caravan Park, which was conveniently located adjacent to the Council Swimming Pool, for which caravan park guests had free and unlimited access. I took the opportunity to do laps on several of the days we stayed in Mossman. Mossman lies in the heart of sugar cane country, and hosts the Mossman Central Sugar Mill, which runs as a Co-operative owned by local farmers. Cane train lines criss cross the area, and you need to be mindful as you drive around. The soil is rich and also supports many tropical fruit farms, as well as of course, the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman June 16th 2021

We had a lovely breakfast then joined the bus after filling our bottles with water. The Mirage had a filling station with sparkling, cold or warm water. I filled my bottle with sparkling which caused much laughter when I opened it later and it went "pop"!! I was asked if I had champagne in it. Unfortunately NO. Our first stop was the Mossman Gorge Visitor Centre and were taken on a dreamtime gorge walk by Ray. After participating in a smoking ceremony we set off on our walk where he explained the traditional uses of bush food sources such as plants, seeds, ochre used etc by the aboriginal inhabitants for foods, and medicine. At the end of the walk we had a Covid safe morning tea of damper, cream and jam. Paper cups, plastic utensils and ... read more
Spider at entrance to centre
Ray our guide
Smoking ceremony

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman July 21st 2018

I was going to go out to the esplanade for sunrise, but I was feeling too tired this morning so slept in until 7. Waking up at 7 AM is a massive lie in for a birder (but an early start for a mammalwatcher who's been spotlighting. So it can be both for me, as it suits). Instead, I packed my stuff and was out to the esplanade after breakfast to pass the time birding before everyone else is ready to leave. As I briefly mentioned yesterday, my parents caught cold-type illnesses so they went to a doctor to check it. I'm just going to note that here for continuity in case they get too ill to be able to continue the trip as planned and drive me to all the places that I have planned ... read more
Olive-backed Sunbird
Yellow Honeyeater

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman December 2nd 2017

Our last day in Mossman so we went to the gorge and did the 2.4km walk along the gorge and in the rain Forrest. You have to use the transportation provided at $19 for the 2 of us because the way to the gorge is through a aboriginal village and they don’t want lots of cars going through plus the road is only wide enough for 1 car. We stopped off at the Mensware shop in Mossman to buy my 2nd bag with great success. Then we went to Hartley crocodile farm. Still baking hot but seeing all the animals was well worth it. Crocodiles, cassowaries, various snakes and lizards, various birds, emus, wombats, wallabies, koalas. Then we stopped off at the opal shop but we didn’t buy any. Finally got to karens Airbnb in Cairns ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman November 30th 2017

Today we went for a long drive and I’m glad we have aircon. We drove to the Daintree river to go on a crocodile tour. Not one to be seen, swizz! We then drove to the Daintree river ferry to continue north to cape Tribulation. See the pics. Then back home via Woolies to get tonight’s bbq dinner. Still have not seen any cane toads but Chantal told us that she has got another cat as she has lost 2 to pythons!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman June 21st 2015

We decided to take it a bit easier today, cancelling our morning tour to relax and enjoy this amazing resort for the morning. Silky Oaks enjoys a lovely natural setting in the rainforest along the banks of the Mossman River. Swimming in the river is encouraged and when we inquired about crocs the desk staff said they are too lazy to come this far inland. For good measure they added that many locals swim farther downstream, so if they were wrong about the crocs laziness, the locals would likely be eaten first. The cabins are spread out enough that each seems totally immersed in the rainforest. After making good use of the internet (available only in the main lodge here) we had a lovely breakfast in the open-air restaurant overlooking the river. John and Sonia started ... read more
Contemplating a Dip in the Billabong
Swimming at the Pool
Goofing Around

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman February 26th 2014

After heading to Port Douglas markets in the morning and filling up on cake we headed out to Mossman Gorge. We had a lovely walk in the rainforest, unfortunately we didn't see much wildlife, but we did see a few birds, including a bush turkey who Alex chased out of the bushes in the hope that I'd be able to photograph it! Alex also found a leech attached to my leg... not quite the wildlife spotting experience I had hoped for. After finishing our walk in Mossman Gorge we headed to Daintree village and set off on a Crocodile spotting trip. After an hour of 'Well so and so usually lives around here' and 'he was here this morning' we still had had no success. In the end we managed to find a tiny baby crocodile, ... read more
Beginning of our jungle walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman March 28th 2013

After another humid night we woke at around 07:30 and got up at 8. Wandered down to the beach and Brian found that crabs had taken residence. Left around 09:45 to go to Cape Tribulation, passed Newell Beach, but when we got to the Daintree river ferry crossing, was told that the Cape was inaccessible due to a lorry road accident. So we went into the hills to Daintree village and wandered to the tranquil historical wharf. Then decided to back track and to go Mossman and up into to the hills. We found the Gorge visitor centre and parked up around 12:30. Spent an enjoyable afternoon walking up the road to the Mossman river Gorge passed the local Aboriginal Community Village, along the raised forest walkway. There was a place to swim to escape the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman January 9th 2013

We headed up North of Port Douglas to a town called Mossman - driving through we both turned to each other and said 'it looks very American'. The houses were wooden bungalow types, the shops were all something-mart and there were signs for 'real estate'. We carried on to the gorge and decided to start with the short rainforest trek. Two kilometres later and we were looking pretty sweaty so decided to head back toward the swimming hole. Here is the only place in the region where the water is cold and hence refreshing on a hot summers day. I took a fair bit of coaxing into the freezing waters but it did feel refreshing once in! Bailey's bit: While playing in the gorge we saw a bird, Cat thought it was a Carraway (An Australian ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman September 16th 2012

Mossman 16th September 2012 Leaving Cooktown we were in mixed emotions, as from here we should have been heading North (to The Cape) not south towards Cairns, but, we figured that if we could clear up Trish’s medical issue quickly we would come back up and ‘do The Cape’. Another issue we had was we had to go to Cairns to get the medical help that we needed, a town we have been to many times before on holiday (and enjoyed) but not necessarily one that had been on our radar for this trip. We decided to compromise and head to Mossman to stay and commute as needed to Cairns, sounds like a great plan. A new town, we can explore the Daintree and Cape Tribulation from here and it will be on the way back ... read more
 Newell Beach, 7klm from Mossman
Mossman Markets

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