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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island May 20th 2018

The East Coast Technically we had been traveling up the east coast for a while but the last two weeks before we got to Cairns, had been very busy. After leaving Brisbane and heading back to the Gold Coast and spending some time at a family friend’s house we headed to Australia Zoo. I had bought Laurent tickets for Christmas and it was finally time to use them. We arrived at the zoo when it opened and spent the entire day there. We went to different shows, giant turtles, otters, crocodiles and tigers. There were a lot of crocodiles at the zoo, but as Australia Zoo is the Steve Irwin Zoo, the crocodile hunter, it made sense. We had an amazing day at the zoo seeing so many different animals. Laurent’s favourite were the Meerkats. ... read more
I got to stroke a Koala 🐨
Spa Pool

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island July 28th 2017

A great day on Maggie Island with Tom and Chrissie.. made even better by Koala and Possum spotting..... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island November 30th 2015

Sunday 29 November Both of us slept like logs last night after a busy couple of days. Although we did wake early and Pat was making coffee about 7.30 am. We hadn't brought much stuff in from the car, as we had readied overnight stuff only to bring in. So we prepared for the day and took stuff to the car. I spoke with the owner for a short while, about various things. At 8.00 am it was 32℃. We departed at just before 9.30 am and were heading for Townsville which is not far away, so an easy drive. Nothing in particular to stop for along the way unless we choose to do so. We saw a sign for a lookout which appealed and pulled off the road into a layby. Hinchinbrook island was the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island August 13th 2015

We woke up early today on "Maggie". We have learned that Australians abbreviate the names of anything they can - Brisbane is "Brizzy", Tasmania is "Tazzy", and Magnetic Island is "Maggie". I'm absolutely certain there are numerous other abbreviations we just haven't come across yet. So, our morning on Maggie started early because we had a half day kayak trip to catch on the other side of the island. Since our car hire company did not allow us to bring our car onto Maggie via the ferry, she is parked back at the terminal on the mainland and we are at the mercy of public transit here. That may sound complicated, but truly there is only one main road on the island and two buses that spend the entire day driving back and forth, so it's ... read more
The Lookout at The Forts
Climbing up to the Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island May 24th 2015

Sarah: Penultimate Australia destination: Magnetic Island. We had wrestled with our options for the last week without a trusty motor in Oz, with The Whitsundays and/or Fraser Island definitely on the list if/when we ever return. We'd been promised nature and snorkelling from Magnetic Island and it seemed easier to do everything a bit more independently and was looking a little less pricey than the alternatives, so 'Maggie' Island (as it's known locally) it was. It was set to be a long-ish day of travelling and both of us had grown soft to long waits and journeys after having the luxury of the car being able to start and stop whenever and wherever we wish. We ('I', while Nick took his place behind the sink washing the dishes as is the usual division of labour during ... read more
Arthur Bay on a day we don't have snorkels...nice and calm
Looking forward to snorkelling
Lovely colours

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island May 20th 2015

Øhm hvem råber? Jeg skulle med bussen kl. 07, hvilket var meget rart, da det betød at jeg ville få mere tid på Magnetic Island sammen med tøserne. Det var en okay bustur, den var ikke særlig lang, kun fem timer. Da bussen ankom til Townsville, var der lidt ventetid indtil den næste færge sejlede over mod øen. Det tog ca. tyve minutter at sejle fra Townsville til Magnetic Island. Jeg nåede knap nok at orientere mig, da jeg ankom til øen, før jeg hørte nogen råbe mit navn. Jeg kiggede mig forvirret omkring, indtil jeg fik øje på en hånd der vinkede til mig. Jeg skyndte mig over til bussen, med den vinkende hånd og fandt tøserne. Tøserne er for resten Amy, Vicky og Yonca. De havde lige været over ved The Koala Sanctuary. Det ... read more
Solnedgang på Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island
Vild Koala

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island March 28th 2015

24/3 Our bus from Airlie Beach was at 9:15 so we got up early and then walked down to the bus stop which was horrible again. Our bus was about 5 hours long and then we had to get a ferry over to the island and then a public bus to the hostel so by the time we got there and checked in it was 4 o'clock. We chilled in our room for a bit and then went to the bar to have dinner because we had a $10 dinner voucher for free. Kennedy and I had lasagne because we've been craving it for ages but the lasagne was disgusting- we were so gutted but it only cost us $2 so we couldn't complain. After dinner we wanted to go and see the rock wallabies but ... read more
My hostel
Beachside bar at the hostel
Sunset from the bar

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island June 23rd 2013

Me, Jon and our new pal Q got on the bus for our next destination Magnetic Island. The bus journey was about four hours long and for the first hour the lovely Lozzie B, our friend in Melbourne, called us for a catch up and to make plans for our visit, which made the bus journey go a lot quicker. At about 2pmwe arrived in a small town called Townsville - from here we took a short ferry ride over to the island. The views from the ferry were stunning so I just couldn't wait to get there. From the marina we got on a local bus that dropped us off right outside our hostel - YHA Bungalow Bay, which was also happened to be a koala sanctuary too. After we checked in we were shown ... read more
Kangaroo at Horseshoe Bay
Sunset at Horseshoe Bay
Jon & The Baby Crocodile

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island April 15th 2013

Dear Grace and Mag, I was getting on the bus to Townsville and the two Rachel's were on the same one! Yay! Was really nice to see them again, I originally met them in Australia Zoo back in Brisbane. They were heading straight over to the island from Townsville (20min ferry), the same as what Becks and Sinead were doing but the hostels were full that night. I stayed in Townsville for a night then arranged to meet them all there the next day. The weather was so nice so when I got there I met the girls, had lunch, sunbathed, journalled - just basically chilled. The hostel was right on the beach with a pool so really felt like being on holiday. I introduced the Rachel's to Becks and Sinead and through that evening the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island March 13th 2013

Magnetic island Another popular pit-stop for backpackers travelling up the east coast, Magnetic Island reminded us somewhat of Koh Tao and the Thai islands. Not just because of the lack of main roads around the islands, scenic walks and spectacular coastline, but also because of the full moon party hosted once a month. The island reminded Rach of a giant campsite because of the criss-crossing and large soaces of frass in between where numerous houses were plotted in rows with no driveway or obvious separation of land. The hostel we stayed at, Base Backpackers, was the most picturesque hostel we've been to so far with the bar area and swimming pool overlooking the crystal clear waters of Nelly bay. Even the toilets afforded a photographic opportunity with the view from the window showing a drooping palm ... read more

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