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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay May 2nd 2018

Having had a solid nights’ sleep we were up early to get on the road as we had lost some time at Fraser Island. With 420km ahead we were packed up and ready to go just after 9.00am. Today we are heading to Cape Palmerston, which lies about 50km south of Mackay. As we leave Bargara we agree that this place was a pleasant surprise. We picked up some supplies from the ubiquitous Woolworths and we replaced our gas bottle at the local servo. Bundaberg first stop. No trip to Bundaberg would be complete without a pilgrimage to the Bundaberg rum distillery. Given that we were under a bit of time pressure we made do with a photo of the giant Bundy bottle outside the distillery. I could see Chris thinking that if only someone made ... read more
Not 'The Far Side'
Take my washing and I'll kill ya.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay December 12th 2017

an uneventful drive south. Once again Alex uses the phones google to find our motel. Once we get there the washing machine is broken but the receptionist allows us to use the staff one. The WiFi will not connect and the hair dryer does not work. We pay the full $70 for the room and do not get any refund. I went over to Barra Jacks fishing shop and got a great shirt and we went out across the road to a nice little Mexican restaurant for dinner.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay March 7th 2017

Geo: -21.1434, 149.187... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay July 12th 2016

Townsville to The Leap Hotel, South Mackay. Took off at 0839hrs, odometer 95849, temperature 20 degrees celsius. Another drive down 'The Strand' and a visit to information in Townsville and on our way. Our first stop Ayr, a sleepy little town on the Burdekin River in tropical North Queensland. Here we visited the Ayr Nature Display. A unique and rare display of more than 60,000 native fauna butterflies, shells and rocks. An example on display is the map of Australia made. A lunch stop in the Ayr Plantation Park and a visit to information and we drove onto Bowen. Bowen is on the top end of the Whitsundays, it is well known for it's diverse industries, mining, fishing and agriculture. Most famous for the Kensington Pride Mango. We visited the Big Mango structure that is symbolic ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay January 6th 2016

We had been travelling for quite a while now without a lengthy period of time in any one place so we decided to treat ourselves to a week off somewhere. The price we had to pay for that week was a couple of one-night stays in places en route, just to get us there. I hadn't found one-night stays easy - there just wasn't time to relax or sightsee and travelling can be tiring, even if you are just sitting around on a bus. At least there was a purpose to it. Our first one-night stay was in Agnes Water. I know, sounds like an elderly lady, doesn't it, rather than a place?! While waiting for the bus in the Hervey Bay Stockland Transit Centre we chatted to an Australian who had moved there from Greece ... read more
Mango Tree Motel, Agnes Water
Bridge to beach, AW
Agnes Water beach on a rainy day

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay December 1st 2015

Monday 1 December We didn't leave the room again last night and had sandwiches and fruit from our provisions. Another good nights sleep, but woke early. The objective today was to put some miles on the clock and get a little nearer to Brisbane. We readied and packed stuff and took everything down to the car. Out of the underground car park and round to the front. Walked up to reception and checked out. Two nights AUS$ 181. 9 am 30℃ and on the road. We found our way out of Townsville easily and we were on the A1 Bruce highway for most of the day. We alternated driving today, changing roughly hourly. Our stop for lunch was going to be Bowen and we arrived at 11.45 am. This is also about halfway. We drove down ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay November 3rd 2015

Z Queenstown przylecieliśmy w sobotę do Brisbane, w którym nie zatrzymywaliśmy się na dłużej, by od razu ruszyć w dalszą trasę. Pierwszym przystankiem był Hervey Bay – małe miasteczko będące bazą wypadową na Wielką Wyspę Piaszczystą. Jednak, jak się później okazało, z powodu ograniczeń czasowych i finansowych, nie udało nam się wybrać na wymarzoną przez Agatę Fraser Island… Zostaje nam dopisać ją na listę życzeń i odwiedzić w przyszłości ;-) Tym samym niedzielę w Hervey Bay spędziliśmy na plaży i w pobliskich knajpkach popijając zimne piwo. Dobrze zebrane siły przydały nam się we wtorek, kiedy to czekała nas ponad ośmiogodzinna jazda do Mackay. Ten dzień zleciał nam na prowadzeniu samochodu (Seba i Bhrett) lub podziwianiu krajobrazu i wypatrywaniu kangurów (Zuza i Agi). Tych drugich niestety najwięcej leżało na poboczu będąc o... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay October 6th 2015

After sharing a wonderful week with Tristan and Zoe it was time to move on to Balnagowan for 5 nights with our friend Marian, who we met on our 2012 WA caravan trip. An early departure in the hope we would avoid the predicted strong winds meant we arrived earlier than expected. Marian was working until late afternoon so this gave us plenty of time to set up the van in her backyard, Greg to write his weekly Stock Market Technical Analysis and time left to sit on the front patio and enjoy the stunning view over the Pioneer valley. The day had moved us from the dry Central Highlands where cattle stations and coal mining predominated, over the Eton Range to the Pioneer Valley, inland of Mackay, with its lush sugar cane fields and tropical ... read more
The dry season has brought wild camels in closer to Dysart than usual
The view from Marian’s patio over the Pioneer Valley cane fields
Greg finds yet another friend

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay August 28th 2015

We were hoping to make some good distance today, getting up early and just driving south without any planned stops. We drove through Ayr's twin town of Home Hill and then on to Bowen. From there we went to Proserpine and thought about going to Airlie Beach / Shute Harbour but we stayed on the highway. We drove through sugar cane plantations that were being harvested and got to Mackay mid-afternoon. We pushed on further, hoping to find a quiet spot near a creek or beach. We heard that there was a good camping spot near Ilbilbie so we went looking for that but the sun started to set and we decided to pull in near a relatively dry river bed. The next morning, we looked out the window and noticed two young guys had launched ... read more
cane train

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay May 2nd 2014

We are currently in Cardwell with some awesome free wi-fi, hence the catchup with the blogs! From Carnarvon Gorge we then went onto Lake Maraboon (fairbairn Damn). We stayed here for about 3 nights so the boys could try their hand at catching Redclaw, which is cross between a lobster and a Yabbie. Luckily there was a couple staying here that come and fish here every year for a few months, they stock up their freezer with the Redclaw, so he lent the boys some crab pots and even made up some bate bottle for them, what a lovely guy considering he had just taken his wife to the hospital as she was unwell and it turned out she had pneumonia. So i can confirm that the boys did actually catch Redclaw!!!!!! see photos Darren, Ben ... read more

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