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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru December 24th 2009

Die nächsten Tage werden wir im Outback verbringen und daher über die Weihnachtsfeiertage voraussichtlich weder Zugang zum Internet haben noch die Möglichkeit zu telefonieren. Aus diesem Grund möchten wir Euch allen bereits heute ein frohes Weihnachtsfest wünschen. Trotz der heißen Temperaturen, die uns eine ganz andere Adventszeit beschert haben, und der Entfernung, die zwischen uns liegt, werden wir in Gedanken ganz nahe bei unseren Familien und Freunden sein. Anstatt „weißer“ Weihnachten (Toi Toi Toi) sind dieses Jahr für uns „rote“ Weihnachten angesagt. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru December 24th 2009

Nachdem wir unseren treuen Weggefährten an der Ostküste, unser Spaceship, mit etwas Wehmut zurückgegeben haben, ging es mit dem Flieger nach Alice Springs (dem Tor zum „roten Zentrum“ - Outback). Als wir aus dem Flugzeug ausgestiegen sind, liefen wir gegen eine Hitzewand. Der Weg vom Flugzeug zum recht übersichtlichen Flughafengebäude bei 44 Grad im Schatten war bereits so anstrengend, dass der Respekt vor den kommenden Tagen im Outback weiter wuchs. Im Hotel angekommen haben wir uns als erstes im kühlen Pool abgekühlt und anschließend in Vorfreude auf die vor uns liegenden Strapazen im Whirlpool entspannt. Am folgenden Morgen mussten wir bereits um 5 Uhr aufstehen, da wir um 6.05 Uhr von unserem Guide David (Rastaman) abgeholt wurden. Was wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht wussten, die Weckzeit sollte in den nächsten Tagen noch unchristlicher werden…Wenigstens kam ... read more
Kata Tjuta II
Kings Canyon III
Kata Tjuta III - Valley of the Winds

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 30th 2009

Excerpt from my book Our Summer in Australia & New Zealand: Day Eleven. I had been looking forward to this day since first planning the trip to Australia. Climbing Ayers Rock at sunrise! It’s really not dangerous. Since records were kept beginning in 1960, there’s been only one fatality every two years, on average. Considering my life so far, those are very acceptable odds. The joke going around is that the coroner’s report on the cause of death for people climbing the Rock is, “death by lens cap” — another tourist dropped something halfway up the rock and forgot the warning not to chase it down. The Rock usually wins. Actually, what fatalities there have been are from out of condition people (probably American) being overcome and suffering stroke, heart failure or heat prostration in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 30th 2009

On day six we were up early as we had another day with lots of kilometres to cover. The morning was spent dozing in the bruck, stopping occasionally to refuel and stretch our legs before we stopped at a service station for some lunch. There was a nice patch of grass under some trees for us to sit while we munched away on our sandwiches. The service station was also home to a variety of bush animals that had been rescued from the wild after various accidents or misfortune. In an enclosure a orphaned and blind baby kangaroo shared his home with an emu that the service station owners had taken in after it had been hit and injured on the road. There were also a couple of emus wandering around without enclosures which was a ... read more
The Beatles visit Uluru!
Watching the sun set at Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 21st 2009

18th November - 21st November 2009 Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park (formerly known as Ayers Rock and the Olgas) The reason I decided to do this little road trip was largely to see the 'Rock'! The iconic image of Australia, the main event as I like to think of it. It is by no means the 'best' natural landscape in Australia, I have already seen so many breathtakingly beautiful places that are unknown. But Uluru is the Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty of Australia. I couldn't wait to finally see it, I was the most excited I have been all trip. I had Xavier Rudd playing on the stereo and when I finally saw the big ol girl, I will admit, I cried! Yes, I cried. I felt very proud to ... read more
Sunset viewing
Sunset at Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 21st 2009

So... after a gap of a few days I've finally found the time to get on with this blog again. The day after the last post Agnes arrived in Alice Springs. We didn't really see much of the sights of Alice and basically just had a relaxing day before going off on a tour into the Red Centre of Australia the following day. We departed at stupid hours in the morning (something that was going to get all too familiar over the next few days), and after an unseemly amount of faffing about with the luggage, started on the long road to Uluru (or Ayer's Rock as it is often known as). There was a very brief stop at a camel farm, which had a tame dingo and (surprise, surprise) some camels. After half a ... read more
Uluru too
King's Canyon

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 18th 2009

So Steve and I decided to roll into Alice springs and use it as a jumping off point for our trip to Uluru, and after some 'careful' planning and number crunching we figured we could do this as our own roadtrip instead of going on a tour. We were hoping that it would cost roughly the same but we'd end up with a very different story than most tourists who went to Ayers rock and the Surrounding area, we were right. So to make this trip as cheap as possible we decided to only buy canned food, and instead of staying in a hostel or camp site we figured we could just sleep in our station wagon for three nights, I mean come on we're tough enough.......aren't we? Day 1 So we pick up our rental ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru November 3rd 2009

(Day 578 on the road) "The heart. The soul. The centre." I am not quite convinced about the heart and the soul bit of Alice Springs' slogan that greeted me as I stepped off the train, but the part about the centre is certainly true: The city is located a very long way from anywhere else and sits approximately in the geographical centre of Australia. And with only 27.000 people living here, it must be one of the smallest cities that can claim that most people worldwide have probably heard of it. But of course it owes its fame entirely to nearby superstar Ayers Rock (still a six hour drive away though), the main if not the only reason most tourists come here. I had arrived in Alice Springs on a 24-hour train journey from Darwin ... read more
The sheer and steep climb up Ayers Rock
On top of Ayers Rock
Approaching the Olgas

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 21st 2009

After crossing the Tropic of Capricorn for the third time on our road trip we headed down to Alice Springs. On arriving into the town we were somewhat dismayed to see so many drunks on the streets and the whole town seemed to have a real air of misery around it- not helped by the fact that the weather seemed to have taken a turn for the worse and was now very cloudy and gloomy. After a quick pit stop we headed out of Alice Springs towards the homestead at Curtain Springs where we had decided to spend the night. Once again we misjudge the distance and so arrive in pitch darkness- not much fun when you’re not sure where the entrance is, the rain is bucketing down and we then have to park the van ... read more
Uluru at sunset
Uluru at sunset
Uluru at sunset

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 4th 2009

So the next morning we were supposed to go the sunrise viewing of Uluru but the clouds were so low there was no point. Doc said he had never seen cloud on Uluru, so we were seeing something a bit different! We went to the base of Uluru to do the base walk all the way round. We started at 6.45am and completed the 9km walk. It doesn't look that big but it is! You can see how low the cloud was from my photo's - most of the rock was covered! But it had mostly lifted by the time we finished. After that we went to the cultural centre where we learnt more about Urluru, the Aboriginal stories and the management of the area. Kata Tjuta was next - the dome shaped rocks. After that ... read more

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