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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 17th 2015

No trip to Australia is complete without a trip to the Outback!! When we were planning the trip we thought about what we would want to see if we never have the chance to return to Australia. The Great Barrier Reef and the Outback topped the list. So, yesterday we flew from Cairns in North Queensland to Ayers Rock in Northern Territory and set out to explore the Outback! After taking the shuttle to the resort, we sat at a picnic table and figured out what we want to do for the two days we are here. We decided we would be most free to check everything off our list if we had a rental car. So, we hopped back on the shuttle to the airport and rented a car. The airport is only open from ... read more
Shadows at Sunset
Shadows at Sunset
Shadows at Sunset

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 3rd 2015

It was a relaxed day today. We had a freeby day (3 for 2 nights) so stopped over another day. Its nice to just take it easy some days. Had breaky sitting in the sun and I was surrounded by Australian miner birds. They are very cute and not the least bit shy! One stood on my kindle and waited for some toast and another jumped onto my plate and pinched some! Yalara is a very well designed resort with 3 different hotels, a campground and a town square. It employs 1000 people.A resort bus just tootles around all day picking people up, dropping them off at all the various stops, for nothing. runs through every 15 mins so very handy. We went through to the town, passed the camel farm (didn't know that was here!). ... read more
Ayers rock resort
Ayers rock resort
Ayers rock resort

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 2nd 2015

Big day today! We were up at 5am to get to the Uluru express for the dawn viewing! They take you to the sunrise viewing platform first. Its very pretty there, but the photo opportunities are a bit limited especially when its cloudy. Its definitely not as cold here overnight compared to Alice Springs but still a little cloudy and cool before sunrise. None the less it's still beautiful to see. We forgot the selfie stick but a nice bloke obliged us with a photo! After a million snaps by everyone there (yep it was pretty busy) we piled back into the bus and headed to the Mala car park. This is where the climb starts and where the base walk starts. I was hoping the climb would be closed so we had no choice but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 1st 2015

Well we have made it to Uluru and so far its stunning! We started out early this morning because we had to drive into the workshop for the door to be fixed completely (wasn't finished yesterday). Unfortunately my headache hadn't quite abated and I felt quite sick. After the door was fixed we found a chemist to get some hydrolite icepoles. My saviour with migraines! Helped a fair bit. I did a lot of dozing on the way, riding business class. There's not much to see between Alice and Uluru really. As per usual the towns in between are just roadhouses. Some a little better than others. We had some breaky at the first place (name escapes me). Its where I really noticed the red sand beginning! And we saw our first emu! (albeit behind a ... read more
Way to Uluru
The centre of the centre
The centre of the centre

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 26th 2015

Hey there readers here’s a long overdue blog concentrating on my travels along the Great Ocean Road, Grampians and the outback. As its been quite a while I’ve cheated by copying the tour itinerary and adding my own comments. So after a week and a half of bumming about in Melbourne it was time for me to tour again before returning home for a few weeks. Day 1 - Melbourne to Twelve Apostles The first stops out of Melbourne are the famous surf coast icons, Torquay (home of surf wear brands Rip Curl and Quiksilver), Bells Beach and Anglesea- THIS IS WHERE THE LIGHTHOUSE FROM AROUND THE TWIST IS! . Further along the Great Ocean Road are the towns of Apollo Bay and Lorne where you can swim, explore or just relax with a cup of ... read more
Around the twist?!
Grampians National Park
The Twelve Apostles

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 6th 2015

Sunrises and sunsets. Long walks and short walks. We rode the bikes too. We packed a lot in these days. We stayed at the Yulara campground which was OK. It had a pool. We ate local food (croc, barra and roo) at the pub. Next stop is Kings Canyon (now known as Watarrka National Park).... read more
Not much water left in this pool
The rock from the Visitor Centre
The rock from a sunrise / sunset carpark

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru April 4th 2015

Day 8 saw us reach Central Australia (Yulara) and our first multi night stop as we plan to explore Uluru and Katja Tuta (The Olgas). Our overnight stop at Agnes Creek was only about 100kms from the border but from there we had to drive north to Erldunda where we refuelled and then travel along Lasseter Highway for about 240 kms to Yulara. Along the way we stopped at Curtin Springs where we had lunch and checked out their parrots (and other birds). Near Curtin Springs is Mt. Connor, a large monolith that is often mistaken for Uluru.... read more
Lunch stop at Curtin Springs
Princess Parrot at Curtin Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru March 29th 2015

Finally get to write about Uluru (Ayers Rock). Really long coach ride from Alice Springs to the Outback Pioneer Resort, 450 K or over 200 miles across the Northern Territory. Took a really long time to get there. Had a Happy House (rest stop) where some of the group climbed a red sand dune. Another short (ha) two hours later we stopped for lunch at a cattle station. The place was so big it even had it's own Mesa topped mountain. Guide called it a false Uluru because from the vantage point of the road, it looked like what we all expected Uluru to look klike. The grandfather of the family had built a bower house when he first arrived there and had turned it into a restaurant in order to cash in on the tourist ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 2nd 2014

We awoke to discover that it was still too windy and in the wrong direction to travel to Coober Pedy so we paid for another night. After breakfast, I did some reading on the local area and discovered that Mt Olga, the tallest peak in the Olgas (Kata Tjuta) that we saw on Tuesday, is 206 metres taller than Uluru – which was a surprise. Even Mt Connor, that we can see from the caravan park and is actually part of the Curtin Springs Cattle Station property, is 6 metres taller than Uluru, at 354 metres. It isn’t a monolith (a single large rock), though, but a 700 million year old sandstone mesa. It was named by the explorer William Gosse in 1873. Having read about Mt Connor, I suggested to Barry that we go and ... read more
Wild Flowers on the Sand Dune
Zebra Finches Enjoying the Water
Bit of Fun from Curtin Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 30th 2014

The weather forecast for today was 37 C so we set the alarm for 7am to give us an earlier start and get more of the walking around Uluru done before it got too hot. That was the plan, anyway. As it turned out, we should have been up even earlier. We were on the road by 8am, with 84km to go before we got to Yulara, the small township nearest to Uluru. We had hoped to find some information about Uluru at the Information Centre, but it was only a roomful of your operators hoping to get your money. We did manage to get a small map of the site and the news that you had to pay the entry fee of $25 each at the entrance to the National Park. We followed the signs ... read more
Kulpi Nyiinkaku, Uluru
Kantju Gorge, Uluru
Large Goanna, Uluru

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