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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 31st 2017

Hi again, we are still at Uluru this morning. An early start at 6 am, to go experience the sunrise washing over Uluru. By the time we left and got to the site it was about 7.05am and the sun was already peeking over the horizon. I set the go pro for 2 second auto shots and it took 800 photos . I will give these to my son Michael who will do his magic to collate the photos. I think I liked the sunset more. We then headed back to the cabins, finished packing and left for Coober Pedy. Now ever since we have been in the Red Centre I have been seeing lots of adverts on camel rides farms etc. I wanted to ride a camel but the others didn't seem interested. Well we ... read more
The Uluru Camel Farm
Paul and Grace

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 17th 2017

It is our third night here in Yalara, the resort town just outside the Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Park. We will be moving on from here sometime tomorrow afternoon and as I will probably lose access to the internet from then until we reach Alice Springs, I have just spent the last four or so hours working through my photos so that I can publish another blog before we go. My first comment is to explain the title of this blog ... this "dead" center of Australia is lush, vibrant, green, gold and beautiful at the moment following on two seasons of very good rain. It is almost rare to see a large expanse of red dirt ... its there, the red dirt, you just need to look under all the growth. We have just had two ... read more
Sunrise 2
Sunrise 3
Sunrise 4

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 12th 2017

This is going to be a huge day. The Tigers play Souths and I'm looking forward to another crushing defeat (of Souths) so I can lord it over Red for a little longer and while we are on the subject you may not be aware that we've had 5 consecutive wins against Souths.This requires a lot of planning. So after a coffee and breakfast we headed out to the Olgas. After going the wrong way for about 50 minutes I now know that we've renamed that Kata Tjuta. Now I'm not concerned that we've renamed everything although if I was Queen Olga I'd be pretty pissed. I also wonder what we've got planned for Sydney. The Olgas are every bit as spectacular as Uluru. We weren't quite up to the base walk (and we had to ... read more
Kata Tjuta (olgas)
Kata Tjuta (olgas)1

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru March 21st 2017

We decided on a quick trip to Uluru to celebrate Kevin's birthday. He had never been there and I had not been since I was in Year 12 - a lifetime ago. We booked a package deal that included accommodation at Sails in the Desert, a Field of Lights tour and the Sounds of Silence dinner. We left behind the impending rain in Canberra and arrived in Uluru via Melbourne to warmth and sunshine and our first view of the rock from the air. Collected by bus and taken to the hotel. Too early for check-in so left our bags and decided on a quick walk to the town square where we discovered a supermarket, post office, tour booking office, souvenir shops and a few eateries. All very convenient. We decided to have lunch to fill ... read more
Another shot from the air
Filed of Lights installation
Field of lights installation

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 4th 2017

After a late night at Uluru seeing it with the setting sun, we were up at 4am to again go to the large monolith and see it with the rising sun. For such an out of the way place, in the middle of the Australian desert, there were hundreds of tourists out late and up at dawn doing the same thing we have done. Also last night, I had a problem transferring my photos of Uluru to my laptop so I was unable to post them on the blog. The pictures last night were only of the site Kata Tjuta, which was spectacular on it’s own. Uluru is a holy site for the local aborigines, including the water hole and cave art. I have posted some additional pictures today. Amazing views of this monolith with the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru February 3rd 2017

Today we traveled by bus 550 km on our way from Alice Springs to Uluru. We passed endless Eucalyptus and Acacias which was a grassland desert, not the barren land I expected. Along the way, we experienced: Stuart’s Well, a rest stop which included a camel farm and my chance to ride one as my father did while in Egypt in WWII; Isolated Billabongs, water holes in the middle of the desert and the life saver of the Aborigines; Mt. Ebenenezer Roadhouse, a community which included an Aboriginal art exhibit. Also here, I had to make a quick decision as to whether I am a Shiela or a Bloke, necessary to use the proper restroom. I had the excitement to see a German tourist actually buy a Crocodile Dundee hat; Mt. Connor, which is reminiscent of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru January 10th 2017

The blog is back after a break over the festive period, and we hope everyone has had a great Christmas, and that New Year resolutions are still going strong. Whilst we really missed our near and dear over the holiday season, we've thoroughly enjoyed our stays in Melbourne and Adelaide, and the 4 day drive we took in between the two. Highlights included kayaking at dusk through Melbourne city centre, enjoying champagne and salmon blinis on the banks of the Yarra River on Christmas morning, watching a Big Bash cricket match at the Adelaide Oval (is there a better place to watch the sport?) followed by fireworks to see in the New Year, as well as working our way through a plethora of reds on the McLaren Vale's Shiraz Trail. Melbourne's obsession with sport and healthy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 8th 2016

After about an hour of haggling with the rental agency manager I was able to negotiate a deal that satisfied both parties. I conceded to pay for the gas ($200) and to pay for an additional full day rental fee for the van ($75). In the end the money I spent was about equal to the amount had I rented the van in a traditional rental fee sense. Looking at the contract the agency could have kept my $1,000 and I would have had no recourse. So I took the deal and left before they changed their mind. Whatever. I had bigger things on my mind, namely The Outback. Usually I do not book pre-packaged tours, but the money on this tour was less than if I tried to do this trip myself and I got ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru December 3rd 2015

Morning! So today we woke up at 3:30 to go to the Desert awakenings tour We left the hotel at 4;30 and headed out to Uluru (Ayers Rock) sunrise tour, we were taken to a place high up above the sand dunes about 25km from Uluru so we could see the sun come up alongside uluru. It was very spectacular! We were then taken into the national park to a much closer viewing point to see Uluru in all it's glory, and quite magnificient it is too! We were then taken down into the site/base of uluru and got to touch it, which was something i didnt think we would be allowed to do! if you tap it, it acually sounds hollow, this is due to the expansion and contraction in the heat and cool. We ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru December 2nd 2015

DUKKAH that's what the yummy herby stuff is! Hooray! And after googling it - a variation is made in.... CORNWALL of all places haha!! So guess where I'll be when I get back to the UK lol! So today we were awake at stupid o'clock (4:30) ish presumably due to jet lag :( boo! So after much trying to get back to sleep we gave up at 7ish and did the whole shower and get dressed stuff! (Standard!) We went for brekkie in the hotel - they had the usual stuff croissants cereal cooked... BUT then... They also had weird sushi lookin veggie roll ups, and cooked (like house special) rice - very odd! After said odd brekkie we went for a walkabout into "town" to the supermarket and bought TIMTAMS! Yum! (Think a penguin bar ... read more

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