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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 12th 2020

On Wednesday morning I checked out of the hotel and had a couple of tasks to take care of before I left Coober Pedy. I needed fuel first, and then I had to visit the most useful vending machine in the outback. This may exist elsewhere, but it’s the only one I know of – a coin-operated water station. For just $1.00 you can get 30 litres of water. One of my jerry cans was nearly empty so I wanted to fill it up. Unfortunately, the station seems to just start when you put the coin in and keeps going until 30 litres is dispensed. I wasn’t ready, and the jerry can only holds 20 litres so some water was wasted. It probably could be a bit more efficient and allow you to stop and start ... read more
Kata Tjuta from the air
Taking sunrise photos at Kata Tjuta
Taking sunset photos at Uluru

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru August 20th 2019

Here we are, the 600th blog. Well, I guess if you want to know who I am, you have a serious part of my life on Travelblog! And that's over 25% on my little journey on earth! Finally made it to Uluru. Another funny figure...I decided to play the click game on tripadvisor map...guess what, you've seen 91% of the me, I still have to discover way more than 9% of our beautiful earth! Took me over 15 visits to Australia to make it to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock! It is also a first for Tanya. Put it simply, we are in the middle of nowhere and everything has a cost here. We had our evening flight to Adelaide from Sydney, followed by a short night at Adelaide airport. Next morning, next flight, this ... read more
Those colors...
Kata Tjuta
We decided not to climb...

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru June 16th 2019

We were so lucky on both our flights. We flew near Lake Ayre on our flight from Adelaide to Alice Springs and could see the path the water was taking to fill the usually dry lake. On our flight from Alice Springs to Yulara we got our first glimpse of Uluru. I felt so sorry for the flight attendants when everyone on the righthand side of the plane started taking off their seat belts, standing up as they tried to get a picture of Uluru. It was manic. All they could do was announce that they needed to be seated with there seatbelts on as we were about to land. Mum and I stayed at the Desert Garden Hotel. There’s a number places to stay in the Yulara resort as well camping and caravan park. I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru June 14th 2019

After a pleasant stay in Coober Pedy we set out on Thursday morning to drive further north. Our destination was Uluru, or rather the town from which visitors can base their exploration of the rock, called Yulara. It was 8am when we filled the car with petrol and started driving. This was to be the longest driving day in our plans , nearly 8 hours to reach the destination. It was a beautiful morning and as we drove along the Stuart Highway we noticed all the opal mine heaps along the way. We had an audio book of On Her Majesty's Secret Service in the CD player, (thanks to Sam and Tracey) and as this was narrated by David Tennant, certainly kept us entertained as we drove. There wasn't much traffic on the road so progress ... read more
In the cave
Rock painting Art
Great seats throughout the park

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru September 28th 2018

THE ROCK! Mostly pic's today folks. During the ride out to Uluru I officially hit the 3,000 mile mark on the Rideabout Oz 2018 trip. The Rock is about 8 miles from the Resort. There are a host of ways to tour the rock: You can drive around it on your own, drive around in a tour bus, do a bicycle ride around it, take a segway ride around it, Certain areas you can walk around it, take a helicopter ride over it, and sometimes you can walk over it, The walking over is the most controversial - you will see some of the signs put up by the aboriginal tribes asking that you respect their spiritual land and not walk up the roped path to the top. The rock itself is pretty Amazing in that ... read more
The Steps
Don't Climb
Sandstone Lines

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 13th 2018

A beautiful sleep in this morning with the sun warming up our roof top tents. We thought it was very appropriate to have pancakes for brunch - “Pancakes at the Rock”. With Naeshka’s lovely cooking, she made us buttermilk pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, fresh cream and maple syrup! We decided to have a nice relaxing day since we were feeling that 11km walk in our legs today. After a day of enjoying the desert sun, we freshened up and headed to the other side of Uluru to watch the sunset. Back at camp, we felt the temperature dropping and we warmed with Naeshka’s big breakfast by the fire for dinner. Packed up some of our camp to get ready for our early departure tomorrow. Sat by the fire until it died out and off ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru July 12th 2018

Waking up in the freezing desert to minus 2 degrees, today is the day we see the largest rock in the world. Had breakfast at Mt Connor and watched the sunrise, packed up camp and we were off to the Uluru. On our way, we found a free camp site about 15kms east of Uluru, where we left T.J, so we could head to the National Park. Had lunch at the Cultural Centre’s café before embarking on our maiden walk around the base of Uluru. At the cultural centre, we learnt about the Aboriginal culture and why climbing Uluru is disrespectful. In their traditional law, it states that Uluru is a sacred place that holds great knowledge and climbing is not permitted. Arriving there, ready to walk all the way around, we were saddened to see ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru June 28th 2018

Uluru is 450 km north of Alice Springs. It's close to the bottom of the Northern Territory of Australia, and it is in the near dead center of the country. Harmonie and I signed up to take a three day tour of the area. We would start with Uluru, spend the night camping, head to nearby Kata-Tjuja, camp again, then see Kings Canyon in the south, returning to Alice Springs afterward. Our tour bus picked us up from the Hostel at five in the morning. The bus was a pretty simple design, with bench seating, like a school-bus. It was hitched to a trailer loaded up with sleeping bags and swags we would need later. There were already a half dozen other campers sitting inside, bundled up from the night cold and looking as drowsy like ... read more
Walking around Uluru
Camp Fire food
Kata Tjuta

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru June 1st 2018

Given Brooksie's hopeless performance navigating yesterday he has been relegated to the back seat whilst Wilko's driving. We headed out to Lake Bennett which actually has water, checked out a great desert skink habitat but we still aren't sure which word the great refers to (skink, desert or habitat) in any event we didn't see any. Brooksie correctly identified camel poo, but personally I would have just looked at it. We were lucky enough to spot a Black Titted Plover and we were kind enough to post our observations on the black board at Newhaven complete with Lat and Long coordinates. On the way to the Namtjira Highway we passed through the aboriginal settlement of Papunya, which had many similarities of other settlements, wrecked cars, stray dogs, litter and aboriginals but surprisingly no mobile coverage. Once ... read more
Helicopter Pad

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru March 19th 2018

Blog 8 Part I: Alice Springs – Uluru/Ayers Rock - March 17, 2018 – Weather forecast: bright sunny skies, daytime temperature of 40+°C with a light breeze; overnight temperature of 22°C Another travel day with luggage out for the porters by 7:00am, then breakfast and onto the bus by 8:00am as we journey cross-county to Uluru/Ayers Rock which is 462.9 km SW of Alice Springs. The journey was scheduled to take five hours and it included one relief stop & pickup snacks at Erunda Roadhouse, which is approximately the half way spot and one “long drop” stop at the outlook for Mt. Conner. A long drop is the term used for a latrine. Along the way Deb, our driver, provided colour commentary on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Australia. She told us that Mt. ... read more

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