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August 20th 2019
Published: September 19th 2019
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Here we are, the 600th blog. Well, I guess if you want to know who I am, you have a serious part of my life on Travelblog! And that's over 25% on my little journey on earth!

Finally made it to Uluru. Another funny figure...I decided to play the click game on tripadvisor map...guess what, you've seen 91% of the world....trust me, I still have to discover way more than 9% of our beautiful earth!

Took me over 15 visits to Australia to make it to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock! It is also a first for Tanya. Put it simply, we are in the middle of nowhere and everything has a cost here. We had our evening flight to Adelaide from Sydney, followed by a short night at Adelaide airport. Next morning, next flight, this time to Alice Springs. Before the development of Ayers Rock airport, Alice Springs was the main gate to Uluru. Not anymore. They sadly have few issues in Alice Springs, one of them being the locals not being the most freindly people with the visitors. Not a place I would wish to discover after sunset! Not many pictures from Alice Springs....but we did spend some time in the Botanical Gardens. Hotel there was ok too....not much to write about beside stocking for our next stop...Ayers Rock.

After 24 hours in Alice Springs, we are back to the airport for our short flight to Ayers Rock. Took me some planning for the organization of this highly anticipated 24 hours stop! First...rent a car or go on a tour. Decided to go for a car...couldn't find anything below 80usd...but was happy to find a car with unlimited kilometers....most have a limit a 100kms per day....after this, it cost you an arm for each extra kilometer you drive. Trust me, rent a car, it worth it big time. Was actually funny to drive in our little Corolla when you are surrounded by SUV made for the bush! Roads around Uluru and Kata Tjuta are in amazing conditions...not a single pot hole to be seen around!

Next, where do you sleep....Longitude 131 has crazy rates....but even sleeping at the Ibis is crazy. Must be the most expensive one at over 250usd per night! Or maybe we should chose a Novotel for 400usd per night! So we went backpackers....they have "tiny boxes" with 4 beds...you pay those around 30usd per night per bed...trust me, this is a bargain here...and the way to avoid the only other option....with a 20 beds dorm, no thanks!

Added advantage of the backpackers place...there is a communal kitchen....so we cooked and we were not the only one!

Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park is super well run. The highlights here are the sunset and sunrise. We did both....so yes the night was not that short. It was pretty easy to organized as we landed and took off from the airport at 2pm. We drove over 250km around the area. Kata Tjuta is way less crowded with the tourists, and as for many, I guess this was our preferred experience.

We did not climb the rock. As of the 12th October this year, the climb to Uluru will be prohibited. The aboriginals asked for it...so we do respect their views and did not climb it at all. But we did walk a lot....they have some amazing paths around this place.

The pictures said it all. This is a place you want to visit once. We finally did it and were very happy of the experience! As you can guess, gorgeous skies....day and night!

Next, flying to Cairns...and more driving to come...

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24th September 2019
Welcome to Uluru sunset point!

Congratulation on 600 posts
That is very inspiring for me. I just joined today and I see travelers like you with 600 travelogues. Amazing stuff guys.

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