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Thursday 31 December New Years Eve A long day today We woke and gradually got ready to go out trying to plan what we might need for the day. There are booths around Sydney, that are there to answer questions about the 2015SYDNYE (Sydney New Years Eve) and Pat had visited them a couple of times to get ideas and information. We had looked into some pay options, lots of them were really expensive and most were also sold out. There are a number of vantage points which are set up to cater for the masses and we chose one at Milsons Point, over the other side looking back at the Opera House. We left the room at 11.00 am and headed for the light rail. Pat had liked the Darling Harbour area and Harbourside retail ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 2nd 2016

Hubsters birthday! Woke up about 7:30 and he opened his cards and prezzies! We got up showered and went back down to Roys for a big brekky for the boy and a toasty for me! We then went to explore the Victoria building and the national opals! The Victoria building is home to the Swarovski Christmas tree which is 24m talk adorned by 144,000 crystals 60,000 lights and has a 2m crystal studded star at the top! And a base made of crystal strand and mirrors! The installation of the tree takes 3 nights with a team of 72 technicians, engineers, lighting consultants and crystal makers from Australia and Austria. We did a little bit of shopping too then made our way to the bridge so I could climb it! The hubster was a wimp and ... read more

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New Years Day - Lazy Day Needless to say we had a lie in today! When alive and kicking we strolled over to Roy's bistro and had breakfast hubster had a big brekky and I had a toasty with a gorgeous chocolate brownie to take away! We decided that Bondi beach was what we wanted to do, so we packed our towels and cozzies and headed for the groovy double decker trains! We arrived at Bondi and it was quite busy! We sat up away from the beach for a bit under some trees and people/surf watched! We decided to walk along the top of the beach and looked at all the 'proper graffiti'! (As pictures) We both wanted to use the bathroom - I know that's too much info but the point is the queue ... read more

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It's New Years Day and the boys are putting on a bbq. The boys are Joseph and George who are brothers and Colin who took us on the bike ride. They have invited the girls, Melissa Emily and Kayleigh and the visiting parents, Martin, me and Emily's Mum and Nan Michelle and Maureen. The bbq isn't until the afternoon and Melissa had planned a walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach where the boys live. It is just too hot though and we faff about so much that the opportunity is missed and we need to leave for the bbq. I can't go home and say that I have been to Sydney and not been to Bondi Beach and so we arrange a quick pit stop just to see it. Melissa shows us where the coastal ... read more
Selfie on Bondi
Bbq courtesy of George, Joseph and Colin
On the balcony

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales December 31st 2015

New Year's Eve We woke up about 8:30 did the usual and headed on out to Sydney Olympic Park! We had breakfast there and had a bit of a mooch around! I expected it to be more exciting than it was but never mind! It was interesting to look at the information and see all the peoples names who were involved! I found a Hawtin too! But there were no Ruggs! We then left the Olympic Park to go to Bicentennial park which is really just a nice green space with ponds, cycle paths and picnic areas etc! We then headed back into Sydney to collect our tickets for the NYE cruise! Mr Rugg got a little bit cross with me though, because I have no sense of direction so took him to the wrong place ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Batemans Bay December 31st 2015

New years eve. Our last day: just 16km or so to Batemans Bay. A bit more walking through Murramarang national park, a long walk along Long Beach and a final river crossing at Cullendulla river saw us pretty much home. We were not sure about Cullendulla river as it was also a very wide crossing and we would be getting there at high tide but we found an old car tire right on the bank that helped us float our packs across while getting the tire at least a little closer to a recycling depot! Yet again everything just worked out. The walk overall had been brilliant. I just love the ocean and somehow when you are at the seaside everything just falls in to perspective. The constant soothing sound of waves coming and going. Coming ... read more
Starting the day topped up
Beautiful early morning sun

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It's New Years Eve and I am really excited for tonight. A number of years ago I read an article about places to be for New Year and Sydney came as the world's number one spot. At the time, I consciously thought I would probably never ever see it because Australia simply wasn't on my list of places to visit. Not for any negative reason but I always thought I was more of a European and Asian continent tourist. Australia was simply too far away when there were so many other places to visit nearer to home. Melissa changed all of that when she decided to work in Oz for two years. Now I'm a great fan of FaceTime but two years? That was just too long for a hug and the seed for this holiday ... read more
Ready to go
Michelle Maureen Martin Debbie
Over Sydney Opera House

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Friday 25 December continued Sunshine all day. The rest of our day was quiet and we watched some films on tv. Later on in the day we spoke to our families. 9 kms driven today. Saturday 26 December Boxing day and sunshine starts the day. We woke and had a slow start. At 11.00 am we headed off to the Botanic gardens for a better look. Again we were really pleased to visit the place and we wandered around for some time looking at all the wonderful plants and wildlife. Next we went to the town centre retail area and bought loads of things in the sales, which we thought were already a good price, before reductions. We had Chinese for lunch in one of the food courts and then did some more shopping returning to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains December 30th 2015

New Year's Eve, eve We got up about 8/20 and tidied the apartment! We were very sad to leave it, it's lovely! We said good I to Jack &Di the owners - who thought Andy had a very cool job and head out for the blue mountains! We got to katoomba about 11:30 and decided we needed some food! Hubster had a big brekkie and I had a king prawn open sandwich with salad which was omg amazing!! Sorry I know I'm a total foodie addict! After our brunch we headed out to the area with the skylift - and wished we hadn't bothered! There were no available rides until after 5pm! So we the ought we'd go to see the '3 sisters' again no point the roads just weren't moving :( so we gave up ... read more

Today was our long day. Every good walk needs at least one epic day! We are estimating this day was about 31km. That maybe doesn’t sound like much but when you already have blistered feet and have been walking for three days and you are walking over sand and rocks… it feels like a long way. This was also one of the most scenic days though so that eased the pain significantly! From our campsite we walked to Bawley point (where we did some more hunting and gathering to buy a coffee – and ran in to a friend from Canberra while we were there!) We also walked through an Aboriginal reserve – which has the biggest collection of middens on the south coast and is still of great significance to the Aboriginal people of the ... read more
coffee making

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