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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Parramatta March 29th 2015

It has been a few years since I fell off my motorcycle in East Timor and that is due to spending many weekends and many hours after work collaborating my first book. It's called 'FROM BACKPACKER TO TRAVELLER' and it describes my travels during my pre-blogging days. It can be bought either by E-book or Paperback E-book through Amazon Kindle Paperback through Amazon Here is the description - Drew was preparing to become a marketing genius when he left Australian shores to work in the UK, only for travel to get in the way. With his first footsteps on the plane, his two-year overseas trip changed to a travell... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wagga Wagga March 29th 2015

The reason we came over to the East was for our friends wedding we attended in Tarcutta and now the wedding was all done and dusted, literally we had the freedom to catch up with all of our fiends and there was no way we were going to travel this far and not make it a great event. Obviously our first stop was the farm, (My Spiritual Home) I just love the isolation of the farm, though only 60 K’s from Wagga Wagga, its tranquil, beautiful and a haven for peace and quiet. When we arrived I was so delighted to see Helen and Robert again after nearly two years away, they both looked very well, the thing I love about Helen is her no drama, no fuss approach to everything, from a splinter to the ... read more
Wagga Wagga to Walla Walla
Wagga Wagga to Walla Walla
Wagga Wagga to Walla Walla

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus March 28th 2015

9am and I peeled my eyes back, we overslept! But despite having gone to bed early the night before my head is still screaming the words "early" at me. It feels like 6am which of course it is in Perth. We both venture out of bed and into the kitchen for a cup of tea, Helen, of course, is there and as usual been up for hours and no doubt probably done half a days work before we even opened our eyes. Today is Josh and Erica's wedding, we have been looking forward to this, especially knowing that the wedding is on their property and will be our first proper country wedding, whilst we have been in Australia. But first, I need to go for a jog down the lane, I have not been doing too ... read more
A nice day for a White Wedding
A nice day for a White Wedding
A nice day for a White Wedding

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Nangus March 27th 2015

We had worked all day and as usual I collected Caroline from the train station at 5.00pm and drove back to the house. We were nearly packed having spent yesterday evening sorting everything out and just had bits and pieces to put in to complete the task, just stuff like the charging of I-pads and I-pods, and all other things I-Whatever. With the final bits done, Olivia, our friends daughter, came to collect us as she was kindly taking us to the airport, it was raining outside, and we hadn’t seen any reasonable in for since well before Christmas and it would be welcome for the garden and hopefully the water tank. The drive to the airport was nearly an hour and fortunately uneventful we arrived at bout 9.00, it was raining quite hard, so after ... read more
Welcome Home
Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba March 21st 2015

Brooms head is the final destination on our return trip from Brisbane to Perth. As you will have read (?) in our last blog, Tom Tom tried to get us here by a secret entrance via the sugar cane fields, but we were having no part of that. I have been told that Brooms Head and the beach gained their name after a ship, the Eureka, sunk off the coast here in 1870. Apparently a broom from the ship washed up on the rocks. Do you believe that story? Love to hear your explanation! Locals just refer to the township as 'The Broom'. The head is not a major promontory, but the rocky reef and shore line make for interesting photography along with the ever changing varieties of birds that visit the shore line. We arrived ... read more
White Sea Eagle
Sunrise Brooms Head 3
My rock of gold

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Grafton March 17th 2015

The journey from Lightning Ridge to Tamworth was interesting as the landscape changed from the drought hit pains into irrigation areas with cotton fields at various stages of growth turning dusty red and grey into lush green fields. Typical of outback NSW, each planted field was huge. Between irrigated areas there were obviously mixed farms growing grain and fattening sheep or cattle. The closer we got to Tamworth, the better the country side looked, probably due to summer rains which the western parts had totally missed out on for the past two summers. Tamworth is quite a picturesque town sitting in a river valley. Plenty of lush green in this town. We stopped here overnight with the hope of having a sticky beak around the city. However, parking was almost non-existent for a motorhome in the ... read more
Glowing Lake
The Golden Guitar, Tamworth
Hot Rod Towing Caravan

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cobar March 12th 2015

Hi all, just back from a 5 day camping trip to a working outback station called Bogan Downs. It is a beautiful farm and had lots of activities. See the farm link below for a cottage that they rent out. We didn't rent this out but stayed on the edge of the creek and roughed it. No power, water or toilet facilities. It was a real test for the cape york trip. We found that the creek was a great place to cool down in the middle of the day and we travelled around the farm on our quad bikes in the cool of the morning and evening. Lots of fun had in the mud. The farm is just outside of a town called Coolabah which is 200km from Cobar. A thousand km from home. Took ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Chinderah March 10th 2015

Hi travel followers. Well time has slipped away yet again and it is now another three weeks since our last travel update. After two very wet weeks at Alstonville (cyclone Marcia heading down the coast) we moved on to Mullumbimby for another two weeks at my sister Joy's place where "painting" was again strongly on the agenda. I.e. Joy needed her newly purchased Fruit Shop rejuvenated with a total paint strip back and multiple coats of paint applied to the walls and the "4.2 meter" high ceiling. While we were there Joy also needed some muscle to help remove the old refrigeration units (weighing almost a tonne each) and install the new units. We did however manage to get a day off at the end to slip up to Minyon Falls and do the 2hr / ... read more
The final 400m assent to the summit
View from the top of Minyon Falls
View from the summit

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lightning Ridge March 8th 2015

Dreams, dust and rust. Australia, like many other countries has had many stampedes for wealth, particularly on the gold fields. Lightning Ridge probably has never had the equivalent, but over the past 120 years Black Opal has lured many a miner to burrow 40 to 90 feet underground looking for their fortune. Some have certainly made a fortune, but 90% have had fun but lucked out. The majority of the mining today is done using a boring machine first to test the sub-strata looking for tell tale signs of water having come up from artesian sources or run down through cracks and faults providing the required moisture to create the silica nodules or reefs of silica that will form opal. As we discovered, they can find the black nodules, but only a small percentage of the ... read more
Chambers of the Black Hand 5
John Murray 2
Amigo's Castle 1

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour March 6th 2015

The Sydney Opera House and the famous bridge were amazing to see the first time. All my life I'd seen photos but now I was actually looking at these sights and I had to pinch myself, It was hard to believe I was actually there!!- Sydney is a lovely, quite modern city, situated on the harbor. For me, the Opera House was what impressed me the most, it's totally magnificent! I couldn't take my eyes off of it! Over the next few days while there, I did have the opportunity to take a tour and hear 'Schumann's 3 & 4 Symphony' in the main theatre. An experience I shall never forget. I also got to walk across the famous bridge crossing Sydney Harbour and walk miles around the city, night and day. Took a ferry around ... read more
Sydney Opera House celebrating Chinese New Year!
Different angle
Tiles are glazed 3 times in white and cream, shipped from Sweden

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