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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore May 27th 2012

So here it is, my first morning waking up in Aussie and it's a bit colder than I was thinking it might be. It feels like the fall breeze back in Minnesota. I'm happy to say that I woke up feeling replenished and on Aussie time. I can only hope that I hold this feeling throughout the day. Kelly and I woke up this morning and went on a run through the hills of Goonebellah, and it was a beautiful hilly run. When I say hilly, i mean HILLY (or HELLY should I say.) We were able to give ourselves a nice running tour of the town, and got a feel for how far it's going to be to walk to the child center. It will be just a quick 20 minute walk. We went to ... read more
Water hockey
Black boy

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore January 20th 2012

So I am 2 weeks and 5 days out! I am having so many different feelings right now. I am very excited but somewhat sad to leave home. I have been on somewhat of an up and down emotional roller coaster lately it really helped just to talk things out with my amazing GF Maria and to talk with my parents. I think everyone realizes that this is a big change for me and especially me as I have never done anything even close to this before. I am really excited to be going to a new place and see new things and meet new people. Most of all I can't wait to surf in warm water and perfect waves. I am so tired of this cold water we have in CA it makes surfing not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore August 11th 2011

Hi all, we had 4 wonderful days at Harrington with family and friends. Rodger actually caught 2 fish (Bream) that were keepers and we did enjoy for dinner one night. We had an enjoyable evening BBQing with all the family and also a great afternoon at the local pub with everyone. We went down to the local to watch our footy team play on the BIG screen. Our team ‘The Knights’ won 40 – 8. You will see a pic of little Knox’s girlfriends – Lily and Ruby. They are the latest editions to our family. Knox has the best of both worlds at his finger tips. Lily is blonde and Ruby is dark, so he can choose or have both ............ lol. We certainly have 3 wonderful new babies around us. Please remember to arrow ... read more
Rodger and me
Evans Head beach
Me on beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore December 23rd 2010

Port Augusta was the first place we’d been to in eight months that wasn’t new and daunting to us. We knew where we were going and what to expect – it was kind of a weird feeling after ‘winging it’ for so long!!! The sense of familiarity was very short lived however because we were taking a new and different route back to the East Coast. The car which had served us very well had been overheating since Alice – she was really struggling up inclines and into head winds. I feared the worst, and rather than be stuck in the middle of nowhere I just wanted to be home in Lismore with a mechanic I trusted! Meanwhile, family in Shellharbour really wanted us to drop by there ‘on the way’ (about 1000kms out of the ... read more
The Long Road
Tanikah taught us all how to shoot!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore January 15th 2010

Last week I worked all week and cleaned the house ready for my friends to move in, then we moved the van to the local caravan park. I’ve spent the past few days running around doing last minute organizational stuff, and catching up with good friends to say goodbye. If all goes according to plan we will get new tyres on the car on Monday morning and then head down the coast. ... read more
Shay & Brandon
Koda & Jake
Good Times With Anneka

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore April 11th 2009

Geo: -28.8127, 153.279tbc... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore April 6th 2009

Geo: -28.8127, 153.279Mindless Dribble is really what this blog is about.warning: there are no pictures.Basically i haven't done much since the last blog that is worthy of any photos, and the fact that i haven't taken any since my last blog update.But i thought i would just fill you in on what i have been up too and what i will be doing.I was in Sydney for my last blog, since then all i have really been doing is working up here in Lismore, 9 days straight work!!We were hoping to get 50 schools, between the 4 of us, filmed before the Easter holidays.We thought we were going to get it done but the film is taking longer to get up here so we cant get the schools finished before the holidays unfortunately.never the less work ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Lismore September 15th 2007

Today is my first day of homestay in Lismore, New South Wales. We are truly in the country. Today we had to stop on the road to move a snake before we could drive. There are gorgeous green rolling hills all around. The family I'm staying with is a single mother, a 16 year old girl, 18 year old boy, a 10 year old boy, and an adorable loving fat labrador. We went to a soccer match and it started to rain. It sounded so loud on the country tin roofs then it began to hail! It was still sunny and no cooler than 60 degrees. It was so odd. I'm incredibly tired as for our last night in Byron a lot of us went out. I drank lots of wine and ended up sneaking into ... read more

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