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May 27th 2012
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1: Meat pie and soccer games 74 secs
So here it is, my first morning waking up in Aussie and it's a bit colder than I was thinking it might be. It feels like the fall breeze back in Minnesota. I'm happy to say that I woke up feeling replenished and on Aussie time. I can only hope that I hold this feeling throughout the day.

Kelly and I woke up this morning and went on a run through the hills of Goonebellah, and it was a beautiful hilly run. When I say hilly, i mean HILLY (or HELLY should I say.) We were able to give ourselves a nice running tour of the town, and got a feel for how far it's going to be to walk to the child center. It will be just a quick 20 minute walk.

We went to a soccer game for our host families granddaughter. The soccer games here are played the same. The only difference I noticed was the team was an age range (some as young as 17, and ranged up to there being a grandma on the team.)

During our soccer game I tired a meat pie. Back home a few days before I left I was told i HAD to try a meat pie. The taste you ask? Well, it's much like a chicken pot pie. A flaky outside crust filled with oozing meat on the inside. Sometimes it is filled with veggies, but my first timer meat pie was simply MEAT.

We also went Koala hunting today. When I say hunting, I mean we drove around in the car (on the opposite side of the road ofcourse. This was also shocking to me when I arrived!) and kept our eyes peeled for koalas. It was a bad day for koalas because there was none out today.

In addition to soccer, we saw "water hockey" Water hockey is played on a field with water, but just enough water to make a splash when the ball or a player runs on the field. My question....how do they prevent falling?

I am really happy with our homestay family! The neighboorhood is quiet yet cute with a gorgeous view as you step out the front door. The family is welcoming, as they have hosted many students before. Their house is full of culture from all around the world! In addition to hosting American girls they have hosted Chinese, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesian, Korea, and Phillipines!

Aussie slang word: "Stubby" means beer. (Watch my video from today for additional alcohal slang.)

An odd bird: Magpies are a regular bird to sight in Australia. They were all over the soccer field.

A native Australian tree: Black boy tree. My first impression of the tree...it looks like a tree from Dr. Seuss: The Lorax.

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28th May 2012

Love Your Blog with pics and all.
You write very well Sarah. Sure do enjoy the introducion of Aussie culture and how it impresses you; very educational for me as I will never have the experience of traveling there. I hope all goes well for you Sarah, keep up the good work. Love, Grampa, Grama, Kathy.

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