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North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis July 24th 2015

Recently we were able to take a 3 day weekend which was fantastic! We have been so short staffed at work that it wasn’t possible, but for a brief time, all was well and we all got a little extra time off. Jack was able to get the extra day too ( I am so jealous, it is much easier for him to get time off). We decided to abandon the park and the crowds and went to Thermopolis WY and the Hot Springs State Park. Had a nice and relaxing time! Thermopolis boasts the worlds largest single mineral hot spring …. The waters are were said to have healing properties and were used by Native American tribes for health and invincibility in battle. Shoshone Chief Washakie and Arapaho Chief Sharp Nose sold the springs to ... read more
in the mineral bath
i love this pic
maybe its a jackalope without antlers

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis July 25th 2013

Driving through and around Rapid City, South Dakota was making us rethink our decisions on procreation. If having children means you must resort to entertainment gimmicks like “Putz and Glo - that will rock you” or “Old McDonald’s Farm” and other similarly tacky amusements, we aren’t cut out for parenting. Driving past all of this signage was significantly reducing my pre-existing albeit uniformed, cynical and low expectations of this National Monument. But, the Most Exceeded Expectations Award is definitely going to Mount Rushmore! This place / sculpture is just fantastically impressive. What a sight. And, what a feeling of good old fashioned American pride to bear witness to such an amazing endeavour undertaken at a time when not every manual task was conducted using robo... read more
Life is a Highway
That's a lot of coal
Note this down, could be hard to remember

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis September 11th 2011

Don't believe the location up top. I am in Yellowstone Nat'l Park and staying in Fishing Bridge camp ground. No internet service, no phone service, no tv, it really is nice. What a full day, I have got to slow down. I forgot an important lesson for this trip. “Life is not a race.Take it slower Hear the music before the song is over.” I cannot see all of the park in the time I have here so tomorrow I am going to visit one major attraction and find a quiet place and just feel the rhythm or whatever. I got on the road by 9:15 and wanted to stop at every pull off to just look or take another picture. The road follows the Shoshone River up stream through canyons and cut outs and climbs ... read more
Shoshone River
old fire

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis September 8th 2011

I slept in this morning til 7:30 as I feel in no rush to head out today. I don’t have far to go til my next stop so I am going to take Oscar on a walk along the Platte River. There is a paved trail and quite pleasant I am told. Of course, coffee first then I left to get a bucket of warm water from the washroom for dishes and the little opportunist Oscar, got the last of my coffee from the picnic table. He still got his walk which was really pleasant. Picture. Talked to more people and finally headed out about 11am. I took 26 west heading toward Ft Laramie. At 11:30 I crossed the border into Wyoming and the sign said “Wyoming, forever west”. How true that is. There is a ... read more
Sums it up
The cottonwoods
Photo 5

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis December 19th 2010

I started the day, after sleeping in the car from Twin Falls in Idaho, and waking up in Jackson, Wyoming. It was 6am and we were outside a McDonalds, where we had stopped for breakfast. I had heard that it was an unpleasant drive due to blizzardy conditions, low visibility, a lot of ice and also because it was dark. We drove from Jackson, a very small town in Wyoming, with snow covered roads and mountains. We decided to drive towards Yellowstone National Park. Within an hour of driving, we reached Grand Teton National Park. We drove through Grand Teton which had around 2-3 feet of snow through it, most of it fresh, and drove through the park. Once we approached Yellowstone, unfortunately we realised it was closed for the Winter, and only visitable via guided ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis July 30th 2010

Up late today - 8.40 - so very little breakfast left. Catherine hunter/gathered for us and we snacked. Then onto the Dinosaur Museum and tour in Thermopolis. The museum was great including a Supersaurus called "Jimbo" - the tour was even better including a visit to a dig site with both bones and footprints. My first dinosaur dig-site! The ride in the bus was also very entertaining - I think I got some good video. After the tour we went round the shop and then headed on highway 120 over towards Cody. Watching the height on the GPS we touched about 5600 ft at one point before coming down a little into Cody. Cody is a great holiday destination - and the gateway to Yellowstone. We have a duplex booked for about a week and when ... read more
Subdued Bear

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis July 29th 2010

Today was swimming day so after a rather poor breakfast in the Super 8 - get in early folks or there wont be anything left! We headed over to the Star Plunge swimming pool - favoured by Butch Cassidy and Marlon Brando no less! For $50 we could stay all day - even leave and come back, order Pizza etc. It opend at 9 and we were there by about 9.15 - the slides weren't open but the pools were. Thermopolis gets its name from the hot mineral springs - nobody mentions that they tend to be sulphur springs... it's not too bad once you are used to it! It's quite old fashioned but very sweet - the pools are non chemical and hot hot hot. The outside pool was hotter than the air temperature at ... read more
Plunge Pool

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis June 24th 2010

We spent a day in camp today. Virtually the whole day lounging around the pool. There are 3 sections with each section increasing from one end to the other. The first section is around 100 degrees. The second section is about 106 degrees. The last section is around 118 degrees. So, we spent two hours in the hot springs pool this afternoon and visited. We are the middle agers. Many baby boomers coming for a little revitalization in the minerals. We enjoyed the pools but got a little well done. We went back down this evening for a final dip. We also had Fred and Ethel out for awhile. They are a little cooped up but we will be home soon enough. Fred is the character and is always giving us the evil eye for keeping ... read more
Hot Spring
More spring

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis June 23rd 2010

We are now in Thermopolis, Wyoming. The campgroung we are at has a 3 sectioned pool area with different temps. The pool is fed off a natural mineral hot spring. The temps range from 99 to 106, 106 to 118, and then up to 136 degrees. It was nice floating in a pool that never cools down. Arches National Park was fantastic. The stone formations play on your imagination. We saw elephants and diansaurs. Some of the formations look like they will fall off at any moment. We also saw a couple desert creatures and the plants are interesting. The arches are also amazing. We listened to a park ranger explain how they are formed. I believe her whe she says we are here at the right point in time. To the arches, it is a ... read more
Arches road in

North America » United States » Wyoming » Thermopolis June 13th 2010

Geo: 43.6461, -108.211Day 5We got an early start out of Brighton, heading north on I-25 toward Cheyenne. We stopped briefly in Fort Collins as I had never been there. We took a quick tour of the Colorado State campus, stopped at Starbucks in the historic district and were on our way again.Weather was ugly. In the 30s and raining. It let up a little when we hit Cheyenne, so we headed to the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum. Took some photos of the bronzes outdoors, hit the gift shop but didn't take time to tour the museum, although it was open on Sunday morning. It seems Cheyenne must have had a cowboy boot charity event, similar to the cows in Chicago. They were all over town, painted creatively. I took photos of 6-8 to use for scrapbooking. ... read more
Cheyenne "boot"
Bronze outside Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum
Snow capped mountains in WY

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