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In mid-May of 2019, Anne and I traveled to Pennsylvania by way of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland in order to complete a goal of hiking on the Appalachian Trail in all 14 states that it travels through. While we had already hiked the AT in VA, we needed a stopover spot to break up the trip, so we added a couple of nights there to allow us to stay in a pretty unique spot in the VA mountains.. As a result we were able to hike on the AT in all 4 states--Grayson-Highlands state park in VA, Harper's Ferry in WV, the C&O canal towpath in MD, and the Michaux State Forest in PA. Just to keep things simple, I’ll put all the pictures from the trip on this single page. Anne found the perfect ... read more
Silo, Barn, & grounds

We spent our last evening in Washington walking around the monuments and the white house , of a night all the Monuments are lit up and look really good , it was packed with people and school's and we managed to get some really nice pictures. Washington's been really enjoyable city with so much to do, I would say you could come back two or three times and still not see all their is to see here. One of the good things about Washington is that pretty much everything is free :) which is a bonus for us. So today we are off to Harpers ferry, West Virginia its a small place just an hour or so out side DC and its known for its hiking and civil war. We got the train from Washington to ... read more
beauty spot HF
Rock n roll hall of fame
man vs food - Cleveland

We picked up the Rv at the Rental agency, brought it home and almost immediately began to load it with essentials in anticipation of our "take off". As it turns out we decided not to take a nap but rather, to push forward and ultimately left all "known" society and took to the open road. We were not too far down 128 when the rain came down in torrents, hindering visibility and, yes increased the potential for accidents, which, surprise! happened. As if it were not enough a strange yellow wrench icon suddenly appeared on the dashboard of this brand new unit. As luck would have it, when we tried calling the number we were advised to contact in case of trouble, both of our cell phones stopped working. We pulled into a gas station closeby ... read more

I had no idea that West Virginia could be reached in under 3 hours from PA. In my quest to visit all 50 states I figured it would make an easy and interesting day trip and of course I could cross another off my list. With a little light persuading I got my boyfriend and cousin to come along for a road trip on a beautiful Sunday. The scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains was gorgeous and it took even less time to reach our destination than expected. Driving into Harpers Ferry was like driving back in time. All of the old buildings had been preserved and restored and the quaint little town was surrounded only by the natural landscape. There were no distractions and very little to no modern entities. It was sometimes easy to ... read more
Jefferson's Rock

Thursday June 16 In Hagerstown , Maryland. Had intended to go to Antietam today but got a late start out of Winchester and after touring Harpers Ferry battlefield I took "Shortcut" and wandered all over the Maryland countryside but could not find the Antietam Battlefield. I think the problem is they just post signs for "Sharpsburg" which is what the town is called that is next to it. The lady here at the Motel 6 in Hagerstown told me to go on 70 East from here and take the Sharpsburg exit off I 70. So tomorrow I will head for that. It has been delightfully cool and downright nice all this week. Sure enjoying it. The Harpers Ferry battlefield was pretty interesting. Lee was proceding with his invasion of the North into Maryland but could not ... read more
Rear of Union Position on Bolivar heights with Harpers Ferry in the distance.
School House Ridge where Jackson demonstrated in full view of the enemy.

North America » United States » West Virginia » Harpers Ferry February 11th 2011

Well arrived in the US, friday was a working day for my brother and family, so we opted for a small outing. The weather was wonderful just above zero and clear skies. Had thought about showing the White House to the children, but I had another idea to visit Harpers Ferry, 1½ hours away from Baltimore. Arriving, we could see it was a perfect time to visit - the parking lot had space for a thousand cars, and there were maybe a couple of other cars beside ours. A small shuttle drives along the Shenandoa river down to lower Harpers Ferry. The historic site is a nice place with interesting history and many small museums dedicated to persons or civil war subjects. A couple of places were open, like a small pub/restaurant where we had lunch. ... read more

One of the fun parts of roadtripping is collecting people…well, not quite actually collecting them but collecting vignettes of the folks you meet on the road. I guess I have to admit to a certain amount of voyeurism as we travel as I do enjoy people watching and, frankly, listening in on conversations from time to time. Yesterday morning at the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center there were masses of high school students on the obligatory field trip, filling out their requisite class survey forms while leaning on each other’s backs, trying to be uber-cool with each other, and just generally being teenagers. Some comments overhead… “I didn’t know Jefferson Davis was President of the US... Dummy, it means President of the Confederacy.” “Eew, can you imagine being operated on with that? Did they have drugs back then?”...while ... read more
It wouldn't be a road trip with flower pix

Up at 5AM after a short night of the wind howling and rain driving into the side of the house. After ten days being off work getting ready for the hike this was the worst weather we had seen. Things didn't look much better when I checked the computer weather picture, rain from WV back to IN. Threw the packs in the car and pulled out of the drive at 5:30. Ran down to Mansville and picked up PJ a dear friend who is driving our car back home after we get to Harpers Ferry. Driving down I-81 the wind and rain abated little and we were considering spending the night at a hostel. We arrived in Harpers Ferry about 3:30PM then headed straight for the Trail HQ. Did some looking around, took the start photos ... read more

Hello All. CC and I will be returning to the trail on or about 1 May for the remaining 1,164 miles to Mt Katahdin, Maine. I will be doing my normal Blogging and will try to get the pictures in from last year before we start. This year we will be adding one piece of gear you will find interesting. It is a SPOT device. You will be able to track us daily on a Google Earth map. I will post the link here once we have the device up and running. I will send our location at lunch time and the end of every day we are on the trail. Hope everyone's winter went well and both of us are excited to finish this last leg of our trek.... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia » Harpers Ferry September 20th 2008

I've had a bunch of computer access lately, but I think something is wrong with the website. I haven't been able to get the bulk picture uploader to work anywhere. I suppose a quick verbal update is in order, but I would much rather just caption a ton of photos. I crossed all of PA... it was rocky! There were 1000-foot downs, then back ups, every 15 miles but in between there was negligible elevation change. Amongst those flat sections were stretches of rocks that were worse than walking in a creek bed. Worse, mainly because the rocks were sharp and pointy, unlike water worn creek rocks. I was ahead of Stretch and SlotMachine but behind Yearbook and some other hikers I hadn't met yet. So I walked alone for most of it and the solitude ... read more
Stretch & Slot
Foggy Trail

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