Eileen and Dan Clay

Travelling with friends

Eileen and Dan Clay

Hubby and I are travelling from MA to CA in June/July 2012.
We are taking our 4 little friends (see picture), can't wait to leave, we'll be gone from June 24th to July 15.

North America » United States » Massachusetts July 17th 2012

We got home around noon on Sunday, but between emptying and cleaning the rv, putting everything away, and doing laundry, and then returning the rv on Monday, I have not had a chance to send this final trip blog. The last couple of days were a little less fast paced, we got to visit with friends at a cookout and on Saturday was the big dachshund picnic in Kent, OH, which we go to every other year. We got to see friends that I keep in contact with all year round online, but only see at these picnics. It was great fun, and got some more dachshund stuff (I know everyone,just what I need, more dachshund stuff!!). So here are our final pics, and I am so glad you all joined us on this trip.... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Staunton July 12th 2012

Hi Today we visited the only home that Abraham Lincoln ever owned located in Springfield, Ill. It is actually only a couple of hours away from Hannibal. The house is located in a restored neighborhood done so to depict Lincoln's time there. Sorry, some more photos tomorrow, problem uploading. It is difficult to realize that our trip is slowly winding down as we will be home on Sunday afternoon. This experience has truly been one of a lifetime, likely never to be repeated but always remembered fondly. Eileeen wanted to do this and planned every detail for such a long time, and finally it has happened. Dan and Eileen... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Hayti July 11th 2012

Hi We spent most of the afternoon touring the town, especially Mark Twain's home and things associated with him. He had a pretty rough childhood but family seemingly made all the difference. I found a quote of his that I didn't know: WHEN IN DOUBT, TELL THE TRUTH. Isn't that terrific? It is quite warm here along the Mississippi. People are fanning themselves left and right. Tomorrow we are off to Springfield to visit Lincoln's home. Hope you enjoy the photos. Dan and Eileen... read more

North America » United States » Missouri July 11th 2012

we will be at MT's home between 11:30 and 12:15 instead, trolley running late today.... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » DeSmet July 11th 2012

Hi We just got into Hannibal, Missouri after another very long ride through South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. We will stay here for a couple of nights and then be off to Springfield, Ill. to see Lincoln's home. Tomorrow we will go downtown to see Twain related sights. If you have a chance between 10 and 11:30 check the link below and see us on camera in front of the Mark Twain House. If you do see us pleaase click on the camera and email a copy to me at lomgtimecouple1970@yahoo.com http://earthcam.com/marktwain/. I hope you enjoy the photos. Once again, many are shot from the window of a fast moving vehicle while oseanthers are quite familiar to you. We also stayed at the Ingalls homestead and managed to get some good photos. Enjoy! Dan and Eileen ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Custer July 9th 2012

Good Evening We pulled in to the campsite about an hour ago and was greeted by the nicest crew. One of the men filled our propane tank and then asked about our favorite ice cream sundae. Apparently the site had a Social this afternoon and was ending up as we pulled in. He went down and got us each a treat and had his daughters deliver them to us. Our trip to Mount Rushmore began this morning at 6:30 pacific time from Salt Lake City. We were on the road for about 16 hours riding through beautiful Wyoming. Yes, it is beautiful for what it is but, once again, the road was long and located smack in the middle of vast prarie, surrounded by a variety of mountain ranges. We somehow by passed the Rockies which ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City July 7th 2012

Hi If you have thought of driving across the upper part of California into and through the state of Nevada (desert, completely desert!) think again. Of all of the driving we have done, across the flat landscape of Tennessee and Arkansas, the desert of New Mexico and Arizona, the ride on Rte 80 East in my opinion, has to be the most harrowing experiences I have ever had. The only real relief we encountered was through the Donner Pass as the mountains and vista was incredible. But, after that, it was all downhill, until one comes to interminable flat, dry, a land devoid of civilization and multiply gas stations. It was most definetely a seller's market. I spoke to a young couple in a store that accompanied the station I found. They were buying among other ... read more

Hi Spent the day walking around the city. As you can see from the photos we rode the cable car. I must say it is a lot like riding a roller coaster, only slower; just as steep going up or down. Met some very nice people. In fact I met the daughter of the man who represented Marina Oswald. She told us about how Marina spent the many Christmas holidays with her family. I asked her what her father's opinion of the shooter was: he felt he wasn't too bright and probably didn't act alone. Tomorrow we are off to Salt Lake City. Enjoy the bazillion photos Dan and Eileen... read more

We rolled in to San Francisco after a really long ride from Pomona. On the way we stopped in Hollywood where Eileen was able to get the photos she wanted. Many of the photos are from the Graumin's Theater. The coast was really cloudy and the time was running short so we bypassed the 17 mile drive in order to get to the campsite. As it turned out, we were too late and the place was closed. Perhaps that is a good thing because it really didn't look like anywhere we would stay, given a choice. Of course we became concerned about where we might stay so Eileen began searching. She found this place called Candlestick, located across the parking lot from the stadium. It is very nice. From here, this morning, we will take a ... read more

Hello, Tonight we are in Pomona at a very pretty park. The landscape continues to be beautiful unto itself but, it does get a bit boring during 1200 miles. We are hoping to go into the city briefly tomorrow as Eileen wants to see Graumin's and the HOLLYWOOD sign. I was thinking it might be fun to locate 77 Sunset Strip, but I don't want to get mixed up in a great deal of traffic. Once again, most of the photos are being shot whilst we traverse the highway at a, for me, unaccustomed speed. They are beautiful for what they present. We experienced something interesting today at a rest stop. The people in the car next to ours finished eating and tossed all of their rubbish out the window. I approached them; they were unaaffected. ... read more

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