Jackson at Harpers Ferry

Published: June 25th 2011
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Thursday June 16
In Hagerstown , Maryland. Had intended to go to Antietam today but got a late start out of Winchester and after touring Harpers Ferry battlefield I took "Shortcut" and wandered all over the Maryland countryside but could not find the Antietam Battlefield. I think the problem is they just post signs for "Sharpsburg" which is what the town is called that is next to it. The lady here at the Motel 6 in Hagerstown told me to go on 70 East from here and take the Sharpsburg exit off I 70. So tomorrow I will head for that. It has been delightfully cool and downright nice all this week. Sure enjoying it.
The Harpers Ferry battlefield was pretty interesting. Lee was proceding with his invasion of the North into Maryland but could not leave 12,000 Union Troops in his rear so he dispatched Stonewall Jackson to capture Harpers Ferry and then rejoin the main force again.
At Schoolhouse Ridge Stonewall Jackson formed up his forces for an attack on Bolivar heights in full view of the enemy,while shelling the Union position with his artillery. Then took the position on a surprise flank attack by a detachment he had
sent up along the river in a night march to hit the Northern left flank.
The Union Forces surrendered and it was the largest mass surrender of American forces in the field until Bataan in WW 2.
Jackson left a portion of his force at Harpers Ferry to Parole the Union forces and went to Join Lee at Antietam with the other portion.
After touring the battlefield I tried to look around Harpers Ferry but there was no where to park downtown. Signs everwhere said "Parking by Permit only". So I took a roundabout way into Hagerstown and stayed at the Motel 6 there on Massey Blvd for the night. It was quiet and cheap so I decided to stay there another day and after touring Antietam Battlefield the next day come back for the night. Then go on towards Gettysburg on Saturday. Room ran me $47.52 with WiFi.
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