Four States in Four Day

Published: June 21st 2013
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We spent our last evening in Washington walking around the monuments and the white house , of a night all the Monuments are lit up and look really good , it was packed with people and school's and we managed to get some really nice pictures. Washington's been really enjoyable city with so much to do, I would say you could come back two or three times and still not see all their is to see here. One of the good things about Washington is that pretty much everything is free 😊 which is a bonus for us. So today we are off to Harpers ferry, West Virginia its a small place just an hour or so out side DC and its known for its hiking and civil war. We got the train from Washington to Harpers ferry it was only an hour so not to bad, I knew that from the station it was about a mile walk to our hostel not too bad I thought till we got here, It was sooo hot!! That sticky humid heat that made it hard to breath just standing around also they forgot to leave out that it was over a mile walk up very very steep hills ,Grant didn't look to impressed with my hostel booking skills as we trudged up the hill, Any way we got to our hostel in the end a couple of pound lighter , and its pretty nice here, all of the people we met in are hostel are doing the Appalachian trail, Its pretty famous trail in America , its a hiking trail that goes across 14 States and takes around 6 to 7 months to complete !!. But it was really nice listening to there story's of what they had seen and done lots of bear sightings and rattle snakes.

Our first morning here I got up late so got the left overs from breakfast waffles yummm,and we headed in to the town, its more of a village then a town really but its soo nice theirs a few little shops selling local pottery and hand made jewelry and a couple of little cafes the over half of the village is set up just like it was during the civil war , like a living history experience with a general store, clothes shop and people all dressed up in period clothes walking around. Its was so weird and fun we really didn't expect any thing this cool from such a small place. after checking out all the different attractions we learned quite a lot of history and the place was where the civil war in america pretty much started. I think we lucked out a bit on coming to Harpers ferry as we had no idea of how historically important it was or how pretty it would be .

On our second day here after meeting so many people that have hiked the Appalachian trail we decided to give it a go we set off early, I still didn't get up early enough for breakfast but to be fare she starts serving it a 5am so I wasn't too fussed so off we went, the first 3 miles or so where pretty easy and then it turned out to be a bit more difficult as we climbed one of the massive hills in the area and i mean massive, there was lots of climbing over huge rocks as well after a couple of miles we decided to get off the AT trail and carried on towards Weaverton Cliff, Once we made it to
man vs food - Clevelandman vs food - Clevelandman vs food - Cleveland

our massive lunches
the top of the cliff the views where amazing !! well worth the climb up there at the top we stopped for some pictures and we also saw two eagles flying around before we headed back down.During our climb we crossed over the state boarder in to Virginia, all in all it look us about 5 hours not the longest hike but with the heat and the hills we where well and truly nackered.

As Harpers ferrys a bit in the Middle of nowhere we couldn't get a bus from here to our next destination so we headed back to Washington for the night. we Arrived in Washing nice and early and after checking in we headed off to the Air and Space Museum, which is pretty much a boys paradise , It was actually quite cool it had all the original space shuttles the one that went to the moon the Original space out fits and so on so after wandering around here we headed out to an american 1950's dinner we headed back to the hostel pretty early as we knew we would be travelling all day the next day and wanted to get a good nights sleep , How wrong we where the Air con in our hostel was broken so 10 people in a tiny room no air con hottest day ever!!! not much sleep was had.

After a full day of travelling on the Mega bus we arrived in Cleveland, the coach wasn't to bad although it did break down on the card shoulder and we had to wait for a replacement for like an hour. We picked Cleveland as its on route to Chicago and had a cheap hostel were kinda running out of money for the american part of our trip so thought it would be a cool place to lay low and save a bit. its a pretty small city but the area our hostels in is really nice and trendy with lots of nice bars. We went to the Rock and roll hall of fame !! which was so good they had wicked stage costumes from the Beatles, the rolling stones, James brown, Etta James you name it . After walking around you head in to the actual hall of fame which is a black circular room with all the inductees names and signatures written on. I had to get a picture of Bruce Springsteen's name for my dad , although not sure your supposed to take pictures hay I didn't get caught 😉 .From the hall of fame we headed off to a Brewery tour of Great lakes brewing co. it was free and lasted about an hour and you also get a free tasting of the different beers , small brewers are a big thing over here and you can get some really weird and cool tasting beers, they do one with a slice of orange in it that really summery and fruity. the tour was cool and after we heading in to an Irish pub for a few drink and got to meet some really nice locals.

till next time

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Bruce Springsteen

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