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I travel with my family (my wife Birgitte, Johanne born in 2005, Anders born in 2004) and also alone once a year. Most previous trips to all around the world can be found on

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Longyearbyen July 29th 2011

Svalbard – the black mountains It took me half a day to figure out what was 'wrong' in Svalbard – obviously it is a desolated mountain kingdom, but it is black, barren mountains – crna gora of the north – Birgitte put words on the missing pjeces – not a tree, not a bush – nothingness. Black, gray, white. And no life – except 8 species of birds, and supposedly a polar bear somewhere out there. How did we end up here? I don't know – probably because it is there and you can get there for your bonus points as it counts as domestic Norway. It is a close to the North Pole as I'll ever get, 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen. SAS had in June 'half bonus price' for all of Scandinavia, so we travelled ... read more
Midnight in Longyearbyen
One minute to midnight

Asia » Taiwan March 21st 2011

Taipei 101. The highest building in the world – almost. It has been surpassed by the Burj Khalifa (by 300 meters) recently. Designed to resemble a bamboo stalk. And it is huge. In the basement is a giant food court. All kinds and prices; a great place to eat. Birgitte and I had a huge Indian dinner for 250NT$. We spent 1½-2 hours until closing time at the top level (floor 90 or something like that). The rain had stopped and the views were of the whole city. Half a kilometer down. The outdoor level was unfortunately closed, but there was the views, the café, an exhibition of pictures from the last 50 years and the giant balancing ‘pendulum’ spanning several floors to counterbalance earthquakes and high winds. Before being thrown out at 22:00, we had ... read more
View from Taipei 101
Beitou Public Bath
Taroko gorge

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 15th 2011

First: We are not going to Japan. We have changed our plans, so we are going to Taiwan instead - had also been on our wishlist, but there was not time in the original schedule. Why? The Danish Foreign Affair says all travels should be cancelled, a friend sent me an article from a Danish journalist writing from Tokyo - it was all deserted except in stores where people where cleaning the shops for food. The transport is worrying - allready many of the airlines have changed their flights, so they go to e.g. Osaka. Many things that could have been explored, like Disneyland are closed (power cuts). Now, just an update of some of the things we have seen in Seoul and South Korea. First, we were worried about the language - and that they ... read more
Gyeongbokgung Palace guard
Dora observatory

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 13th 2011

Yong-gi Cho’s congregation is by far the largest in the world – supposedly 850.000 members, and when planning this trip, I had thought about a visit here. We started out with late breakfast at one of the millions coffee shops around our hotel. It is a Paris pastry shop and we all agree that it is better than the baker at Kvickly at home. The subway of Seoul is a bliss – easy and quick. Youido island in the middle of the river – a small Manhattan. The church has a block of buildings and when we were 4 blocks from the church, entering from the park, suddenly all roads were full of busses and cars. 4 policemen in every crossing and loads of people crossing. It was changing time from the 11 o’clock service to ... read more
Youido Church
Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
Yoido Church from outside

Oceania » Palau » Koror March 11th 2011

17:30 we are at the Palm Bay Bistro – a worried waitress – there had been an earth quake in Japan. We order our dinner. Next time she passes by: there is a tsunami coming at 18:30. They turn their TV to a local channel. There is a Tsunami warning – all Palauan on coastal areas are to go to higher grounds. And it is a bit later - at 19:25 that it is coming. We had arrived back an hour ago from Carp island – an isolated island 1 hour away by speed boat. Thinking if we would have had the information if we had strayed there today. The staff are obviously nervous. The restaurant is right at the harbor with the serving area over the water. We quickly finish our dinner and halfway run ... read more
On an isolated island off Carp
Speed boat from Carp to Koror
Dive till you die - licence plate

Oceania » Palau » Peleliu March 10th 2011

The place of some of the fieriest battles of WWII pacific theatre – from Sept.-Nov.1944. The 10.000 Japanese defenders dug into the ridges and applied heavy casualties to the Americans. Episode 5-7 of the Pacific (Stephen Spielberg) is about the landing on Orange Beach, the fight for the airstrip and the long struggle to dig out the Japanese from the Bloody Nose Ridge. We had not really booked anything from Koror, thinking that since Peleliu was just across the channel, it would be easy to arrange from Carp. Writing with Amy, the organizer in Koror before coming, had said so. So I talked to Diana the night before, and she arranged a boatman to make the transfer, and she would do the land tour. The price was 2x30$ for the boat and 2x40$ for the tour. ... read more
Japanese HQ
Japanese gun
Orange Beach

Oceania » Palau » Koror March 7th 2011

Expectations were high for today – visiting one of the world’s wonders – the Jellyfish Lake – only found this one place in the World, a small lake in the rock islands of Palau. It was partly cloudy. We were picked up by a bus with Japanese and at the IMPAC office there were even more. Hmm. All equipment were included, and we supplied our stock. People were divided out in boats, by the activity they were going to. Our boat included Win as our guide and another Japanese guide for the 14 other. No problem. The boat slowly left the harbor and powered up the two big motors. The rock islands were right around you – lime stone rock with jungle, as small drops in the ocean. Similar to Halong bay in Vietnam? Passing a ... read more
Natural Arch - Palau Rock islands
Jellyfish lake, Palau
Corals, Rock Islands, Palau

Oceania » Northern Mariana Islands » Saipan March 4th 2011

Thursday 3.3 – Saipan, Northern Marianas We arrived to Saipan the previous evening, welcomed by our friends Randy and Cheryl, who escorted us to our hotel. A pleasant evening, though there had been some airholes coming with the short flight from Guam (the children enjoyed it, Birgitte did not…). Randy and Cheryl met us for breakfast and took us for a trip – we went to Obyan Beach where there were a few people snorkeling and diving. It was on the south coast with good views to Tinian. There used to be a hydrofoil boat from Garapan to Tinian, but it is long gone and you can only go there now by plane. I had thought it would be interesting to go there for a day trip to see the Atomic bomb pits, where the bombs ... read more
Basement of Cannon, Saipan
Obyan beach & Tinian
Banzai Cliff

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 27th 2011

Sunday 27.2 – Kosrae Why are you not allowed to swim on a Sunday when there is so much water around the island? Johanne asked. On Sundays, it is not considered polite to swim, wear short trousers, work, fish – just relax. Kosrae is Christian (like most of the Pacific). At one point in history there were only 300 Kosraean left – history tell that is was because of diseases introduced, but the former school teacher we talked to was convinced it was alcohol and syphilis. Anyway, the 300 left all introduced the strict rules for their society to protect them. We were up a bit late and didn’t mange to get to the Lelu church until 10:15. Birgitte and the children fist when to the building with service for the children, but came to the ... read more

Oceania » Micronesia » Kosrae February 26th 2011

Saturday 26.2 – Kosrae Japanese tunnels from WWII and island views and jungle hike. Today I was picked up by Hamilton, the owner of Ohma peak. His windshield was broken – he was cursing the government for not making landowner trim their coconut trees – one had fallen lately direct on his car. We went to Malem, a village on the east coast and started out from his house. The trek was regular jungle rain forest with green in green. It didn’t rain but I was sweating buckets. Hamilton first with his machete cutting new growth on the path. After one hour we reached a clearing where I saw the first Japanese tunnel. There were a couple of artifacts like a broken sake bottle with ‘nippon’ written on it. Not much animal life – surprised that ... read more
Erik on Mt. Ohma
Sake bottle
Kosrae - the world's car cemetery

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