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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill March 11th 2018

Gestern, am 10.März, bin ich um 11:45 Uhr aus meiner Airbnb Wohnung ausgezogen und mit dem Skytrain nach Vancouver zur Pacific Central Station gefahren. Von dort aus ging mein Zug pünktlich um 17:45 Uhr nach Seattle. Das Boarding war vergleichbar mit dem am Flughafen, da es auch eine Grenzüberquerung ist. Nur leider war der amerikanische Beamte nicht so ganz Feuer und Flamme für meinen Plan, 2 Wochen lang Urlaub in seinem Land zu machen. Kurz nachdem der Zug losfuhr ging die Sonne unter; es war wunderschön. Danach gab es leider nichts mehr zu sehen, man konnte sich nur vorstellen, was man tagsüber anstelle der Dunkelheit sehen konnte. Nachdem ich um 22:10 Uhr in Seattle angekommen bin, machte ich mich zu Fuß auf den Weg zum Hostel, da ich zu faul und müde war, mich nach einem ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill February 20th 2017

Its time to go again. I'm heading down to South America today. My first stop is Lima, Peru. Looking forward to some glorious food and some relaxing adventures. Thanks to my very good and great friend Hiromi for looking after dear sweet Elliot, she is the cutest snot kitty ever. I'll keep you posted. -Erica... read more

Seattle travel blog Elan, Mark and I once again headed out of town for a concert. This time to Seattle to see Sting and Peter Gabriel together on stage! "Rock, Paper, Scissors" was one of the best concerts ever! We chose to stay at an Air BnB on Capitol Hill. A wonderful choice though a bit noisy. It is on the middle of the city after all. Just around the corner is the most delightful bakery. Brown sugar brioche was so tasty! As well as Elan's smoked salmon croissant. After coffee and pastries we headed to the Woodland Park Zoo. The tiger put on quite a show, preening and stretching on a rock right in front of us before heading off out of the sun and into shade. We saw many different birds, much to our ... read more
Having fun
Red bird at the Woodlans Park Zoo
Woodland Park Zoo

This album features photos from two of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle, both of which need further extensive exploring ;o) QUEEN ANNE NEIGHBORHOOD Queen Anne Hill is a neighborhood & geographic feature in Seattle northwest of downtown. The neighborhood sits on the highest named hill in the city with a maximum elevation of 456 feet. The hill became a popular spot for the city's early economic & cultural elite to build their mansions, & the name derives from the architectural style typical of many of the early homes. Lots of extra info here:,_Seattle Historical society web site with many photos of historic residences etc incl slide show: CAPITOL HILL NEIGHBORHOOD Capitol Hill is a densely populated residential district in Seattle. It is also one of t... read more
qa - Victoria Condo Complex
qa - Condo complex at 133 Queen Anne Ave N
qa - One of many mansions & historic residences

In less than 12 hours Adam and I will be on a plane headed to Iceland! I can't believe that our trip is finally here and we are embarking on a 10 week European adventure. Our destinations include: Iceland, London, Bristol, Bath, Glasgow Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Prague, Germany (Berlin!), Netherlands, and we will fly out of Amsterdam. I invite everyone viewing this page to send me money, just kidding, to read about my adventures. Ill attempt to entertain you through these blog posts while depicting my tales with accuracy and my unique Annapropriate ways. Thank you to the following friends who came out to stay good bye at Von Trapps last night. Alicia, Rich, Hannah, Amber, Adam, Andrew, Kelly, Peter, Kwadro, Paul, Kate, Matt, Yvonne, Travis, Nick, Sarah, Justin, Reina, Pedro, Colleen, Kevin ... read more

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second Seattle entry. As usual, I have not given myself enough time to write this... I've just finished uploading the photos so I'll let them do the talking for me. Over the past week I have done the following things.... - been on an exceeding messy pub crawl. - visited the Seattle Art Museum. - bought a dress. - finished reading my book, 'Game of Thrones'. Now on to 'Crime and Punishment'. - Been on a 'Famous Dead Guy' tour in Seattle (Morbid, I know! Sorry about the cemetery photos!) - visited the gardens at Volunteer Park. - had my black vest silk-printed by an artist in the hostel. - eaten numerous crumpets. I think that's about it! Enjoy the photos! Lots of love, Streets. x PS - I'm off on ... read more
New dress
Folk band @ The Cancan Club.
Me with some guys I met on the pub crawl.

Hi everyone! I've been in Seattle for a few days now, and it looks like I spoke too soon... it's been gloriously sunny the entire time, it was just a bit miserable when I arrived at 6am that first morning. Yay! Right now I;m in an internet cafe called 'Cyberdogs' on 9th and Pike. It's pretty trippy, there's loads of posters and mad shit hanging from the walls... oh and there's 3 scary stoned clowns sitting in front of me. One of them is a vegan and is clearly very proud of himself ('Cyberdogs' is a vegetarian cafe). Speaking of which, I finally gave in and bought some boots. I got black Dr Marten's, and oddly enough they are vegan! I would have happily bought the leather ones, but the truth is they were much more ... read more
SAM! Seattle Art Museum.
Space Needle.
'Hurricane' in the Experience Music Project.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill February 24th 2011

We left Isla Holbox at dawn was a warm, humid morning...lots of bird song, and mosquitos! We will miss the soft sand, great food, friendly people, warm waves, cold beer, palms, and warm breezes, but not the cigarette smoke (tourists) and watching people roast themselves in the sun.. We took a golf cart taxi to the ferry, which was packed with high school kids heading for the mainland school. Next we took the bus to Cancun, a three hour trip through jungle and villages. The ferry cost 70 pesos for 30 minutes; the bus was 90 pesos for three hours... Once in Cancun, we took another bus to the airport, lunched, bought vanilla, and had an uneventful flight to Dallas. We flew over Holbox, which was very cool...being able to see all of this long, ... read more
Last evening
Last dinner
Looking at the plaza from the restaurant

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill August 17th 2010

Hi friends, I just wanted to give you a head's up that I am leaving on a six-month trip to India tomorrow (August 18) and will have a new blog to record the journey in writing and pictures. This is the address of the new blog: If you'd like to subscribe, click on the page that says "about the wanderers" and you'll see a place to sign up at the bottom. Hope you can join us! David and Jessica... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Capitol Hill August 16th 2010

August 16, 2010: Biking around Seattle Not a lot to type here…it’s mostly about the photos. I will say that in Seattle, much like my hometown of Chicago, the bike is by far the best and cheapest way to get around. We rode down to Seward Park, on Lake Washington, where I swam with the locals. Then, we rode our bikes home in the dark and a homeless man scared us.... read more
Scott on Bike
Seattle Bike Ride 4
Seattle Bike Ride Neighborhood

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