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North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 16th 2022

After all that hiking at Badlands National Park, I drove into Rapid City for lunch and a walk. I chose The Firehouse Brewery because I love fire stations (and I had a 1/2 off coupon from the visitors centers). A 12z stout and loaded nachos just about put me to sleep right at the table. I was up at 3:30 a.m. to catch the sunrise and did many hikes in the sun today. The décor is top notch, the beer is great but a small selection and the food is HUGE. Before I actually do sleep on the table, I took off for a hike to see the presidential bronze statues in the downtown area and art valley where graffiti is a form of art and encouraged. Rapid City was kinda bigger than I thought, it ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 1st 2019

Big day, today. We had Devil’s Tower on our agenda, but mid-day we decided to add Badlands as well. We left the hotel at 8:10 AM and 63 degrees. The weather was promising rain for a good part of the day. The skies were cloudy and we had a low ceiling hanging heavy over us all day long. The cows were lying down in the pastures and, according to my mother, that means rain is coming. It only took us a little over an hour to get to Devil’s Tower National Park. The scenery was familiar, with rolling green hills, cows and horses in pastures, and occasional faces of gray rock poking out at us along the side of the road. Miles before we got to the gate, we caught sight of the top of the ... read more
Road to Devil's Tower
Road to Devil's Tower
Road to Devil's Tower

Note on yesterday after I sent the blog posting—a BIG storm hit at 5:30 local time including heavy wind, rain, and hail!! Luckily the hail wasn’t too terribly bad and we didn’t have any damage. Note of interest to family—Today is Daniel Conner’s 25th birthday. How in the world did we ever get old enough to have a Grandson that age?? Happy Birthday, Daniel! We were up very early to facilitate getting on the road for a big travel day in a rental car. Things got complicated with our rental due to the fact of a miscommunication between the front office and the gentleman who rented the car for the previous two days. It took almost an hour to get that straightened out so we were a little later getting started than we had planned, finally ... read more
Firehouse Brewing Company
This is a split!! Really! I promise
Fruit Bowl...$4.50!

We pulled out of camp at 9:00 into an already warm morning at close to 80 degrees! By the way, concerning our report of the power outage last night—we did finally get some juice about five minutes before we would have decided to move on. John was especially glad because this was a “full hookup” night in preparation for dumping the sewer this morning. Those of you who don’t RV go ahead and gag. Those who do RV know that the process of unhooking water, electric and sewer just after going to the trouble to hook up to all three (especially when you are tired) and heading down the road another 20 miles would NOT be something that you would jump for joy over having to do! At any rate, power was restored and we were ... read more
DIstant view for Tony S
!!! Beginning of Bad Hair Day!
Pat at Badland’s sign

Cody is a small town in cowboy country. We found it legitimate because its main street is wide enough to allow a cart drawn by a team of oxen to turn around. This was the same rationale for wide streets we heard in Bulawayo. Today we headed East, and South, across Big Horn National Forest and down to the high plains. Lunching in Gillette at the Railroad Restaurant (yes, alongside the tracks) we discovered that Wyoming is the source of 40% of the coal produced in the US, and that almost all of the mines were clustered around us. So we headed South to Wright, ostensibly the top end of the Thunder Basin National Grasslands, to see if we could see any. And we found a few. Large open pit mines with mile long trains carrying ... read more
With a metal statue out front
Downtown Cody
and coffee shop

Today was a very long and tiring day......but one of the best of my trip. On the way to see Mount Rushmore, I decided to visit the Badlands National Park. When I got off the freeway, I saw signs for the Minuteman Missile National Site. I decided to make another unplanned stop. In the visitors Center, they were previewing a new video that was going to be officially released this weekend. It explained all about the Minuteman program, it’s safeguards and the evnirment of the Cold War that generated the need for the missil system. The Bandlans was amazing. Besides striking geological deposits, it is one of the worlds largest fossil beds. Beautiful scenery and I’ve enclosed lots of pictures. Mount Rushmore was awe inspirin. Four great Presidents carved into a mountainside. Very impressive work. I ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 29th 2017

blog 08-29-17 Where the Deer and the Antelope Play The night in Casper was quiet and comfortable with the temperature dropping to 55 degrees. In the morning we took the dogs on a longer walk through the campground and along the river. It's the North Platte River and the current is quite swift. We headed out about 9:30 am, found rt 26 and headed west. It was a 2 lane 65 mph road through the countryside with very little traffic on it. We passed more of the same as yesterday with rolling hills and gullies. It's amazing that we could travel over 100 miles with nothing vertical, it was absolutely flat. There were a lot of bee hives all along our route, a real surprise. The road led to Riverton, a small town with a Walmart. ... read more
note the long horns
I love these old windmills
rolls of hay, must have been a productive year

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 25th 2017

blog 08-26-17 Bison ! We woke to the fog shorouding the mountains and the air filled with mist that felt like droplets. So strange to see a desert climate in fog. We walked the dogs, and packed the fence, chairs and rug, secured every thing inside and proceeded to the dump area. I took some pictures while we waited our turn and Ginnie hooked up the car. I have not attempted to do the car yet, soon though. We were on the road and opted to go to Rapid City by way of the back roads. It was a 2 lane 60 mph road that was just a delight to drive. I had been wanting to see Bison for 2 days but they eluded us until this stretch of road. We rounded a bend and there ... read more
leading the herd
great sight
morning fog

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 9th 2017

First stop today—Starbucks. Since this hotel does not have its own restaurant offering breakfast, they offer coupons to use at the Starbucks on the property as their way to provide free breakfast. That was a nice change from the standard breakfast buffet. We drove a short way east out of Rapid City for sightseeing. The first visit was to Badlands National Park. A scenic road winds in and out of the rock formations of the park starting and ending at exits off I-90. We both enjoyed the drive, and we stopped at some of the overlooks for a closer look. In two places, bighorn sheep were close to the edge of the road nibbling the grass and ignoring the tourists snapping photos. Lots of bikers were at the park, too. Next, we drove up to Philip, ... read more
2017-08-09 01 Badlands NP (1)
2017-08-09 01 Badlands NP (2)
2017-08-09 01 Badlands NP (3)

North America » United States » South Dakota » Rapid City August 8th 2017

After having a light breakfast from the limited offerings at the hotel buffet, we checked out to start the drive northward again. A small coffee shop, Scooters Coffee, with drive through service across the street from the hotel looked open so we stopped there first and then gassed up at the convenience store on the same corner. The highway out of Scottsbluff was almost deserted. Driving along, I felt like the road was built just for me. We did encounter another one-lane construction zone with a pilot vehicle to lead the short string of cars and trucks safely through it. This time it took a little longer than it did yesterday to wait until it was safe to proceed. After that one spot though, the rest of the drive was easy. We saw lots of motorcycles ... read more
2017-08-08 00 Keystone, SD  (1)
2017-08-08 00 Keystone, SD  (2)
2017-08-08 00 Keystone, SD  (3)

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