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Arrived in Myrtle Beach SC about 4:00 PM after about 221 miles. I was blessed many times on the way down from NC, but the holy water 💦 didn’t last long and never enough that I needed any of my rain gear. The temp hit a high of 91 but for most of the ride the temp was in the low 80’s. The rain actually felt refreshing at times. I booked the Marriott Resort at Grand dunes. I originally booked one night but wisely decided to extend my stay for two nights before heading out In search of the perfect pint. I ended up at “The Ole Irish Pub” down in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Proprietor Jimmy Byrne (sp?) of Dublin. While I try the Guinness at the pubs I visit- the Guinness quest isn’t ... read more
Good sign when you can put your initials in the foam
Josh and Paul the Bartenters du Jour
Jim Brynes and Jim Ruetz

April 2019 With the Spring months rolling in, my wife and I were starting to get the craving to go to the beach. We hadn't had a chance to go at all that year, and the incoming warm weather was looking like the perfect opportunity for us to finally get away. However, the problem with last minute trips to the beach is the outrageous prices for beachside hotels. We looked at AirBnB but had no luck considering it was just days away until the weekend. I guess that's what we get for trying to book last minute... Suddenly, we got an idea! What if we camped! Being an East Tennessee native, camping was a regular thing for us, and we had all the equipment necessary, but we had never camped anywhere other than the mountains; this ... read more

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Whenever my husband and I get the opportunity, we enjoy taking long weekend trips together. Sometimes we go with the children and other times, if we have family members willing to help keep them, we will sneak away for some alone time. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to travel to Myrtle Beach and nearby Wilmington, North Carolina for a long weekend to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. In the decade that we have been married, we have gone every February to this area of the Carolina coast. However, this past year we were not able to go on our annual beach vacation because my husband had just changed jobs and didn’t have the time off accrued yet. So, this was a little delayed but a much appreciated respite! We stayed where we always ... read more
Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
Calabash Seafood Hut
Rose Hill Inn Room

Ever since I’ve known my husband, I’ve traveled with him and his family to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every single summer. That means I’ve gone with them 15 times! For the first 10 years or so, we always rented out the same single-family house at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. This particular stretch of shoreline is incredibly sweet and special, separated from the mainland by a long, scenic bridge that stretches over the sound. Ocean Isle is incredibly family-friendly, with an on-site ice cream shop, a few beach gear stores, two great diner restaurants and a bike rental shop that we always stop in first thing. It’s also home to my hands-down favorite beach treat, Sunset Slush! For the uninitiated, Sunset Slush is similar to a slushie, but a firmer consistency that’s more akin to sorbet. ... read more
Family Dinner at Nearby Murrells Inlset
Crazy Fries at Iggy's

Jeudi trois Août, je me reveille vers 9 heures, il y a du soleil, mais on voit beaucoup de nuages au loin. On laisse les enfants dormir et on en profite pour ranger un peu nos affaires. On les reveille quand même vers onze heures, si on veut profiter un peu de la plage. Mais avant cela, ce matin, on va faire un petit plongeon dans la piscine de la résidence, il n'y a pas grand monde, on en profite donc avec Clément. Mais après vingt minutes, quelques gouttes se mettent à tomber, on rentre à l'appartement, il fait très chaud et très humide, on est bien sous un climat subtropical. Depuis la terrasse, on admire la pluie tomber en espérant que ca passe vite. Mais après avoir mangé, il pleut toujours, et désormais le ciel ... read more
Broadway at the Beach
Broadway at the Beach
Broadway at the Beach - Magasin de peluches

Mercredi deux Août, neuf heures du matin, on charge nos bagages dans la voiture et on part, direction Myrtle Beach en Caroline du Sud, un long trajet de plus de 700 kilomètres sur la I95. Visiblement, les américains ne sont pas très disciplinés sur la vitesse. Je roule scrupuleusement à la vitesse indiquée et tout le monde me double. Vers midi, on est à Richmond, capitale de la Virginie. On quitte l'autoroute pour acheter de quoi manger, mais on perd facilement une heure à chercher un supermarché, à se garer et à ressortir de la ville. On s’arrête quelques kilomètres plus loin pour manger nos «fameux» sandwiches tellement appréciés des enfants. Après plusieurs heures de route, il faut reprendre de l'essence. Ici, il faut d'abord passer à la caisse pour pré-payer. On annonce le montant que ... read more

Hello dear readers. It’s that time again. First, let me bring you up to date. This 2017 Snowbird trip will be an abbreviated version of my usual 10-11 weeks. In the spring, a group of camping friends will be traveling up the center of the country on a caravan we are calling “The Quest for the Stamp”. We will be visiting the lesser known National Parks in the middle of the country to gain the treasured National Park Passport Stamp. We are meeting in Natchez, MS, on April 20 and will end around Memorial Day in Shanksville, PA (The site of the 911 plane crash ‘in the field’). We will be visiting places some have not been to (Tupelo, Graceland, Hot Springs, Branson, Hannibal) and adding some states to our RV maps and seeing the middle ... read more

The trip here was long and boring. Mostly because we started out with cloudy skies from Regina to Winkler, MN, with lots of cold wind and very fine snow blowing across the highway. Had a wonderful visit with my son and his family there, and his two little ones. It's so great to see these grandchildren as we only see them a couple of times a year. Got lots of lovin' and a good night's rest there, then were off to cross the border and make our way southeast. Two long days of driving (10 and 12 hour days), but because of road construction and rain, we don't get as far each day as we had planned, so the final day we got up at 6 am to try to get to Myrtle Beach in time ... read more

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