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...and loving it Terry and Larry went fishing yesterday, they caught sea bass and shark which they brought home and cooked for dinner, very nice, once! Vicki and I went shopping for essentials and stopped in at the " nothing over 5.99$" shop; very upsetting because in small print, which I did not see right away, was in a select section. So, junk ranged from a dollar to ....., I bought nothing. Terry was tired after fishing, so we stayed home and watched the Academy awards, tonight, steak house dinner for Vicki. We are toying with going to Murrells Inlet, SC for a seafood lunch. read more

1.2-mile Myrtle Beach Boardwalk opened in 2010 with a lot of anticipation and fanfare, and it has become a popular hangout at the beach. There are restaurants, bars, shops, an arcade and snack bars, capturing the charm of classic Myrtle Beach. The Boardwalk is an ideal location for eating, playing, sunning or just watching people. If you are visiting, you’ll probably will visit this area numerous times during your stay, within close proximity to the many hotels located nearby. Learn more about Myrtle Beach SC at read more

The One About The End OMG did it rain overnight. I fell asleep watching TV sitting bolt upright in my chair, wrapped in a big wool shawl, crochet on lap. I woke up at 1:00 and went to bed. I immediately fell back to sleep, but woke up at 3:00 am to intense rain. Buckets slapping against Moya’s sides and top. So hard, I had to get out of bed to make sure it wasn’t the ocean coming up!!! I laid for a while listening to it and fell back to sleep. Up at 6:30, on the beach at 6:45 (about 30 minutes after sunrise) for very unsuccessful shell picking. The wind was so intense I had to give up after less than half a mile. It was awful! So were the shells. The sky is ... read more

The One About Winding Down I was anxious to get on the road, so up early and on I95 by 8:30. While walking Winston I spoke to some other folks who were overnighting – they had left TT Orlando early in the morning yesterday, heading to NC. Small world. When I started Moya, my rear jacks did not go all the way up, but the idiot light went off. Fortunately I saw this on my walk around. I turned the engine off, let it sit for a bit, turned it back on, and the light came on. I pressed the ‘raise jacks’ button and they went up and I was on my way. I am trying to ignore this issue. My trip was almost 200 miles, over the river and thru the woods, leaving I95 with ... read more

Friday January 4, 2013 Myrtle Beach Travel Park I have to start off today’s blog with the events of last night. I made a very conscious decision to leave my camping down comforter home for this trip. Instead, I had my HUGE king sized and heavy cotton quilt, and a small red fake-down throw (Kristine, if your reading, you will remember this one) – plenty to keep me warm until I get to FL where it WILL be warm and I won’t need the HUGE queen size very fluffy very comfy down comforter. Why did I decide to leave it home? Just because it is sooooo fluffy and takes up a full cabinet by itself. I can fit the rest of my bedding in one cabinet, but that blasted thing takes up one all by itself. ... read more
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View of my campsite from the beach

Thursday January 3, 2013 Wilmington, NC, to Myrtle Beach Travel Park Hello, returnees, and welcome newcomers. For the newbies, this is a diary of my annual Snowbird RV trip. I started this winter trip while I was still living in NJ and needed to escape the cold, snow, and ice. That first year (2008), I was 'out' six weeks, and knew right away that wasn't long enough, because it was still cold in NJ when I returned in early March and I had so much fun I didn't want to come home. Over the years, I stayed out as long as 12 weeks. BUT, now that I live in the south, and it gets warmer earlier.......we will just have to see what develops for 2013 and how the budget holds up Right now my plan is ... read more

April, 2009 We spent our Spring Break this year in a condo in North Myrtle Beach. This was our first vacation in this area. After nearly 30 years of spending Spring Breaks in Florida, Mexico, or the Caribbean, we found the week’s temperatures here a little cool. On one of the days we made our way down to Myrtle Beach which is only about 10 miles south of North Myrtle Beach. We could find no free parking, so had to feed a meter. For those of you who have been to beach resort towns, then you have been to Myrtle Beach. A total array of souvenir shops lines the thoroughfare. The one shop not to miss, though, is the Gay Dolphin. This has got to be the grandfather of all souvenir shops. The kid in ... read more
North Myrtle Beach

Wednesday March 7, 2012 Myrtle Beach SC Travel Park My last Snowbird Day. L Bittersweet. I am ready to go home, but I love my life on the road. I am ready for a shower where I can stretch out and a bed that I don’t have to make up every night and take down in the morning, and a little more room for me and Winston, but I love my life on the road. But, I did some reality/budget checking, and it’s time to go home, but I love my life on the road. Up at 6:15 to see the sunrise again, and I didn’t. It was cloudy and remained cloudy all day. Warm, breeze out of the south, but cloudy. I had a great long walk with Winston and found a few good shells, ... read more

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