A weekend camping at Myrtle Beach

Published: April 8th 2019
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April 2019

With the Spring months rolling in, my wife and I were starting to get the craving to go to the beach. We hadn't had a chance to go at all that year, and the incoming warm weather was looking like the perfect opportunity for us to finally get away. However, the problem with last minute trips to the beach is the outrageous prices for beachside hotels.

We looked at AirBnB but had no luck considering it was just days away until the weekend. I guess that's what we get for trying to book last minute...

Suddenly, we got an idea! What if we camped! Being an East Tennessee native, camping was a regular thing for us, and we had all the equipment necessary, but we had never camped anywhere other than the mountains; this was going to be a new experience for us.

We decided to camp at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because apparently its one of the best beaches in the Springtime!

To our surprise, we were able to find a campsite for $30 a night not 100 feet from the beach! It was perfect!


Friday was only a half day at work, so we were able to hit the road pretty early in the day. A few short hours and three stretches of traffic later, we finally made it! We arrived around 3 o clock in the afternoon and since it was a bit too early for dinner, we decided to check into the campsite and set up out things. Even through the weather called for rain all weekend, the day had been pretty nice out! Lucky for us!

After we got our campsite set up, we went back into town to pick up some groceries and eat dinner. We found a cute little community full of houses, shops, and restaurants, so we decided to stop to check it out. It was important for us to find somewhere that allowed dogs since we had out golden retriever, Koda with us. We walked around for a few minutes, window shopping when we smelled the most amazing food coming from one place! We just had to stop! From what we could tell, it was one of those restaurants that has a little bit of everything.

I ended up getting their ribs, and let me tell you, those things just fell off the bone! Such an amazing place we had found!

After dinner, we walked around some more to let Koda get his energy our before we went back to the campsite.

Later that night, we build a campfire and did your typical camping stuff. We were so glad we had thought of this idea!


We were able to sleep in pretty late and take our time to get ready since we weren’t really on any schedule. We eventually made our way down to the beach with Koda, but come to find out, the beach we were staying at does not allow dogs from 9-5! What a joke!

That was kinda frustrating because we couldn’t really leave him in the tent all day while we went to the beach; that would be entirely too hot for him! So, we decided to hit town again and find things to do until 5 when we could go to the beach.

We ended up going back to that same community from Friday because it was so perfect. After some walking around, we discovered an entire area that we had not previously seen! There was a huge park, and outdoor theatre, a donut shop, and so much more! The day wasn’t ruined after all!

We spend the remainder of the day walking around to the shop and the local pier until it was time to head back to the campsite.

Once 5 o'clock hit, we were able to take a picnic down to the beach with Koda and spend the remainder of the day relaxing by the ocean. What a perfect ending to the day!


Sunday morning wasn’t really spend doing “vacation“ things. All we really did was pack up our campsite and check out by 9 in the morning. Time to hit the road until our next adventure!

All in all, camping turned out to be an awesome experience and after this test run, I feel confident in planning many more beach camping trips this summer!


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