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Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina We took another down-day yesterday and did pretty much absolutely nothing. Read a bit about beaches. Played a game of cards - Joan won the South Carolina tournament by more than 100 points! Took a nap that was interrupted by a lawn mower on the clearing, but it died or ran out of gas after a short time, so we were able to get back to sleep. And we drove into town to stock up on wine, groceries, and gasoline. We bought a couple of pork chops and grilled them for dinner. Heat and humidity picked up some late yesterday and so we turned on the A/C and ate inside. We will be leaving South Carolina in a few hours. And I'm struggling to define what my feelings are about ... read more

Poinsett State Park, Wedgefield, South Carolina As I write this I am sitting at a picnic table, sipping my hot coffee, and looking out over a clearing. I think the clearing is supposed to be a playing field for sports and activities. The camp host told us that, over the weekend, the 55 campsites were almost all occupied and there were kids playing everywhere. This morning, though, we are one of 3 occupied campsites. There are no other sounds of human life. Lots of chatter, though. The birds are responding to the rising sun talking about their plans and, perhaps, sharing their dreams. I suppose one of the pleasures of being a 'birder' would be that you can learn to identify their songs and chirps. That might be fun. The girls are, for a big change, ... read more

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About a years and a half ago, while enjoying a nice BBQ sandwich at a Ride to Eat with a group of riders from the Motorcycle Tours Forum the subject of tires came up. Of course I was all ears, because my tires were looking very very bald. I was sitting between a rider that rode in on a KLR and another that rode a Suzuki Bandit and they both were raving about their tires, Shinko 705s. They said that the tires had great grip, were very affordable (cheap) and gave them a good 6,000 to 7,000 miles of safe riding. I also talked to other riders, mostly with bigger heaver bikes, that said the millage stinks and the tires were junk. When I got home I decided to try a pair. One of the riders ... read more
Arriving at Big Boy Motorcycles
Old Rear Tire
New Rear Tire

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This is Lindz. Looks like the folks'll be busting out their yellow roses soon. We left Columbia, SC this morning at about 9 A.M. Eastern Time. Had a good ride on I-20 through SC and into Georgia. I think it was in Augusta, GA that we decided to stop for breakfast at Denny's. Any Denny's we've ever been to has been a good experience - but this was the exception!! It wasn't as large a place as the Denny's we have known. Some of the wait staff didn't show up for work because they called in sick. So 3 waitresses were handling all the customers and they were in a ... read more
More than Just a Video Game
Loud and Clear
He's Worse than Santa

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Leslie here: I'd like to say that Mom and Dad now have just about 1100 miles to travel until they reach the great city of Austin, Tx. If one were to drive from Orange, Tx to El Paso, Tx, one would travel about 900 miles. So this next portion of the trip is basically just like driving across one state. One really BIG state. Or like driving around New England for days and days and days. But it's more fun to be in Texas, so we'll welcome them heartily when they arrive. And don't let Mom's estimate fool you, they should absolutely be here by Wednesday night... hear that Mom and Dad???? We'll have dinner waiting!! Another fun day in Columbia. For a few hours, we visited Leanne's work where she is the Assistant Director of ... read more
Turn left at Albuquerque!
Brush with fame #2
No one told us....

On Monday, Chaplain Mike Seaman joined our team and replaced Ch Sumrall from AFRC/HC. What a character! He was full of stories and fun expressions that only a good Southern Baptist preacher could get a way with. On Tuesday, I led the group on a spiritual reatreat over to the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary - my alma mater. It was a blazing hot day, but the group made the most of it. Together we enjoyed the labyrinth, rose garden, a peaceful campus, and especially Christ Chapel. Dr. Robert Hawkins was particularly colorful and a great help in describing the stained glass and symbolic features of the chapel. It was good to my old friend and professor. Wednesday was a very full day in the classroom. The highlight was having our Chief of Chaplains (2 Star General) ... read more

I am finally home...well it has been a week but I am still recovering. My last week in Spain was pretty chill. After MM left Lidia and I just kinda hung out and started packing. It was so hot and most of our friends had already left Spain so we just stayed at the apartment. We were both kinda ready just to be home. The journey home was the longest 36 hours of my life. I flew from Madrid to London on Tuesday, the 5th, at 9 pm. My flight was supposed to be at 8 pm but it was delayed. I got to London at 10:30 pm, which was 11:30 pm Madrid time since London is an hour behind. I spent the night in the Gatwick International airport because my flight was at 9 am ... read more

Directing this course for the first time was baptism by fire. Every day began at 0500 in order to be one step ahead of the students and every night ended at 2300 or later. As the course director it is my responsibility to line up "subject matter experts" to come in and teach the Chaplain Candidates what they need to know about serving in the USAF Chaplain Corps. I manage the course schedule, teach/brief the students on various blocks of material, lead them on a spiritual retreat, make sure they are ready for their final test and oversee every detail of the entire course. It is a great deal of responsibility, but I enoyed mentoring these seminary students and encourage their call to ministry. The learning curve was steep, but I hung in there and concentrated ... read more

Jun 04, 201 *City official name :Columbia *Founded date : *Location :South Carolina State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :Columbia is the capital and the most populous city of the U.S. state of South Carolina. As of 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population of the city proper as 117,508 and the metropolitan population 689,878. Columbia is the county seat of Richland County, but a small portion of the city extends into Lexington County. The city's name is derived from a poetic name for America, based on the name of Christopher Columbus, the use of the moniker being first attributed to poet Phillis Wheatley according to popular legend (see Historical Columbia). Located just 13 miles no... read more

You may or may not know that as a reserve chaplain I am teaching at the USAF Chaplain Corps College at Fort Jackson, SC. I am the Course Director for the Chaplain Candidate course which welcomes seminary students into the Air Force as future chaplains. So, to be ready for the course in July I had to work a couple of days for the Air Force. It looks like our class retreat will be at Southern Seminary, my alma matter. One of the things I appreciate most about my Air Force ministry is the collegial friendships that I have with other priests, rabbis, and pastors. There are two Catholic priests at the college who have given me some insight and suggestions for my upcoming trip to Rome. Father Dan Sweeney is a Jesuit Priest now teaching ... read more

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