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North America » United States » Oregon » Eugene July 25th 2007

Summer in Eugene. We made many new friends in Eugene, through couchsurfing, the local unschooling network, and the network for a new culture. Staying in Eugene was a community experience unto itself. Full of Heart!!!... read more
art in the yard
lil yacu gets tatooed!
Jas Kirit and Trinity make friends

North America » United States » Oregon » West Coast July 25th 2007

We're starting out this sail with a bit of a disappointment: Brother Dwight, from Arkansas, was leading us on for a bit that he might be joining us for this last leg. But his clients just need him too much. And they won't let us have him. Durn. But we're working on next year, when we can slap a patch behind his ear and get him out on the water. Our sail plan on this leg is pretty simple, if not particularly relaxing. We'll leave Newport as soon as the weather settles, and sail to Neah Bay, Washington. It's a passage of about 250 miles and will take us about 40 hours, assuming we make good a speed of 6 knots. We'll be sailing between 25 and 50 miles off shore, well beyond the 50 fathom ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 24th 2007

I'm sitting in Portland teeming with excitement because of my upcoming relocation to China. It's pretty much all that I can think/talk about these days. Almost every day, I tell people about it and every day I usually end up answering a standard set of questions. So, I figure that it would be a good idea to answer these once and for all. So here you go, the top 10 answers to the top 10 questions that I get asked about my trip: 1. Where are you going? I'm going to Nanjing, China. It's a small city of about 6 or 7 million people located at the mouth of the Yangtze in the Jiangsu province. For anyone who's interested, here's a link to Wikipedia's Nanjing entry. It should also be noted that on my way to ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Eugene July 24th 2007

We set sail once again! Harry, Shayla and I will get on the boat in Newport tomorrow (Wednesday, July 25). Harry and I are both so itchy to get back on the boat that we’ve had to stop scratching, for fear of making scabs. So unsightly. As of this afternoon, the weather is suggesting we may need to wait until Thursday to head out. Our original “plan” was to leave Wednesday around 3 in the afternoon. At any rate, the journey will begin tomorrow and we’re eager for that. We were able to take all three of our girls over to Newport a couple of weeks ago to show them the boat. We didn’t sail, but we did have lunch on board so I was able to gloat and preen over my enormous galley for ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Bend July 22nd 2007

When I finally left Crater Lake on thursday night, twilight bathed the forest and peaks in a calm blue light. After some curves through the forest, the road made an abrupt right turn. Ahead of me was 30 km of a downhill and lonely road, which I proceeded to test the maximum speed of my VW Golf yet again. 180 km/h was the maximum velocity, which had to save me at least 4 minutes on the 3 hour drive! For over 140,000 miles across the great American West this car has travelled, yet still it performed. I chain smoked cigarettes, burned through one after another like each one I smoked got me closer to enlightenment. I was exhausted and hungry by the time I got to Bend, but that didn't stop me from going to a ... read more
Obsidian Tree, Newberry Crater
Broken Top Mountain
Terminal Face of the Obsidian Flow

North America » United States » Oregon » Klamath July 22nd 2007

Faithful blog followers, our trip is nearing its end. So far we’ve covered 8,200 miles of North American highway. We have roughly 1,400 more miles before we reach our final destination…”Colorful Colorado”. Looking at the recent temps in Denver I’m guessing “Brown Colorado” is more accurate. Many great friends and pastimes await us in our hospitable home (Ultimate Frisbee, winter skiing…etc.). One can only imagine our legs our getting a bit “road weary” from the countless hours logged behind the wheel after six plus weeks on the road. As if 9,600 miles wasn’t enough for me (Ted) this summer, I’m going to fly to Milwaukee on Aug. 3rd to drive my car back to Denver and log another 1,000 or so miles. I’m beginning to wonder if a career as a trucker might be my ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon July 21st 2007

The Oregon Coast is just as beautiful as everyone said it would be. We took two days to drive the entire coastline, stopping overnight in the quaint, coastal town of Florence. Chong didn't take to the ocean like we thought he would. He's a land-locked dog at heart, I guess. We are now just outside of Redwood National Park, in Cresent City, CA. The weather has been dreary, but hopefully, now that we're in "Sunny California" it will take a turn for the better. Off to Redwood! ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 20th 2007

It's been awhile, and I have more thoughts and stories from AK which are forthcoming. But for now i'm just letting you all know i'm still alive and kicking, no bears got their paws on me and i'm back in the lower 48! (i left AK on the 1st of July but have been busy / lazy and haven't taken the time to create this post, I figure it's past due) I'm in Portland, OR...Hillsboro actually. I've decided to call this home for a bit, I rented an apartment here, so i guess i'll be growing some roots at least until the early part of 08...that by the way is really weird to write, the whole 2008 thing. Anyway, I have decided to actively pursue a job, possibly leading to career in the outdoor guiding arena. ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 20th 2007

After Stewart Springs, I ventured through the remaining miles of California. This is where a simple idea such as a "road trip" turns into something very different, where whole governments and people change while the landscape remains the same. It was almost like going uphill, the dry and expansive Pacific Coast I know in California became intimate and lush. The terrain was defined by forested hills and large but distant volcanos. My destination? The mythical National Park of Crater Lake. Crater Lake is easy to understand. Imagine a massive volcano much like Mt. Ranier- 4000 meters high and covered with glaciers- violently exploding. The hollow foundation of the giant then fills with the abundant snow of the North American Pacific Coast. Sheer 600 meter cliffs ring the surface of the lake, which is 1800 meters high. ... read more
Crater Lake Rim, Phantom Ship
White Pine Sunset
Fields of Gold

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 19th 2007

Last time we posted we were on our way back to Denali National Park. We spent two great nights in a cozy cabin just outside the park. We explored Denali and unfortunately, due to inclement weather, we were not able to see Mt. McKinley. Chances of seeing the mountain are pretty low because the mountain is so huge it actually creates its own weather patterns and is typically clouded over with fog. After that we chugged our way 2,700 miles from Denali to Seattle. To date we have logged 7,600 miles and have enjoyed every mile of it. We drove the whole Cassiar Highway from Alaska to Seattle (through British Columbia). It was a “highway” in the loosest sense of the word. The travel was slow and the road frequently went from asphalt to patchy ... read more

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