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North America » Canada » Ontario » Collingwood September 26th 2009

Dearest travel-blog checker-outters (if there are any of you left!), You may know that we are currently cycling in southern Ontario with The Otesha Project, performing theatrical environmental education as we go! Our group of 18 have been writing 'notes from the road' as we go - check it out HERE! There's pictures!!! Thanks for remembering this lil' blog of ours, Sharon and Mike... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Hanalei March 21st 2009

Doesn't it sound hardcore? Well, it wasn't so bad... We're alive... and so is the four year old kid we also saw clambering over the cliffs, so no need to worry! The pictures speak for themselves, so we'll let them do most of the talking... To sum it up: it was 25 miles (40kms) of cliff-side hiking through dense jungle, over sheer, rocky cliffs, and to a semi-permanent "hippie-colony" where naked people let it alllll hang out - a great hike, spread over four days. We were a little worried about it - The Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali coast - seeing its 9/10 Sierra Club difficulty ratings, and words used to described it including: treacherous, challenging, grueling, "one mis-step could be your last" etc - but it was not nearly as worrisome as we ... read more
approaching the WIDOW-MAKER
yet another valley

North America » United States » Hawaii » Big Island » Hilo March 16th 2009

Surreal doesn't even BEGIN to describe the awesomeness of trekking to the top of the world's largest active volcano - a 40 mile (64 kilometres to the Canucks) round-trip to over 13 000 feet and back again. Add in all of the factors contributing to its awesomeness - altitude sickness, total isolation (the only people within at least a 30 mile radius), the silence so deafening your ears ring, 2-3 feet of snow, severe winter weather warnings, climbing on hardened rivers of lava, and the only other people to attempt the climb when we did being rescued by a Search-and-Rescue helicopter.... and you can tell it was quite the trek!! Not only can we now brag that we've climbed to the top of the world's largest active volcano, but also the world's single largest mountain... but ... read more
pahoehoe lava
visibility: worsening

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui March 5th 2009

Aloha! (sorry, cheesy - I know) We didn't fall off the edge of the planet... we're just on the most isolated island chain in the world! After another wonderful visit with Mike's O-parents and a week of hiding out in their garden shed in the 55+ RV park (luxury accommodations, and we're not kidding!! It was a HUGE garden shed, big enough for us to stretch our legs out - and we got chair cushions to sleep on for a mattress, which beats our little half sleeping pad we usually share), we got on our airplane (aka shame-wagon) and flew to Honolulu, with absolutely no idea where we were going to sleep that night. Our first minor victory came when we were allowed to board TheBus (that's what it's called) despite our massive backpacks, and luggage ... read more
Waikiki Beach
beached whale

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans February 9th 2009

Well, we have a lot of news. The final leg of our bike trip is complete - we can now boast we've ridden from Edmonton, AB to Vancouver Island, BC to Tijuana, Mexico to Florence, Arizona, to NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. We haven't had a chance to write a blog in a lo-ong time and a lot has happened since then. If I remember correctly, we last wrote a blog on our way to the last state park of our entire trip (Sam Houston Jones State Park) - and it was an awesome park. Very swampy and Louisiana-y, it came complete with mysterious and eerie trees with moss clinging to every branch, turtles sunning themselves on rocks, hiking trails, and miles and miles of swamp. There's so much to say, I'm going to just mention everything in ... read more
Our farewell from Caliente
On the road again!
Roadrunner in New Mexico

North America » United States » Louisiana » Lake Charles January 22nd 2009

We left Texas, we left the Lazy Days RV Park, and we left the Hitchcock Public Library (the librarians were really starting to wonder about our constant presence) and we're back on the road! I'd love to say that we've cycled the whole way and camped in fantastic locations every night, but it's just not possible. We were limited to cycling on the Interstate in some places (aka the worst road in the history of time), and even when we were able to cycle on smaller highways we are constantly greeted with signs reading something like this: "Shoulder ends ahead".... not good news. Or it just ends, without even a friendly warning. Texas likes to do this thing where everytime there's an intersection, railway tracks, or a tree, it likes to build a REALLY BIG bridge. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston January 17th 2009

ONWARDS, to New Orleans.... Wallet: still gone Winds: still strong Weather: still chilly Spirits: HIGH!! That's all for now!!... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Galveston January 14th 2009

Well. Here we are in Hitchcock, Texas and I can't lie and say we're not in need of a little encouragement. Facing snow, thumb-tack like thorns that could be more accurately described as daggers, frigid winds, sub-zero temperatures and miles and miles of nothingness in New Mexico, we made the decision to bypass part of Texas by hopping on the Amtrak in El Paso and taking it to Houston. Unfortunately, "hopping on the Amtrak" proved to be a little more difficult that was hoped. But I'll backtrack a bit, to where our troubles really began. Last update we had just cycled a marvelous 76 miles, over spectacular landscapes and in beautiful weather with a excellent tailwind. We woke up the next morning, cycled about 4 miles, and got 4 flat tires all at once and spent ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona January 4th 2009

Sharon: Well, we're on the road again!! Christmas: We spent 13 nights (yes, THIRTEEN) living the life in Florence at the Caliente RV Park with Mike's Oma and Opa. I had a lovely visit with my mum, the three of us shared a trailer, we met lots of new friends, and even saw snow on the cacti. Christmas (and my birthday) was fantastic, though we did miss the rest of our friends and families up north. I even got a birthday cake, at a gathering of a bunch of fellow Caliente residents. We were sad to leave the company of Mike's grandparents (o-parents?) as we had a truly fantastic time visiting, playing cards, walking, and drinking with them! They even threw us a farewell party in the backyard with 15 of our new friends! We have ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona December 27th 2008

Mike: A quick update since Mexico: We are alive, even though Sharon got hit by a car (don't worry, she's fine). She also got in a verbal confrontation in the dune-buggy haven of Glamis with a grumpy old bugger. This was right after we slept in a US Navy live aerial missile bombing range, not deliberately, of course. Cycled into Blythe and got tipsy during happy hour (aka a cooler of beer on the counter) at the local watering hole (the country bait-and-tackle shop), where we stayed the night. Crossed the border, entering the desert that is Arizona and were holed up in Quartzsite with rain. Lots of it. And it was cold. Who would have thought it... Had a wonderful 22nd birthday in the 'Horsepilality RV Park' in Wickenburg, mainly because of a delicious vegan ... read more
These are the grates we're talking about
Sunset over the aerial bombing range

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