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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Parksville September 24th 2008

Sharon: Can't believe we made it here! Last update, we were sitting in Scott's hotel in Kamloops, tired and sore (I'm pretty sure the injuries on my bottom are what most people would call "saddle sores") and completely oblivious to the mountain ranges we were going to be confronting the next day. And I thought the Rockies were the force to be dealt with! We started off day 11 by pushing our bikes up the formidable hill that makes up the other side of the valley in Kamloops - it only took us, say, maybe 3 hours! Ugh. Whoever commented that we were going to have massive leg muscles but no arm muscles to mention after such a long bike trip should really try pushing a rather heavy bike loaded with close to 100 pounds of ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Kamloops September 19th 2008

Mike: We finally caved - checked into a (cheap) motel in Kamloops and enjoyed the first shower in 10 days. Needless to say, we needed it... Today we biked 125km - the farthest in a day so far! The road was quite wild, perhaps adding to our motivation of getting to Kamloops. The morning was great - a quick nearly all downhill jaunt down to Little Fort from Clearwater - but the uphills soon appeared, and the shoulder almost disappeared. We biked for 7.5hours... which started to wear on the nerves due to all of the logging / industry trucks passing us - loud, stinky, and close enough to touch. That's not even mentioning the hundreds of oversize load trucks on the two-lane mountain road... The landscape has changed drastically since we first arrived in BC ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 14th 2008

Sharon: We're in Jasper! We rolled in (actually, cycled up) to the town of Jasper this morning (Day 6). We went extra far yesterday to make it to Snaring River campground, which to our great relief, as we were cycling down a less used mountain road as night set in, was an actual campsite. Unfortunately, despite our best attempts at being honest, we couldn't find any way to pay this morning so we're officially freeloading hippies. Things have been great so far! Highway noise is the new silence and wind is my new biggest pet peeve, as it is ALWAYS in the wrong direction. We've cycled over 400km so far (plus 10km of cheating when it was getting dark and we got a ride to the next campground near Hinton from a nice man named Larry). ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 9th 2008

Sharon: We're ready to go. New stuff - minimized. MEC - minimized. Old stuff - maximized. BIKES! 1970s 10—speed “Free Spirit” bikes found (in a neighbour’s shed) and tuned by Sharon’s Dad Rear (and us) 1 rack each 2 rear saddlebags each with rain covers Handlebar bag each with raincovers 3 water bottle holders each Helmet each 1 pair cycling gloves each Bicycle horn (Sharon) and bell (Mike) Bike lock each Reflectors (lots!) Speedometre/trip metre Bike Lights - 2 each Tools 2 spare tubes Tire patch kit Adjustable crescent wrench Other small wrench Multi-tool with pliers Multi-tool with scissors Tire levers Zip ties Electrical tape Chain/cable lube Tire pump 1 screw-it 1 washer and 1 nut Camping Gear 2 person tent 2 air mattresses (600 grams each!) and repair kit 2 super warm sleeping bags 1 ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta September 1st 2008

We're leaving in 5 days!! We're moved out of our apartment and have sold everything we wanted to sell (except the damn car... any buyers?!) My poor mum who thought I was finally all moved out has all my "stuff" plus some stored in her basement now. Moving out was a great chance to get rid of all the random clutter that seems to take over our lives. There's still some junk that I just can't rid of (a broken ski pole basket for example), but I think we made a pretty good dent. it feels great to finally be free of our stuff. We may not have a mortgage or a kid or a dog, but all our furniture was really starting to feel like it was tying us down! We're free now and I've ... read more

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