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30th December 2009

hi , my name is parham . i am a geologist in tarbiat modares university.it was so beautiful .answer please. i am waiting for your reply
24th March 2009

Found both of you in the pictures. What a trip and congrats to both of you
17th March 2009

Congrats - not many can say they have conquered the Mauna Loa trek! We've read that the state of Hawaii has 21 of the world's 22 climatic zones - how many have you hiked through already? Trust your punished body parts have forgiven you and are healing well. Being in paradise will certainly accelerate your recovery. Keep enjoying!
17th March 2009

Having fun I see. What is next for you two, and wen is this supposed homecoming? Can't wait
8th March 2009

It looks like you are having so much fun....without me. I hope you feel that big empty hole that should be me and Justin on your guy's cosy family vacation!!! :) JJ. Hope you are having fun and Mike SHAVE OFF THAT DAMN BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to have the worst tan line in history when you come back and join civilization!
6th March 2009

Into the wild
Dude that one pic looks like Christopher McCandless plus crazy tan lines....... but your still a handsome man.
23rd January 2009

What a trip
Hi Mike and Sharon - which one of you is doing the writing on the blog???? You are impressive which everone it is. I borrowed Kerry's notebook and your blog was there. What a trip- at one point in the back of the pickup did you think - what are we doing - will we ever been seen again. Our life just seems so mundane after reading your adventures. We shall sit and read of your adventures and freeze our butts off. Shandra and Doug says Hi - they are as boring as me!!!!! love you take care love Gin
20th January 2009

yeah !
Glad to hear the spirits are once again high ! You will not be disappointed with New Orleans and Bourbon Street. Enjoy !
16th January 2009

Keep 'er goin'
Hey you two. Things are sounding pretty rough, and we're pretty sad to hear things aren't going as well as you'd like. Here's hoping the tailwind starts up and the weather stays good! Too bad I must say that you're stuck in Texas, but I'm sure if you tried hard enough there could be even worse places to be stuck. Stay safe, and hope those colds go away! Sean, Laura, and Ben
14th January 2009

Well ladies, things sound like they are really sucking at the moment and I'm sorry to hear it. Usually your posts are filled with teeny tidbits of wisdom and make me want to hit the road (not on bikes though, seriously, not my thing), but this one seems sad. Just look at this way guys, things have got to GET BETTER....... i knocked on wood right after that, just to be safe. Good luck guys! P.S. So is the plan to go to the Bahamas? P.P.S Matlock is way better hotel TV than Law and Order
13th January 2009

The Sign of Travel
Sharon, are you sure your birthday is Dec 25? Mike is definitely a Sag (Dec 18) and reading the excerpt below, we'd swear you are, too! "Sagittarians love nothing more than hitting the road in search of knowledge and adventure. The Archer needs to experience things firsthand in order to have a good time. Tales of monks in Tibet are useless unless the Archer can break bread with these learned men -- then and only then will it all make sense. Philosophers that they are, Sagittarians crave a journey of discovery. You'll never find these folks at Disneyland, since they'd much rather be muckraking in Bolivia or exploring the wilds of Mozambique. Once on the road, Sagittarians seek to expand their mind; if they can grasp the meaning of life along the way, even better. Travel and new experiences are very important to these folks and their sociable natures dictate that they should have fun while they're at it!"
6th January 2009

Snail Mail
Thanks for the post card- it only took a month to arrive. Think of all the miles you can cover in that time. Maybe the Posties should take up bike mail! Happy New Year...love Auntie Trish
5th January 2009

hey you guys. we dont know if you check your facebook much so i'll write here..lol...leah would like to say thanks for the nice postcard from mexico, but she would like to go on your next sunny vacation trip to get out of this cold weather she's been having...all in all...we'd like to say safe riding and we will ttyl
28th December 2008

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo!
Hey you two! Reading your journal is akin to being on the great adventure with you...well done! Happy Belated b-day, Michael...your cherry pie wouild rival even the fanciest bakery cake! Happy trails to come!
28th December 2008

And the experiences continue......
Mike and Sharon - what wonderful photos and great captions! But.....hit by a car! camping atop live ammunition! rifles as prizes! You are living more experiences and making more memories than anyone could have dreamed. Keep enjoying your adventures and stay safe, healthy and happy. Come home to prosaic Alberta fulfilled and in one piece!
21st December 2008

20th December 2008

Hey, met you all on the Island Hwy Oct 1
I knew you guys would make it but more importantly, your adventure is really something! (I can't find the right words here). You both can look back at this expirience for the rest of your lives. Almost spiritual but in a down to earth and honest sense. The world needs more people like you folks. If I had a big screen TV, I would trade it in for cases and cases of beans :) The other thing is that your blog gives enjoyment to us out here. More than you know. Thank you, Michael
12th December 2008

I am so proud of you two!!! Who knew you could make it in such a short time!!!! Good job guys (and girls)!!!! Hope you have as much fun on the rest of your adventure.
12th December 2008

hey Sharon! This is one of your fellow RCA embassadors! Just wanted to let you know that I have read a couple of your blogs and they sound just incredible!! I'm impressed with the initiative, drive, and innovativness you guys have showed. Sounds like an incredibly awesome trip and I think I may have to start planning something for myself. Your so right we get stuck in this career drive...I'm stuck in one now and let me tell you its not all its cracked up to be! haha So anyways job well done, also awesome job recording your time! Hope all is well and keep it up! take care
12th December 2008

meal do naidheachd!
12th December 2008

11th December 2008

I am so excited to read the summary of your trip, and hope it is only the first of many! It is amazing to see what two 21 year olds can accomplish in this day and age spoiled teenagers who have more money than brains. Just want to say congrats again from the Davies clan! We're all really proud of you!
11th December 2008

Congratulations! You did it! I'm glad to be the first? Am I the first? The stories you two have are great and are more of a thought experiment/hypothetical self reevaluation. Deep and entertaining, and it's made me a little jealous. SO Congrats, and I hope to see you guys soon, but not too soon.
11th December 2008

The photo with you and Barbara Striesand's star - priceless. Awesome.
11th December 2008

The photo with you and Barbara Striesand's star - priceless. Awesome.

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