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March 21st 2009
Published: March 22nd 2009
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Doesn't it sound hardcore? Well, it wasn't so bad... We're alive... and so is the four year old kid we also saw clambering over the cliffs, so no need to worry!

The pictures speak for themselves, so we'll let them do most of the talking...

To sum it up: it was 25 miles (40kms) of cliff-side hiking through dense jungle, over sheer, rocky cliffs, and to a semi-permanent "hippie-colony" where naked people let it alllll hang out - a great hike, spread over four days.

We were a little worried about it - The Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali coast - seeing its 9/10 Sierra Club difficulty ratings, and words used to described it including: treacherous, challenging, grueling, "one mis-step could be your last" etc - but it was not nearly as worrisome as we had thought. I wouldn't go running down the trail at night in a drunken stupor, but then I wouldn't think that would a great idea on your average sidewalk either.

The scenery was absolutely spectacularly breath-taking and the hot, (HOT!) humid temperatures made it a real jungle experience. Awesome!

We're leaving Hawaii on the 26th!! FIVE MORE DAYS!!! We'll be flying through Honolulu to Phoenix, back to the RV park to visit with Mike's grandparents... who coincidentally happen to be driving home to Alberta at the end of the month - and we'll be coming home with them! The company of Mike's Oma and Opa has been one of the highlights of the trip - and we can't wait to spend a few more days with them - especially if they let us stay in the garden shed!

You can surely expect another "concluding thoughts" blog, as I'm sure we won't be able to resist trying to somewhat eloquently answer the inevitable question: "So... what did you learn?"

See you all soon!

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heck no!
yet another valleyyet another valley
yet another valley

up, down, up, down, up, down...
The Na Pali CoastThe Na Pali Coast
The Na Pali Coast

only hikers (and boaters and aviators...) can see this!
watch yer step!watch yer step!
watch yer step!

this is why I told my mom about the hike afterwards...
one of many rainbowsone of many rainbows
one of many rainbows

yet, no leprechauns :(
one of many stream crossingsone of many stream crossings
one of many stream crossings

didn't fall once! well, Sharon did. But only once! And I suppose I technically fell three times, but who's counting?

can you spot him?
not too shabby!not too shabby!
not too shabby!

the mountains, anyways

a bush-ape!

sans backpack
Kalalau ValleyKalalau Valley
Kalalau Valley

camp! sand was everywhere... everywhere! And no, we didn't erect the Lord-of-the-fly-ish altar on the beach
the campsitethe campsite
the campsite

minus the 'locals' who live in the bush and are even more bush-ape-ish than Mike
Robinson Crusoe?Robinson Crusoe?
Robinson Crusoe?

minus the goat huntin' (even though there were many to choose from)

perhaps the trail was a bit fear-inducing
sorry ladies, this stud isn't for sale!sorry ladies, this stud isn't for sale!
sorry ladies, this stud isn't for sale!

and gentlemen, for that matter

can you spot her?

24th March 2009

Found both of you in the pictures. What a trip and congrats to both of you

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