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North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 7th 2010

Here are some photos of Oregon. The deep blue lake is at Crater Lake National park near Bend while the waterfalls are along the Columbia River highway, just East of Portland...... read more
Colours Like nowhere Else - Crater Lake, Oregon
Lightening Fast
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 7th 2010

July 7, 2010 I am in the car, on my way to San Fransisco! I am so excited for Jen and Stew’s wedding. It will also be nice to see my brother and Vish, and of course Stewart and Jen. I know this is going to be a super fun weekend, however, first I have to deal with some minor appearance issues. Mainly my dirty dirty feet. All this camping and car driving, is not good for ones appearance or feet. Crater Lake was beautiful. You need to check out the pictures. The roads were still snow covered in the southeast part of the park, so we weren’t able to drive around the whole lake. There was snow at our campsite. There was also a mosquito party. Justin called it Mosquito Lake. It was a minor ... read more
Seattle and Crater Lake 012
Seattle and Crater Lake 013
Seattle and Crater Lake 014

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 6th 2010

As you can imagine, after the night I had last night, I was a little slow risin' and shinin' this morning. I am seriously getting too old for that mess and eventually I'm gonna realize it ! Tim was being so sweet to me this morning cause he knew my head was pounding and it was going to be a rough day for me. He made me some breakfast and I slowly began to gather my thoughts and once I had my shower I was good to go. I was excited about getting to tour the Harry & David factory here in Medford, OR so I got myself together and called to get our tickets. Oh no, I was so upset.........they were closed for the holiday until Thursday !! I can't believe it, I was looking ... read more
We just stopped and stared in amazement !
No streams run in or out of the lake so it's considered a closed ecological system.
Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 5th 2010

Monday July 5th Daily Information High temp: 74 Low temp: 34 Campground Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Highest Elevation: 8,780 above sea level Lowest Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Traveled 60 miles Departed 8:00 AM MDT Weather wonderful, very cool today, low humidity. Highlights Waited in line for 1.5 hrs for Crater Lake Boat Tour tickets, for noon departure Hiked 1.1 miles down to the dock and seemed like 11 miles up. Trail marked strenuous.. Great trip all around shoreline Saw Phantom Rock, Castle Rock, Pumice Rock, Wine Glass, and all the beautiful coves All in a setting of absolutely BLUE water Hiking back up there were 12% grades and difficult for the old folks We all got sunburned - PawPaw the most Ate at Annie's Creek at 3:00PM, we were starved and dehydrated Back to ... read more
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 5th 2010

Tim and I were still so pumped this morning about seeing the bear yesterday at Yosemite. That's the first thing we said to each other this morning, "Can you believe we saw a bear???". We were parked right beside a Jack In The Box so we thought we would try it for breakfast this morning. I ran over while Tim was getting ready and tinkering around the motorhome. The biscuits were really good but the coffee actually made Tim sick for most of the day. Just another reason why I don't drink coffee ! We really didn't have anything planned for today except to drive, ride and explore some towns between here and Bend, OR. We did want to go to Mt. Shasta before leaving California so we made our way over there. It's a beautiful ... read more
Shopping, shopping, shopping !
Alpaca farm in Jacksonville, OR
Snowball fight at Mt. Shasta in California

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 4th 2010

Sunday July 4th Daily Information High temp: 74 Low temp: 32 brrr Campground Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Highest Elevation: 8,780 above sea level Lowest Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Traveled 45 miles Departed 9:10 MDT Weather wonderful, very cool today, low humidity. Highlights Crater Lake is beautiful and over takes Teton NP for first place The blue of the lake is like no other we have seen (1900' deep) Visibility was also unlimited, we believe we saw the Pacific Ocean Wizzard Island in the lake is also a volcano FEET of snow everywhere the most we have seen on this trip Largest Mosquitoes we have seen on the trip also but not at the campsite just higher elevation, they must like the COLD We also have Mt. Bailey (big bad bailey) and Mt. Thielson watching ... read more
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 3rd 2010

Saturday July 3rd Daily Information High temp: 70 Low temp: 55 Campground Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Highest Elevation: 5,880 above sea level Lowest Elevation: 2,122 above sea level Traveled 365 miles Departed 9:10 MDT Weather wonderful, cool today, low humidity. Highlights Arrived Oregon 8:30PDT Cascade seen a 10:55PDT snow seen Onions, Wheat fields and a mushroom farm Lots of blue boxes (size of a small shed) in the field, don't know their use Crossed miles and miles and miles of nothing, the High Desert of Oregon Large Butte in the middle of nothing and looks like a volcano Stop for gas; gas attendant pumps it, the law in Oregon does not permit self service, they also do windows Arrived campsite at 4:45PDT, a wonderful setting on Diamond Lake near the entrance to Crater Lake NP ... read more
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake May 25th 2010

Crater Lake is still cloudy and snowing, but I can at least see the entire lake, which is all I need from this place. I do a quick snowshoe around the rim of the lake from the parking lot, maybe 2 miles round trip. Run into some others and we all attempt the trek to Discovery Point. The woman can't climb the steep slopes since she has skis, not snowshoes, so we give up and I head out of the park. Driving on, I stop at Klamath Falls at a photo shop and ask for a replacement camera battery, but he's all out of them. Eventually I cross back into California and drive towards the Trinity Alps to perhaps do some backcountry hiking/camping. By the time I arrive at the nearby ranger station, it's closed. I ... read more
The hike up to Castle Dome
Castle Dome
Castle Crags

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake April 30th 2010

From Bend we headed for South Oregon and Crater Lake National Park. We decided to buy some snow chains for our rental cars tyres (not that we knew how to use them). As we did not know what the road conditions would be like around the National Park, and we had seen signs along the way saying that snow chains were required. It was about a 2 hour drive from Bend and we could already see snow-capped mountains in the distance. We did not see as much snow along the sides of the roads as we had been expecting (much to Billy's relief). It was quite a scenic drive what with mountains and lovely pine trees and redwood forests. As we drove from Fort Klamath to Crater Lake, the roadside snow became steadily deeper. We arrived ... read more
Photo 12
Photo 11
Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake October 11th 2009

As promised, Terry and I returned to the head rock with pedestrian tunnel in Oceanside, OR. And yes we both made it through, as the photo testifies. We enjoyed the private beach at the end of the tunnel. Our thanks to the Rosenberg family who started digging it in 1926 just so they could enjoy that beach! On our road trip by car we discovered the Sea Lion Caves between Florence and Newport. We descended 200 feet by elevator to watch what appeared to be 200 sea lions on a rock roaring loud enough to be heard a mile away. We took a beachside hike where we found Cook's Chasm and a blow spout, both caused by tidal erosion. The tidal pools provided homes for many ocean critters. The hike led us to a coffee house, ... read more
Terry Tackle Tunnel
Oregon coastline chasm
Haceta Head Lighthouse

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