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Dana Gump

Europe July 22nd 2011

Roma:  Day 2 I literally woke up today and said this "things aren't going to go how we want them to today". Little did I know.   We pre bought vatican tickets online, and in doing this you can jump the line here as well.  This was awesome, as by 9:00 am the line was around the block.  Once our appearance was approved, we were granted entrance to the Vatican.  Our first stop, the museums.   The wealth of the catholic church is sickening yet impressive.  The museum itself is so massive there is no way to get through it all in even 2 days yet alone a morning.  Rick steves didn't have an audio tour to help us find the "good stuff"so we just breezed through it.  Lots of statues, Egyptian pieces, tapestries, pieces of ... read more

Europe July 21st 2011

Roma: Day 1 Arriving in Rome wasnt as easy as we would have liked.  The bus station in paris was a shit show, as they over sold the bus tickets, leaving many travelers waiting for later buses.  The panicked crowd, all running and shoving there way onto each arriving bus, screaming in various languages, included Justin and I. Once we finally boarded our bus, we were stuck in traffic that only those from dc can sympathize with.  Now, it was blatantly obvious we were going to miss our flight to Rome.    Once we finally did arrive to the Paris-beauvais airport (which for the record is nowhere near Paris) we were left at the wrong terminal.  So with our super heavy backpacks we booked it to the other side of the airport.  We arrived at the correct ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 20th 2011

The extent of my French ran out at "trois", and so the name of this blog is the next foreign language I could speak, Spanish.... At a complete loss of words, instead of just speaking English to the waiters, or shop owners, I instead, choose to speak Spanish... This happened more times than I can tell you. Whatever the logic is, I don't know, but I always received a very puzzled look from whomever I am speaking to. So, if the mission of my stay in France was to leave liking red wine, mission accomplished. In fact, before I write any more, I am going to have another glass. Tonight, we are headed to Rome. I am looking forward to this, as it has only been 55 degrees here every single day. It has also rained, ... read more
the Louvre
Looking Like Dorks

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 17th 2011

So I haven't been able to completely keep up with my blog. I blame it on the introduction of wine to my travels. We've been taking things slow here and I've been catching up on the loss of sleep during Iceland. It gets dark here around 10:30, so that helps with the sleeping, so does the wine. Basically we are enjoying the luxury of having Jen and Stewart show us around. We've eaten and drank very well, choosing to go to the markets for groceries and cooking ourselves. The wine is great and believe it or not, I am actually drinking a red wine as we speak. More so, I'm actually liking it! When we arrived in paris on Friday we were all pretty beat. Saturday we had reservations in Burgundy to do some wineries. Unfortunately ... read more
Photo 3
First Croissant
Photo 5

Europe July 14th 2011

Day 2: Iceland  I woke up yesterday morning to a day with a lot of promise.  No real set plans, other than to spend the night in Reykjavik.  We had a rental car, a beautiful, sunny day, and Iceland to explore.  We browsed the guide book and decided to hit a large waterfall destination, along with a few geysers.  We would leave Isafjordur and head further north and west, seeing the remainder of the fjords we weren't able to see on our way up.  Then we would head south back to reykjavik, cutting east to see the geysers.  This route proved to be very circuitous and slow, and though I love rocks, even I have seen enough glacially carved inlets to last me a while.  The waterfall was called dynajandi and was absolutely breath taking, just ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe July 13th 2011

Day 1: Iceland  So I have never tried to get a good nights sleep in broad day light.  It is almost impossible. I even had two beers and didn't sleep a wink on the plane ride here to try and adjust!  Seemingly, that should be enough to do it, but the sun, though it has set, continues to light up the sky.... I'm in Inasfjordum right now, a place I can't even say.  We are in the part of iceland they call the West Fjords.  As Stewart put it, we could pee in the arctic circle.   I'd prefer to skip stones there...the thought of submerging any part of my body in that water-even to pee- is terrifying.   It is cool though to be this far north, with the exception of the sun thing.  Our ... read more
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Photo 5

Europe » Iceland » Southwest July 12th 2011

What it is about Stewart and Jen, I don't know, but since we met them, they have somehow been a catalyst to ensure Justin and I have amazing summer vacations. Last summer it was our drive around the United States, largely for the purpose of attending their wedding in California. While most of our friends took an airplane there, Justin and I opted for a more leisurely mode of transportation...the automobile. While last summer it was radio blaring, windows down kind of fun, this trip will be entirely different. In fact, the automobile will be our most rare form of transportation for the next 2.5 weeks. Instead, we will be walking, training (railing?) and flying. None of which involve the radio blaring... What it will involve is spending 1 week with Jen and Stewart touring Iceland ... read more

July 23, 2010 Yesterday was the hairiest day of my trip. I made several consecutive bad decisions that led to a minor freak out. Of course, I had no way of knowing what was going to happen, but I probably should have just planned it a wee bit better. Bad decision #1—sleeping in until 11am, and not leaving Vegas until around 1pm. Bad decision #2- cancelling my camp reservations at the Grand Canyon Bad decision #3- still deciding to go the North Rim of the Grand Canyon Bad decision #4- not calculating my route to the North Rim prior to departure. Bad decision #5- still insisting we can make the Grand Canyon prior to dark. So all of these bad decisions were added to a bunch of unforeseen circumstances that I probably should have forseen given ... read more
Zion, Grand Canyon 002
Zion, Grand Canyon 003
Zion, Grand Canyon 004

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 21st 2010

July 21, 2010 On our drive to Vegas, we stopped by Joshua Tree National Park. That place is just weird. The rocks are weirdly shaped, the trees are weirdly shaped and the place is desolate. So much of this country is desolate, it is rather unbelievable. Joshua Tree was cool in a sense that it was interesting to look at. It wasn’t cool in a temperature sense at all. In fact, it was so hot, I wouldn’t even let my mom out of the car to take pictures. She had to do it through the windshield so none of the air conditioning left the car. The place was a desert, with weird rocks and weird trees, I wouldn’t go back, but I’m glad I saw it. The coolest part was that I got to see San ... read more
Joshua Tree, Las Vegas 002
San Andreas Fault
Joshua Tree, Las Vegas 005

The details of this event can not be put to words. We arrived at 3:15 and were able to secure spots along the security fence across Hollywood Blvd. With no press and paparazzi, we were easily able to see the red/black carpet and the entry way to the theater. We were actually positioned directly across the street from the entry way. The stars would pull up to the far right of the theater, walk the carpet along the side walk across the street from us, then turn right into the theater. You can see the roped off area from my pics. At 7:00pm, Jon Voight entered. At 7:30, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shocked everyone. Instead of pulling to the right of the theater, their motorcade pulled to the left. They walked HOllywood Blvd, greeting fans ... read more
Salt Premiere, Chinese Theater
Jon Voights Car
Jon Voight

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