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North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 26th 2020

I just glanced at this list of over and underrated attractions in each state. It was shocking, in a state as diverse as California, that two theme parks were selected. Overrated was Disneyland, and underrated was Legoland. I guess they forgot about the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, Yosemite, the beaches on the Pacific Ocean, and Lake Tahoe. Even worse, they picked two of my favorite places in Arizona. They (Far and Wide) think the Grand Canyon is over rated, and Sedona is underrated. Both are simply beautiful. Do they realize how magical my first trip to Disneyland was when I was about 10 years old? Legoland did not exist back then! And if you ask any foreigner, where they want to visit on their very first visit to the US, both Yosemite and the Grand ... read more
Indy 500
French Quarter
Seattle Space Needle

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 17th 2020

We woke up to a much more promising day at Crater Lake National Park. Now that the snow has stopped and the fog has lifted, the view from our lodge room is stunning. We can see Wizard Island from our window! Crater Lake used to be a large mountain. Actually, scratch that, it was (and is) a large volcano! After it erupted a few thousand years ago, it collapsed into a crater. It was still active, and one of the resulting cinder cones is what we now see as Wizard Island. The crater filled with fresh water from the rain and snow, and that water is actually extraordinarily deep. One of the signs we read said that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in all of North America! One of the cinder cones is tall enough ... read more
Sasquatch got Oliver!
From the patio at Crater Lake Lodge
Adding Yak Tracks to our Shoes

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 16th 2020

We’re at Crater Lake! The national park greeted us with fog and snow. It’s cold (there is a high of 37 degrees), and the fog became so thick that we could only see about 30 feet in front of us while we drive. There’s no hope of seeing the lake today, I’m afraid! That said, the snow-covered trees are beautiful. We’re staying at Crater Lake Lodge, and it looks picturesque, like it belongs on a Christmas card. The problem with that is that it’s June, not December! When I read the forecast for the national park before we left, Crater Lake National Park was supposed to have highs in the 60s and low 70s. The nights looked cold, and I knew some of the park was still under snow, so I packed snow boots, snow pants, ... read more
Crater Lake National Park Lodge
Great Views of the Fog!
Our Family at (foggy) Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 5th 2018

Oregon. 2018. Garibaldi Day 4 Why does America have to have vehicles with the biggest, noisiest engines? Whether it is a modest sized car, pickup truck or lorry they have a V8 engine making the loudest roar ever, which makes a Subaru Impreza on heat seem like a whisper. The day started well with a short ride into Astoria along a cycleway into town alongside a disused railway by the coast. We then took Highway 101 south over the bridge from Astoria and were deafend to distraction. The occasions we were able to take a side road, like the one to Seaside,were a blessing. Here we saw the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail if 1806. By the time we had lunch at Canyon Beach the traffic was becoming lighter and it was a tad ... read more
Cycleway in Astoria.
Deborah the waffle queen.
Gearhart fire station.

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 29th 2017

blog 09-29-17 Crater Lake Tour It was really cold this morning 37 degrees and the electric heater had to work overtime to keep it 65 inside. The dogs ran out and in very quickly and we bundled up to take them for walks after breakfast. Ginnie and I had to leave by 10 am to get to the Trolly stop by 11:30 so we layered our clothes, carried jackets and hats and headed out. We were 2 miles down the road when Ginnie spotted a bear in the road ahead. It was a small black bear and when he saw us he crawled under the guard rail and was gone in a flash. Ginnie got his picture, I was driving and had the wrong exposure for the first shot, the second all you can see are ... read more
Crater Lake from the Ridge Lodge, love the clouds
Wizard Island
Once a photographers studio, now a Junior Ranger program headquarters

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 28th 2017

blog 09-28-17 Bend/Sundance, OR to Diamond Lake, OR The campground in Bend (27 miles south) was terrific and we were both sorry we were only staying one night. But it is definately on the list for the next visit, and yes there will be another visit. I want to stay in this area for at least 2 weeks the next time I come, lots to see and do. Heading south on 97 we found a grocery store that had most everything we needed and after shopping we continued on. Rt 138 took us west for longer than I thought but the scenery was gorgeous. Tall pine trees all along the road that I was begging for a break from to snap a picture of this mountain that was just to our right. I was so busy ... read more
our campsite
fall here too
the 3 mts again in the morning light

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake July 18th 2017

Mileage 280.7 Today was a first for us. On our two previous trips we never stayed at a hotel for 2 nights, but Bend was centrally located and it worked for us. It felt great to get up and not to have to pack up and take the suitcases with us. Last night’s hotel night was my Chase Marriott credit card free night and tonight’s is points. Yes, we like the free nights. We got up and ate breakfast then packed our day packs and hit the road early. We tried to stop at the lava cave on the way out but it wasn’t opened yet, so we headed on to Crater Lake. I was back seat so that I could finish up the pictures to the blog and get it posted. Then my job was ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 9th 2015

So after Vicks said in the last blog about how lucky we were with the weather, this seemed to upset the Gods that night and it properly peed it down. Absolute buckets. The tent stood up to it but we got very little sleep. We left Olympic NP very early (still raining) and headed down towards the coast of Oregon. I was pretty excited as we were going to stop in Astoria to see The Goonies house. We were running low on cash and decided to pull in at a drive through ATM in a pretty bleak looking place, called Aberdeen, only for our card not to work. It got worse too, we spent 50mins on hold to Halifax to get the card working only to get cut off. Anyway we decided we should sort it ... read more
Happy with saltwater taffy at Seaside
Cannon Beach
Oregon coast

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 23rd 2015

...took us to Crater Lake National Park. This was the first time we used our America the Beautiful Pass. We just had to stop long enough to accept a park map and info guide from the ranger and we were off to the rim. Towing a 5th wheel behind us was at times a bit hairy on the twisty mountain road. We discovered that the parking lots at the viewpoints are not 5th wheel friendly. We found a large enough turn-out that we could park in across from The Watchman viewpoint. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful lake. The shade of blue is stunning. The turquoise of the shallows along the shore, amazing. Our next stop along the West Rim was Rim Village where they have actual RV parking (maybe 8 stalls, many of which were occupied ... read more
Crater Lake center
Crater Lake right
Crater Lake from Rim Village

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake August 21st 2014

Head south to see the Rogue River Gorge. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable walk along the river. Our next stop is The Natural Bridge trail. Another easy walk along the Rogue to see a bridge formed by a lava run later to become a natural lava rock tunnel that the water runs under for about 20 FT. Headed back to Crater Lake to complete the rim drive around the West Rim. If ever here be sure to watch the 22 minute movie at Steel Visitor Center. We searched for wildflowers on the Castle Crest Trail but as seen on photos we missed the blooming season. We stopped at a couple of overlooks on our way back to camp. After dinner we drove back to Crater Lake for star gazing. By 10:00 PM nothing breathtaking ... read more
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PICT0005 - Copy
PICT0006 - Copy

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