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North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland June 22nd 2014

Another traveling day, headed to Ashland. We are staying in Ashland for just one night, planning to catch one of the plays in town. Ashland is known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We enjoyed a drive thru yet another kind of landscape, enjoying the grassy hillsides, when we saw a para-sailor. We stopped the car and notice another, then another, then another....20-30 and looked like one jumping of the mountain top every minute or so. Beautiful to watch. When we passed thru Jacksonville a banner over the mainstreet explained it was the para-sailor's national championship competition. It was pretty hot so we grabbed some ice cream at a shop we had noticed when we had dinner when staying in Gold Hill. We got to Ashland mid-day and thought it best to go down and buy ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland February 15th 2013

Geo: 42.1947, -122.708The next morning we checked out of the hotel, grabbed coffee and meandered downtown. We stopped in shops, and then walked into the Black Sheep, which served ELEVENSES! The little hobbit inside of me was squealing with joy. I don't think I was super hungry but I found the room for more food! Bring on the Strongbow with lime 'n ginger (a delicious concoction of theirs), bring on the Shepherd's Pie, and the Scotch Eggs! Yes do bring on the fresh baked scone with clotted cream and jam! And of course bring out the Cornish Pasty! We were stuffed as hell.We walked over to Lithia Park to burn a few of the billion calories we'd just consumed. We had only briefly glimpsed this park the day before. Turns out this park is ginormous, very ... read more
Hotel Lobby
Ashland Springs Hotel
The Black Sheep

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland February 14th 2013

Geo: 42.1947, -122.708We got up at 7am, and I think I slept maybe 4 hours. This is only an issue for us because we were working night shift at the time. So, we went into this experience exhausted. We got up early for the breakfast buffet (which actually really nice!) that the hotel offered. We carbed up for the impending workout. Then we drove up the mountain to the ski area. It was cloudy as heck down in the town, but clear blue skies high up above where the snow was. Chris was convinced he'd be a damn pro at snowboarding. I'd already been three other times in previous years and was quite content to never do it again. But I did it for Chris. Because he was sure he'd love it and would take to ... read more
Hotel Lobby
Getting Breakfast
Breakfast Time- Fuelin Up for Pain

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland January 17th 2013

That was a long drive, and tomorrow's is even longer. We safely arrived in Ashland, OR around 7pm and have been relaxing since. Honestly, I don't know how I would have done the drive without book on ipod: The Lost Olympian by Rick Riodan. I know Casey appreciated it as well, considering he had nothing better to do on the car ride. We started out nice and early this morning (yes, 8am is early), and stopped to eat lunch at a mall. We promptly packed all of the food we were going to use and brought it into the food court, my brilliant idea of course to avoid the cold weather outside and the need to buy anything to be able to eat somewhere. After that, we moved on, going our merry way with nice frost ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland April 23rd 2012

One of the best couchsurfing experiences I've ever had, if not The Best. Staying with the Machala family has been a busy, loving, and fun filled experience. From homemade meals, to kiddy and kitty love, to tons of sunshine, I have been having full 12+ hr days. One day in the life of the Machala's feels like a week chalked full of enjoyable activities. I also feel I've been in boot camp just trying to keep up with them all. It's been an adventure filled with ladies nights, hot springs, live shows, early morning runs, snowboarding, mushrooming, lots of cooking and family dinners, crafts, snuggling, lake swims, canoeing, dancing, and getting to soak up the beauty and laughter of family life. Such great memories here it's hard to say goodbye... Until I see them again... because ... read more
morning activites
the guest room
Mt. Shasta

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland August 19th 2011

Today, I saw something unusual. While packing my car to drive downtown, I saw two backpackers cross the inn driveway. I took a look where they came from, and saw a sign for the Pacific Crest Trail, the same trail I encountered on Mount Rainier (see ). Turns out, the trail summits Mount Ashland and then passes right next to the inn. It’s signed so subtly that most people don’t notice it. The drive down to Ashland really shows the benefits of mountain skills. The road down the mountain is curvy with a continuous downgrade. As noted yesterday, it has great views of the surrounding area, including Mount Shasta in California. In low gear, one can safely drive the entire road while barely hitting the brake! The road reaches the interstate right at the crest of ... read more
Mount Ashland rock veins

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland August 18th 2011

Rafting the Upper Klamath Today, I rafted the Klamath. This river has very unusual geology. The source is a large swampy area in southern Oregon. Most of the swamps have been turned into fields; the remainder is crucial bird habitat. From there, it flows into a narrow and steep canyon through the Cascade Mountains, before emptying into the Pacific. The Klamath has a wide and flat source and a very narrow mouth, reversing the usual pattern. Those swamps make river travel more hazardous; all the organic matter in the river turns the water brown and hides rocks. The Klamath is one of only two rivers that pass completely through the Cascades, along with the Columbia. The Columbia carved its gorge th... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland August 8th 2011

On the Road with Ivy and Grace It's August and my RV's thermostat says to head north. Grace and I took three truckloads of gear back to the RV and headed north from Morgan Hill. This time, we’re not alone. We’re taking Grace’s niece Ivy with us. Ivy just graduated college in Taiwan and wants to practice her English before getting a job. In her first 7 weeks here, she’s learned a few choice words like nasty, VD and wussy. She’s reluctant to say worse words, but we’ll have here cussing like a plumber before she heads back in September. On Saturday, we spent $150 on diesel before the truck overheated above Redding, CA. With the temperature at 96 degrees in the shade, it wasn’t hard to overheat our Allison transmission over 200F. We stopped ... read more
Nestea Plunge 1
Nestea Plunge 2
Nestea Plunge 3

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland July 29th 2011

It comes up so quickly in this work for me, being completely aware in a very young state. I have questions around how to best serve this when it comes out. Here, I am very alive, but often very afraid. In Hakomi, we practice safety and techniques to work with child states, to know when they are emerging and how to roll with them, be with them. The method in full session form is a precise, elegent, non-violent channel to “evoke” and work with these states. What we are doing is re-accessing, and re-wiring neural circuits by moving through patterns that were perhaps not wired to their best use early on. Changing brain patterning is no easy ride and yet if it is necessary for a person, there is no other way. My infant circuits are ... read more
Ashland Becoming Evening
Cake Layer Color
View from the Post Office Steps

North America » United States » Oregon » Ashland July 20th 2011

We drove throuh Ashland, Oregon and stopped at College of Siskiyous in Weed, Oregon. This is near Mt. Shasta- 14,000 feet. Left packet of information for Renata in community education. It is a small community, but we might be able to do Clinical Medical Assistant because they have a nursing program. We also drove through the Siskiyous moutain range and over Lake Shasta. The drive through the mountain pass was spectacular. We are on our way to Napa headquarters - 380 miles.... read more
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Oregon to California 010

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