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North America » United States » Ohio » Canton June 1st 2019

The Lake Express car ferry is a great way to by-pass the Chicago/Indiana corridor and all of its associated traffic. The ferry leaves at the early hour of 6:00 AM out of Milwaukee which allows for a fair amount of riding left in the day. However, the need to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before departure which allows for time to apply the 4 tie downs to secure the bike, makes for an early start to the day. The 75 mile ride across the lake takes about 2 1/2 hours + an hour of time change by the time you reach Muskegon, MI. Today the seas are nearly flat so the ride should be a smooth one. I have about 380 miles to cover my route to Canton, Ohio. As expected the ferry ride was indeed ... read more
The Racine Legion
Ring V
The Hall

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton May 17th 2018

I’ve completed my 5th week on my travels. I’m in Canton, OH to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I really enjoyed my visit. They had a Football card collection, several exhibits on time perioDDS, dominate teams, equipment, records, and of course the Bust of all the enshrined members. The videos throughout the Hall were well done.... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton August 3rd 2016

And from here on out, I'm not really doing anything touristy. I'm having lunch with an old friend today in Lexington, staying with a pair of old friends in Middlesboro, and then seeing some new friends in Knoxville on Thursday. This will likely be my final blog for this trip, though I haven't ruled out doing a wrap-up on Friday before putting this trip to rest. That being said, yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind, since I planned to visit 3 college stadiums and a presidential site on top of driving a total of 5 hours and get to a baseball game by 7PM. I left my hotel in Cleveland just after 8AM and headed to the first 2 colleges: Kent State and Akron. They're less than 15 miles apart, so it was an easy ... read more
Dix Stadium at Kent State
InfoCision Stadium in Akron, OH
In Canton, OH

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton June 4th 2011

My main goal for today is one of the most important places on the entire trip. I’m an NFL fan. Thanks to Tivo, I am no longer glued to my couch every fall Sunday, but I still watch plenty of games. Early on, I knew that the Pro Football Hall of Fame was a must see. Akron Art Museum Before I get there, I had another art museum. The Akron Art Museum in some ways is a complement to the Butler from yesterday. It also specializes in modern American Art, but it has more art from before 1960 than the Butler Museum. Between them, they cover all American Art trends of the last 150 years. The Akron museum is spread over two buildings. One is a neoclassical edifice that used to be the post office. The ... read more
Jim Thorpe
First paid player
Jim Thorpe's Cape

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton August 14th 2010

Yesterday we dropped Karlie off at Doggie Day Camp again, (she just loves it!) and headed to Canton for the NFL Hall of Fame. It didn't disappoint. Too bad that we weren't there last weekend when they enshrined the class of 2010. Who knows maybe we could have met Emmitt Smith or Jerry Rice? Anyhoo, seeing as I am a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, I was in my element. You will notice that most of the pictures are of the Dolphins. (yeah Storm!) Sorry to those of you who don't like them but hey, I had control of the camera so too bad. (HA!) Seriously, I loved the dolphins when I was a little kid in grade school. Back when Griese was Quarterback and they had Csonka, Warfield, and Kiick. They were a dominating force and ... read more
NFL Hall of Fame & Us 2
Oldest Football Uniform
Oldest Football

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton June 13th 2010

Weds 9th June. Woke up to thunder and it was chucking it down! So I did all my coaching indoors with the lil kids. In the afternoon, me and my family and some of the other coaches all went to the Pro American Football Hall of Fame. It was really good and made me want to go and watch a live game!!!! My family are Pitsburg steelers fans - so I am now! The rain had finally stopped for my evening session so that sesh went went. Then afterwards, Patty (my host mother) took me to a Vegan restaurant! It was owned my Chrissie Hynde, the guitarist from the Pretenders. The food was so good! It was so good to have so much choice (everything was vegan on the menu!) I liked going there! Thurs 10th ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton June 13th 2010

This is the link to the article that I was quoted in: And this is the link to the photos : Photos should be below this paragraph!... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton June 8th 2010

8th June 2010! I'm staying with a lovely family in Canton this week - mum, dad, two sons and two daughters, and a rat-terrier dog! Their house is on a lovely cul-de-sac and it is massive! When I arrived on Saturday, all the soccer coaches stayed in a hotel in Cincinnati. A few of us went out that night to a bar in the middle of town, which was a good night to get to know everyone again. Sunday morning we set off driving to our destinations - mine and 4 others travelling to Canton, 4/5 hours away. I was handed the keys to drive so I was very nervous but driving was fine!! I swapped with another coach who also drove half the way. Then we met our families at the fields where camp takes ... read more

North America » United States » Ohio » Canton November 25th 2006

Hi Everyone. I still haven't got much to tell since our last entry as we are still without a car so this entry is mainly going to be photographs. I rang the Transmission shop today and the transmission still hasn't come in. Apparently after we paid Frank (at the shop) he had to order the transmission, the place he ordered it from then had to get it out of the car and then it had to be sent to us here in Ohio. Frank was expecting the transmission to come in today but the Thanksgiving holiday has put everything behind so we are expecting it in on Monday. We have our fingers crossed that it will actually be Ok to use as we won't know until Frank pulls it apart. The weather cleared up a few ... read more
Russ and the Frog
Just sitting around...
McKinley Memorial

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