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The third time's the charm, at least for my personal attendance with NC State. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about a week of firsts for me. Some of my faithful readers (or at least the ones who read last week’s post at Mercer) may be saying, “Hang on a minute. Weren’t you supposed to be at Oregon this weekend? Why are you in North Carolina?” That a fair question, and it has a painful answer. I left my wallet at home before I took the airport shuttle to ATL, and so I wasn’t going to be able to check into the hotels I had arranged. The airline was unhelpful, and I was going to have to book an entirely new flight after going back to Athens and then to the airport again, and ... read more
Plaza outside Carter Finley Stadium
Sun's getting real low
They do like their signs around here

This morning I woke to my alarm and it felt odd to wake up not near my K2C friends. We had breakfast—including banana walnut muffins!?—had our route meeting about the AH cause in Raleigh, loaded up the vans, I grabbed the stuff for the fundraiser tonight from the trailer, and hit the road. I helped Safety Nav Ryan as Jess got us pumped up with some awesome jams! It felt good to show up to the build site fired up and ready to work! The day promised to be a hot one so everyone applied their sunscreen as we signed in and heard about Wake County Habitat. It’s one of the largest and has grown even larger in the last 5 years. They build more homes than any of the other H4H we’ve encountered and they ... read more
Grouo meeting about Wake County H4H
Fun Facts!
Getting that siding!

Fayetteville to Raleigh This morning chore groups switched which means that the Ellies were back on cooler crew & I was assigned Sweep with Beth for our 81 mile day. Though the kitchen was small, we managed to pack up the coolers after everyone enjoyed a pow-wow breakfast in the youth room. We all discussed why we all woke up at 1am thinking it was time to leave and Noah even admitted to deflating his thermarest. Turns out it was bc of Magpie coughing and she ended up removing herself to the bathroom (& maybe slept there?!). Her sinus infection continues and is leaving a lingering cough as she annoyed with not being able to taste food. Hopefully she can get better (& some rest!) soon! After packing up the lunch van and route meeting, where ... read more
Lake dips fix anything!
Do these Pit Vipers make me look cool?!
Hoyle in all his glory!

/April 1, 2018Weather: 60s and sunny to 77 and sunnyStates: South Carolina to North CarolinaCity: Folly Beach to Raleigh... read more
Easter hunt
Even the big kids
Easter bunny pooped on the chair

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh November 29th 2017

We arrived after 10pm to the campground ⛺️ at Galveston Island State Park and the gate was locked ? and our name was not listed on the board of late arrivals?!? Plan B - thankfully there was a Hampton Inn a few miles down the road that had a room available. Safe and plan to call the State Park in the morning to figure out what happened... Well, the campground had a power line catch fire ? and lost all power. They were not able to access their system and verify reservations, etc. Blessing in disguise for us...our reservation fees were refunded and the nice Park Ranger waived our park entry fees and found us the best campsite on the ? gulf side ?$50 for 3 nights! She also shared with us that JB, who owns ... read more

Several places around Raleigh, North Carolina Sometimes things just don't go right and you have to just give up and say 'UNCLE!' We hitched up, said our goodbyes, and headed out yesterday morning. I was worried some about the brake problem on the right rear wheel of the trailer. But based on what I was being told, and what I wanted to believe, I had a rather benign explanation: it was brake dust and the thing needed some adjustment, but it wasn't a serious problem. And the fact that we were able to pull forward without any notable resistance said that maybe we didn't have a problem. So we proceeded assuming that we were good for a day's drive to our next destination. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. We headed over to the Raleigh State Fairgrounds ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh January 17th 2017

So the day has finally come. Tomorrow, I will be getting on a plane with two full bags and a large appetite for adventure. The plan is to stay in Colombia for the year and teach English, the only catch being that the agency that has placed me in a teaching position is still waiting on the contract from the Colombian government. So hopefully taking this leap of faith and actually going to the country will speed up the process. I won't start worrying about that though until after my first 2 week introductory vacation in Colombia which will be the main topic of this post. After my 19 hours of travel tomorrow I will land in Medellín a town famous for its beauty and infamous for its history with the Colombia drug cartels. We will ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh January 10th 2017

I made it farther then I did this weekend, but I've only gone as far as the airport. Raleigh Durham airport had a computer failure. Yes computer failure impacting all of terminal 2. I was at airport my designated 2.5 hours early and waited and waited and waited some more. And at about 11am, 1.5 hours after my flight was to take off), I was told to call Delta as I would not be getting on flight and subsequent connections. I'm now on another flight leaving tomorrow (for those of you keeping count this is my THIRD reschedule flight, FIRST trip to airport). I'd tell you to cross your fingers for me, but maybe that is not helping me any!! So I'll try again tomorrow and until then go to the movies for a double header. ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh January 7th 2017

Well, I assume all my North Carolina folks are looking to say "told ya" but jokes on you because Delta hasn't canceled OR delayed my flight yet! Or any of their flights this morning! I know right! All other airlines have canceled morning flights to atleast mid-morning (as of this posting). 2 Delta flights that were scheduled out this morning (all flying west) are currently on the runway (again as of this posting) but even that was after a delay. So maybe they leave. But RDU taxi doesn't have any taxis on the road and couldn't provide eta of when someone would be available OR how long it would take them to come. No Ubers either. Delta phone line - 2 hour wait. Delta App - flight status on schedule. Only option would have been to ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Raleigh August 31st 2016

Geo: 35.7855, -78.6426Editor's NOTE: Normally Glenn proof-read's my blog and does some major editing, however I am not asking him to do this for me, since he needs a break. So bear with me if there are misspelled words and the grammar is incorrect. Thanks for reading.On Wednesday, after a French Toast Breakfast that Carol served us, Glenn and I had a 10am appointment to connect up with Whitney and her kids at Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC. Glenn filled up the RAV 4 with gas and we got to the Park early. I had noticed the day before that there was a letterbox in the area. We scouted that out and found it.Pullen Park was GREAT. It reminded me of Sherrie's park in Topeka with a small train ride around the whole park. There was ... read more
Pullen Park
Train ride

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