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North America » United States » New Mexico » Silver City August 7th 2019

SHERIFF HARVEY WHITEHILL Harvey was born in Ohio in 1838 and stuck around there until he was 19 years old, then headed off to California Gulch, near what would later become Leadville in Colorado. He got there early enough to strike a fairly nice pocket of placer gold. Within a year he sold his claim for fifteen thousand dollars and then wisely left town before the new owners found out his claim was about played out. From there he ventured into New Mexico and like any prudent miner he kept right on prospecting until the money was all gone. In the meantime he had married a girl named Harriet Stevens, built one of the first homes in Silver City, and started up a boisterous family that eventually included ten youngsters. During those early years in Silver ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico August 7th 2019

JOHN KINNEY John was born in Hampshire County, Massachusetts in 1847 or so and eventually moved out to Iowa. When the Civil War ended John enlisted in the army and attained the rank of sergeant before being mustered out in 1873. He settled on property near Rincon in Dona Anna County as a rancher, but he soon found out that actually raising cattle has dangerously close to being hard work. The market for beef was booming. Soldiers, the tribes, and the miners all needed beef and liked it on their tables as cheaply as possible. The need for beef was far greater than he was able to raise it himself. The solution was simple. Just supply beef stolen in Mexico. He hired a gang of gun thugs to steal the cattle and bring it to his ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 19th 2019

We let Beamer sleep in this morning. He had a hard day yesterday and he was sleeping so soundly, we wanted to let him rest. So, we didn’t get going until 9:20 and 80 degrees. The plan for today was to visit areas around Santa Fe and Albuquerque. (Man, that name is hard to spell.) So we headed south to the big city. First stop…Costco. I was almost out of wine and who can pass up the prices at Costco when it comes to wine. It appears that there are three of them in Albuquerque and one was right on our way to city center. After making this critical purchase, we visited the business district. Interestingly, there are a lot of government buildings in the city center…the county courthouse, which is a beautiful building, the country ... read more
Downtown Albuquerque
Downtown Albuquerque County Courthouse
Downtown Albuquerque County Jail

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos July 18th 2019

Today we were dealing with a sick dog. Beamer got into something outside last night, while Steve was walking him, and it did not agree with him at all. He has been sick all day. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. So, we are here in Santa Fe for three days and intend to take in as much of the countryside as we have time to see. We left the hotel this morning at 8:40 AM and 81 degrees (which started out at 59 degrees at 7 AM and rose to 100 before the day was over) and headed north toward Taos. Before long we were in the Tesuque Reservation and as soon as we crossed over, we saw our first Casino. There were many along this part of our journey today. One of the first ... read more
North of Santa Fe
North of Santa Fe
North of Santa Fe

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 17th 2019

What a scenic drive we made today. Our choice of routes was spot on. We left our hotel at 7:45 and 74 degrees and pointed the car north. And the route took us from 74 degrees to 97 degrees and everywhere in between, because our elevation kept changing the entire way. It was a slightly ear-popping day. And I should add, a very rural day. We drove for hours through uninhabited areas with no gas stations (good thing we gassed up before leaving) and no rest stops, except for one that we happened on, buried in wooded area off the main road. That was quite a relief. Our destination was Santa Fe, NM and we decided to take route 180 through the Gila National Forest. The drive began through gently rolling hills of pink and tan ... read more
Yucca in bloom
Gila National Forest
Where the water runs, but not today

The hotel we are staying in houses a number of workers. We know that a few are doing some kind of road work, as evidenced by their trucks and the equipment in the parking lot. Not sure how others may be employed. In any event, they were up before dawn and off to work, so we were awake early, as well. Not to say that they were noisy. They were not. But we are light sleepers in hotel rooms, and we heard their alarms go off and their trucks start up when they left. So, we made an effort to make use of that to plan ahead on our trip. Our plans are still in flux and I am not sure we made much progress. But at 8 AM we knew we had to get going, ... read more
Organ Mountain National Monument
White Sands
White Sands

We were up early again this morning, but for some reason it took us a while to get moving. Perhaps it was the great breakfast at La Quinta…better than average…cheese omelets and thin and delicately crispy bacon. Just ask Beamer. He had his share of both. We got on the road at 8 AM and attempted to follow the onboard GPS to I-20, which was not far from the hotel, but we missed the first turn and ended up having to find a place to turn around. Steve chose to drive down a side street and, by chance, it took us to a place I had read about but forgot to look for yesterday. The road led to UTPB (University of Texas at Permian Basin) and what did we find, purely by accident? A replica of ... read more
UTPB Stonehenge replica
UTPB Stonehenge replica
UTPB Stonehenge replica

blog 04-02-19 Beach Day Lynne had shown me a picture she took yesterday morning of the moon and Venus rising just before dawn, so this morning I woke up hoping to see them. I did and was able to capture their image before the sun rose, but somehow missed Mercury. Then the sunrise was getting more colorful, which is rare out here, so I stayed up for that and caught the colors in the lake. Later in the morning Watson and I walked to the beach far down from the campground and he was playing in the sand and I was taking pictures of our campground when I saw something in the sky. It was a flock of white pelicans circling right over the very place my camper is parked. There must have been 60 of ... read more
almost sunrise
struggling yucca

North America » United States » New Mexico » Los Alamos April 5th 2019

Blog 04-05-19 Los Alamos and Bandelier On Thursday I moved from Elephant Butte and headed north on 25 and drove past Albuquerque , past Santa Fe and found my way to White Rock, NM. Lynne had suggested I stop in Bandelier National Monument to see the Pueblo ruins and she also gave me a tip on where to stay, at the visitor's center in White Rock. It's basically a large parking lot with electric hook-ups but right across the street from the whole town. There is a grocery, library, 3 eateries and the post office all within walking distance, get cell service and several tv channels, what more can you want. I went into Los Alamos which was only 6 miles away for some Mexican food but the place was closed but I did discover this ... read more
first view of snow capped mountains
view of the ravines
Los Alamos statues Openheimer and Groves see next picture

North America » United States » New Mexico » Las Vegas April 5th 2019

New Mexico Hwy 518 runs from Taos South to Las Vegas and all my pics are from there. Coming from the Rio Grande Gorge I started on NM 518 about 15 miles South of Taos and finally made it to Las Vegas. My first visit there was in the 1980s when things were different and that highway was New Mexico Hwy 3. I included some of my old pics in the 1980s shot on my 135 mm SLR on print film. This blog is about me finding a private camp on the Rio Pueblo; virtually all my pics are shot there except the few last shot in Las Vegas. I arrived at my very old camp that is Comales Camp Ground by the confluence of the small Comales creek. These pics are from the 1980s when ... read more
right to Las Vegas & Rio Pueblo camp
 right to camp and Las Vegas
Rio Pueblo Canyon

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