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North America » United States » New Mexico » San Juan Pueblo December 6th 2022

Sally here. Tim is driving. A lot. He drove from 11:20 am Monday until 3:20 am Tuesday before he stopped to sleep. We stopped only for gas/pee breaks for 16 hours straight. This is what we used to do when we were kids. Sometimes it still seems to make sense. Our bed in the back of Betty is seriously cozy and comfortable, even when parked in a well-lit convenience store lot. Window quilts cover drafty windows and black out curtains enclose the remaining side of the bed. Darkness and visual privacy allowed Tim almost 3 well-deserved hours of quality sleep. I had slept on and off a few hours during the first leg of our trip, when Tim the Unrelenting negotiated snow and ice from Whitehall, Montana to Buffalo, Wyoming. And just when he/we thought the ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico October 24th 2022

Today we spent the day exploring Santa Fe. We woke up to blue sky, but by the time we headed out of the B&B it was snowing! It alternated snow and sun all day; sometimes we would be sitting bright sunshine while the snow whirled around us in the perpetual wind. Despite the cold we enjoyed our day of exploring and shopping!... read more
Which is famous for its unlikely spiral staircase, which seems to be in place without a visible means of support. From what I understand it is an astonishing display of woodworking skill, built in 1877 with wooden pegs and rudimentary tools..
Our next stop was the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.
In the center of the arch over the main door are four Hebrew letters spelling “Yahveh” or God. We were told that they were placed there by Jewish people who fled Inquisition Spain to New Mexico, ostensibly Catholic to avoid a gruesome death, but still

North America » United States » New Mexico October 23rd 2022

Today we spent our morning at Pecos National Historical Park, and then went on to Santa Fe, where we wandered around Old Town for a while before heading for our B&B for the night. Santa Fe sure is a beautiful city!... read more
These Texas roads are narrow
and go on forever
Pecos National Historical Park

North America » United States » New Mexico October 15th 2022

Carlsbad Caverns turned out to be a highlight of this trip. It was awe inspiring. I realize that I have said this about every single one of our days on this trip, but really. On your next vacation, go to Carlsbad Caverns.... read more
As opposed to taking the elevator.
We walked down 750 feet in 1.25 miles of paved trail.
Everywhere we looked there were amazing sights.

North America » United States » New Mexico October 14th 2022

The highlights of today were critter sightings and White Sands National Park, where we got to see a glorious sunset amid a fascinating and unusual ecosystem and geology. Another unforgettable day!... read more
There were lots of birds at the Refuge, complete with blinds and platforms with spotting scopes to watch for them. It was pretty interesting!
Along with autumnal beauty.
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument was our next stop.

North America » United States » New Mexico October 13th 2022

We spent the whole day today in Albuquerque. In the morning we took a tram ride up to Sandia Peak at 10,300 feet. We then went to eat our lunch on the banks of the Rio Grande, and then spent the afternoon exploring Old Town Albuquerque. Another well spent day!... read more
The top of the mountain was full of sweeping vistas and fall colors.
There's a stone building at the top of this mountain called the "Kiwanis Cabin" that was built by the CCC.
We had a great hike along a trail that clung to the side of the mountain.

North America » United States » New Mexico October 12th 2022

Every time we think that we have seen the most beautiful place ever, we go to a new one that is just as breathtaking. Today we spent our morning in the inhabited Zuni Pueblo and the rest of the day at National Monuments looking at more natural wonders. Another great day.... read more
We are standing on the roof of a kiva looking into the plaza where ceremonial dances take place.
We left Zuni to go to El Morro
which is a reliable pool of water in the middle of the desert.

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe April 24th 2022

Day 1 Saturday April 23, 2022 We had an early flight from Knoxville, leaving the house at 5am. The plane from Knox was really tight, but Rob and I had seats together, and we don't mind being close. Delta treated us well overall, even getting us a whole row to ourselves on the main part of our flight from Atlanta to Albuquerque. We had a very nice flight. It was really nice to not have to wear a mask the whole trip. In fact, we have not had to wear masks at all so far. We got into Albuquerque by just after 10am. We decided to upgrade our rental car in case we went on some dirt roads in the Caldera. We paid an extra 20 dollars a day and got a Jeep Wrangler. It's a ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico April 17th 2022

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! We were all packed the night before, and just had to wrap up the last bits and have rice pudding for breakfast before sitting down to watch our home church Easter service at 8 am (11 in Kent). Singing along was better than not attending at all on this most wonderful important day. After thanking Mike and Rhonda, we set off towards Las Cruces again. We almost took the back road that almost touched Mexico, but instead took the Interstate again. We were told the scenery was more or less the same anyway. Before I forget, we wanted to mention more about our little late afternoon visit to Paradise a few days ago to visit the birdfeeder. It is called a ghost town on the map, along with some ... read more
At last, a roadrunner!
Best rest stop in world
Best rest stop overlooking Las Cruces

We didn't tour around Tucson, having seen most of the sights on previous trips, and just enjoyed time with Mary and her family. Mary's three daughters, son-in-law, and grandson, and grand dogs all came over on Sunday afternoon, and it was so good to see them again. All the girls live in Tucson, and one lives just up the street from Mary. Mary's neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with little traffic. Right across the street is a green space belonging to Pima Community College, with great walking and running trails, which I used each morning. Her pool is beautiful, but cold this time of year (it gets cool at night but into the high 80s during the day) which was fine with me, but not so enticing for Bill. He did get in once... After a ... read more
Bill got in the cold, cold pool!
Tesla charging in front of Mary's cool house
The temperature in the shade

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