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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 24th 2021

06-25-21 Summer Trip, Catching Up I am now living in a warmer climate so a winter escape is not necessary but a summer escape sure is. The temperatures were 107 during the day and settling at 80 at night, entirely toooo hot for me. So north I went. My first stop was at Cochiti Lake to visit my friend Lynne. It is located just west of Santa Fe, NM in a little higher elevation so the temps were warm but cooled off at night. We explored some of the area and went to Valles Caldera National Preserve for a beautiful scenic ride to an extinct volcano. It exploded thousands of years ago and what is left is the outer ring, about 10 miles across, and a gorgeous green meadow, home to herds of elk, deer and ... read more
Rio Grande River flowing into the lake
bunny hiding

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos October 3rd 2020

I turned on New Mexico Hwy 567 and drove to Carson, NM. I think that town was named for Kit Carson. They have an active post office. I had to stop and check out this old antique car body. I don't know, but I think it is a model A Ford. With no stop signs it was quick to get on to BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land; and a very fun but careful drive down the dirt road into the Rio Grande Gorge. After about a mile of switchbacks, you get to the to the relatively new bridge over the Rio Grande River. In this area everything was open free for day use including launching rafts and kayaks for downriver adventures. There are some pay camping areas that are low costs, and fairly private. (Note: ... read more
Carson, New Mexico
Carson, New Mexico
Carson, New Mexico

North America » United States » New Mexico October 3rd 2020

I had a nice drive up the Rio Pueblo Canyon in the Carson N Forest SE of Taos, New Mexico. I passed the Comalas pay Campground. In the 1980s I had a wonderful dispersed camp (on a very rough dirt trail) there by the Rio Pueblo, before the pay Campground was made. Now this is a great camp location, with few other campers, and a low National Forest camping fee. There are other nice forest service camp and picnic areas around this area. I drove past Tres Ritos and found a small bridge over the Rio at the location of my free legal camp. Since I truck camp, I parked in the open near the trees at the Rio Pueblo. It was a very short walk into the trees for a great sit-down, where you can ... read more
NM Hwy 518
Comales pay Campground
Comales pay Campground

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos October 2nd 2020

I was going to make my camp at the pay campground at Canjilon Lakes. I was sad that the large aspen trees were gone so I drove on to find a new camp. I drove East on FS 110 through a nice forest. The road conditions got poor so I had to drive my old truck slower. I drove over a mountain pass called Mogote Ridge; then it was an easy downhill drive. Not far down from the ridge I found a nice large legal dispersed camp where I parked under a large Colorado Blue Spruce in a Ponderosa Pine forest for the night. This camp was large enough for a group camp, and I had it all to myself. It cooled off very nicely, and I slept well. The next morning I had a nice ... read more
Carson N Forest road 110
Carson N Forest road 110
Carson N Forest road 110

North America » United States » New Mexico » Clayton September 13th 2020

Driving West on US Highway 87 as I crossed from Texas into New Mexico I could see extinct volcanos in the distance. Not far away I drove through Clayton, New Mexico then stopped at a picnic area on the North side of the highway. Of the four historic markers there, my favorite was the Sierra Grande volcano. This is part of the Ratan-Claton volcanic field that extends also into Colorado. I picked up a nice tumbleweed that would follow me for a few weeks. This was also a Southern route of the Santa Fe Trail. An hours drive West of that picnic area is the small town of Capulin, New Mexico. Just North of that town is Capulin Volcano National Monument, with the large cinder cone clearly visible from the highway. About forty years ago I ... read more
Clayton picnic area
Clayton picnic area
Clayton picnic area

blog 07-24-20 There is a tremendous amount to catch up on so I'll try to deliver the shorter version. Last report was the earth ships in Taos. The next day we spent walking around town and visiting the Kit Carson Park which turned out to be a perfect place to walk Watson with lots of shade trees and green grass. He must have rolled 10 times. The park has a famous grave yard where Carson and his wife are buried along with other prominent citizens. On the 17th we hit the road and followed the Rio Grande south toward Albuquerque winding our way through some beautiful valleys with the river, the life blood of the desert. We pulled into Truth or Consequences about 4 pm and we both felt like we came home. We had terrific ... read more
strange and colorful outcropping
entering the desert, raining in the distance
down one side and up the other through a canyon

North America » United States » New Mexico » Gallup July 17th 2020

Thursday, 16 July, 2020 We had a pleasant drive from Bryce Canyon south to Alt 89 and on to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We saw evidence along the way of the awful forest fires they had a month or so ago. Parking was a bit inconvenient at the Canyon Village due to road construction, so Kerry and Timmy walked from the parking area to the Lodge patio to view the canyon from there. The drive from the North Rim to Page, AZ, seemed to take forever, but we were just tired and the road was bumpy and winding. It was a relief to at last pick up some groceries at Walmart and settle into our spot at the campground. Friday, 17 July, 2020 We drove south from Page to Flagstaff where we headed ... read more
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon NP

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos July 15th 2020

blog 07-15-20 Earthship Today was the day I headed out of town to investigate the Visitor Center. Michael Reynolds, with a degree in architecture, built his first house out of can bricks in Taos in 1972. After years trying other building materials and off-grid systems, he went on to build the first Earthship in 1988. The homes are built with recycled tires that are filled with dirt and sand and stacked like a brick wall. Bottles are added to add light and color and then a coating of adobe over top. Simplistic explanation. The water is attained by catching rain water on the roof and running it into cisterns buried in the berm. It is filtered and used in sinks and showers then runs to the watering system for the indoor plants. The plants filter the ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos July 14th 2020

blog 07-13-20 and 07-14-20 Sightseeing Monday I was feeling a little punk, so I took it easy in the morning then in the afternoon I took Watson for a ride in the car. Oh wow, big outing.. We went north of Taos and hooked up with rt 150 that led us into the mountains ending at the Taos Valley Ski Resort. We drove parallel to the mountains on a flat plane then the road took a shark right and to my amazement, there was a little valley. It twisted and turned following a large creek up and up, mountains on both sides. It was a both hands on the wheel kind of road so no pictures, oh maybe one. The creek was swift and sparkling and pull-offs provided fly fishermen the opportunity to try their luck. ... read more
start of little valley
closer to the mouth
ski lodges

North America » United States » New Mexico » Taos July 12th 2020

blog 07-12-20 Taos Tour and Rain It was another cool night and just delightful to sleep without the air conditioner. The temperature fluctuates 40 degrees between night and day, thank goodness or it would be intolerable. Watson and I took a nice walk this morning before it got too hot. We walked around the campground which was pretty quiet after the weekend. I straightened up inside the camper and cleaned up the kitchen, just boring stuff. At 1:45 I met the trolley that picked me up at the campground and off we went to the Plaza to pick up 3 other customers. The trolley held 36 but only 4 of us were on board plus the driver and tour guide, Dave. Business is way down because of the virus. Dave told us about the history of ... read more
San Francisco  de Asis
the two blue spruce trees represent Peter and Paul
IMG_5843 (2)

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