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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Rosa June 24th 2015

Today was ghost town day, it got very redneck and a little weird..... Mandie had noticed that we had passed a pretty cool site last night about 30 miles back east on the I40 called the v-dub slug bug ranch. It is another representation of the artwork like the Cadillac Ranch (mentioned later) but with vw's instead! In many ways this site is worth going to more than its predecessor as there are less tourists and its a bit less mainstream. Back down the I40 just past Amarillo, we then visited the Cadillac ranch which is very similar but packed with families and kids. However a little kid was nice enough to give us the remnants of his spray paint can which I then attempted to use to write MANDAN on one of the cars. I'm ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Rosa October 21st 2014

First off, let me make a correction to last nights post. Peyton now has 509 touchdown passes not 510. I felt that it was important to mention. As usual, we got off to a later start than we had planned but still made it to Santa Rosa, NM before 3:00 PM. We are staying in the same Holiday Inn Express hotel and the same room that we stayed in on the trip out. We have the same TV that we had to call the desk attendant to reprogram last time (and this time). I'm sitting in the same telescoping desk chair that slowly lowers so that I'm typing with my hands at about eye level........(Hold on a sec while I raise my chair)...........that's better... and Prudy has to put a wash cloth down the drain hole ... read more
Wind Turbines near Vega, NM
BlueHole in Santa Rosa, NM

Geo: 34.9386, -104.682We left Oklahoma City at 7:45 this morning, still alive and not having experienced any tornados. I had heard on the news that things were brewing up for another round on Tuesday and that made me nervous, but it didn't happen. Phew. It rained hard during the night and there was thunder and lightning, but no tornados. We were on the top floor and it woke us up around 4 AM. And it was still raining hard when we took to the road. I had planned to look for tornado damage heading out of town, but the rain obscured the view. About half an hour down the road, the rain let up and we were able to see evidence of the storms from last Friday. First we saw a lot of debris by the ... read more
Blue Hole 1
Blue Hole 2
Blue Hole 3

Départ à 9h30, 28 394 miles au compteur. A la sortie d'Amarillo, nous nous arrêtons au "Cadillac Ranch". Direction Véga, mais pas grand'chose à voir. Une ville à moitié fantôme. Nous continuons jusqu'à la limite du Nouveau Mexique. Dans une aire de repos, on nous donne des documentations sur les différentes choses à voir et notamment à quelques kilomètres de là, à Russell, un musée de l'automobile. C'est petit, gratuit et il y a une quarantaine de véhicules et quelques miniatures en parfait état, et bien sûr, la boutique avec tous les souvenirs qu'on peut y acheter. Nous continuons jusqu'à Tucumcari. Au "Blue Swallow" (le cygne bleu) où nous pouvons voir devant cet ancien motel, quelques vieilles voitures qui ont visiblement inspiré quelques unes des voitures du film "Cars". Nous reprenons notre route vers Santa Rosa ... read more

After Albuquerque (or before depending on the direction you are traveling) there are two major alignments of Route 66. The earlier alignment goes north through Santa Fe before heading into Santa Rosa, NM while later alignments cut staight east. We decided to take the Santa Fe loop today and spend some time in the city. We were able to spend most of the trip on the backroads close to Route 66 today. The first feature of Route 66 we saw today was La Bajada (the descent in spanish). This was a major obstacle for early travelers on Route 66. The earilest path of Route 66 (before it was Route 66) went down this 500 ft volcanic escarpment at a 28% grade. It was improved in the early 1900s to have over 20 switchbacks and a more ... read more
Santa Fe Trail Marker
The Miracle Staircase
The Miracle Staircase without railings

We said goodbye to Gena, Bob and Milo this morning at the campground. They left ahead of us, on their way to visit El Morro and El Malpais National Monuments in New Mexico. We’ve been to both of those parks, so we got on I-40 and headed east. We stopped twice for fuel and once for lunch. Now that we’re heading in the direction of home, it’s hard to be patient about getting there. We heard from Gena when they reached Grants, NM, they were only about 40 miles behind us. There was the possibility that we would meet up at a campground tonight, but they stopped in Cedar Crest and we continued on to Santa Rosa. We did make one stop this morning at Walnut Canyon National Monument outside of Flagstaff. There are literally hundreds ... read more
Gena, Bob and Milo
Walnut Canyon
Cliff Dwelling

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Rosa July 21st 2011

Bluff (Utah) à Santa Rosa (New-Mexico) ========== 684 km (Cumulatif = 12357) ========== Température: 36 degrés : beau jusque vers 17 :00. Il y a ensuite eu un orage important que nous avons évité de justesse. Nous avons finalement eu seulement un peu de pluie. ========== Résumé : ========== - Bluff : ------ o Nous avons visité un cimetière indien; ------ o Des indiens ont été enterrés à cet endroit en 2008 avec l’ancienne technique où le corps est recouvert d’une butte de terre. Évidemment, on ne peut savoir s’il y a un tombeau ou non; ------ o La route qui quitte Bluff est similaire aux autres routes déjà parcourues (Bordées par plusieurs falaises) ========== - Four corners : ------ o Il n’y a qu’un seul endroit aux États-Unis où 4 états se croisent. Cet endroit ... read more
Bluff (1)
Bluff (2)
Four Corners (1)

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Rosa July 11th 2010

Hi everyone!! Today we left for our summer vacation. The day was full of wonderful surprises. :) Some good and some not so good. We started out at 430 am and by 5 am I was remembering all the stuff I forgot to pack. Oh well. Devin and Trevor slept most of the morning. Actually Trevor slept until Amarillo. Amarillo is not really what I expected. It was a lot bigger than I thought it was. The strange thing is that there is ran down, condemned property mixed in with these big beautiful houses. The condemned houses were literally boarded up and next to that house would be a $150,000 house. Then we drove though Wildorado, Texas...not a good thing. There is this cow ranch right next to the road for about 2 miles and the ... read more
Turquoise Trail
Biggest Cross in the Northern Hemisphere
I 40 West

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