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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 5th 2020

From 2011, some history about Vegas, and how it became the Vegas we know. My visits now are solely to visit dear friends, Ken and Debbie. Rarely do we go down to the casinos, Strip, or shows. As we drive back to Las Vegas from St. George, I cannot help but wonder how this desert floor became the biggest gambling place in the entire world. Boulder Dam and the mafia seem to be the biggest players in the evolution of Vegas. Nevertheless, it is a colorful and checkered past, with familiar names, and lots of intrigue. A fellow named J. Ross Clark formed a partnership with rail tycoon, E.H.... read more
Famous Vegas sign
Luxor light

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 4th 2020

Many of you may wonder why I visit Las Vegas so often. In prior years, it was a family reunion of sorts. We would meet my Mom, my brother and wife, and some Aunts and Uncles from SoCal. Later, it would be for golf, or shopping excursions. But now, it is mostly to visit dear friends, Ken and Debbie. Why? Mostly we play cards, in various forms, depending on the number of players. Ken and I play a double solitaire game with two decks, called Spite and Malice. We often play for hours at a time! In years past, it was also about golf,as Debbie is the ladies champion golfer at the TPC Summerlin. And, we always have a great time, due to their hospitality and many interesting friends, and relatives who gather there. ... read more
Spite and Malice
Funny cards

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 10th 2020

Monday was Aly’s turn for guzzolene powered fun. This morning we would be taking dune buggies out into the desert. Our shuttle was jammed pack with a group of young girls whose prowess operating off road vehicles and overall attitudes would make their guide’s day I’m sure. Not judging (okay yes I am) but I was glad we we’re assigned a separate group. There weren’t much too these buggies. A steel tube frame with 2 plastic seats, an engine, and a steering wheel. Aly drove for most of the trip, only dumping sand all over us once as she smashed through a dune (which was still awesome). It was fun but I felt like I was in a martini shaker most the day, wondering what effect it was having on the breakfast I’d eaten. I took ... read more
Bellagio Fountains at Spago

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 9th 2020

Today was the day. I would get to drive something which was a culmination of over 50 years of automotive engineering and progress. And no, it was not the Corolla we rented. We were headed out to “Exotics Racing” out near the Las Vegas Speedway where I would be driving not a Lamborghini, not a Ferrari, not even a Mercedes. I would be driving a Ford. This wasn’t just any Ford. When we arrived I could see it sitting amongst a row of Huracans and Avenators; a red Mustang GT500. Since being resurrected in 2007, the GT500 has been Ford’s top Mustang trim and up until this year the philosophy has been just add more horsepower. First 500, then 540, then 660 as the model years went on. 2020 was no different. The snarling 5.2L V8 ... read more
Aly and the Aventador
Getting Ready to Take Off
Happy customer

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 8th 2020

I’ll fully admit, Aly and I aren’t really the Vegas types. We are both secretly in our late 60’s and are always commenting about all the “hooglians” faffing about. But we were excited to be on another trip together and making snide comments about the public behind their backs is a sort of hobby of ours. And in Vegas it is very easy to make snide comments about people. Actually most of the people in the casinos during the day really don’t look like they’re having all that great of a time. My theory is people come there because its one of the last places they aren’t oppressed by “the man” and can smoke indoors to their lung’s contentment. After getting lost at the City Centre hotel/restort complex and checking Caesars Palace and the Bellagio, we ... read more
Donnie and Marie
Definitely not a copy right infringement

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 7th 2020

I managed to convince Aly that I need to leave this country every year in February; because by that point of winter I’m usually ready to renounce my Canadian citizenship and move somewhere less slushy. Being the raucous party animals that we are, we picked Las Vegas. As some of you know, airports, airlines, and the overall being on a plane experience is challenging for me and initially amusing but over time irritating for those around me. According to Aly I become quite cross and sarcastic or “airporty” as we’ve decided to call it. For this post you may be relieved to know that there will be practically no airporty-ness. We arrived a little early and there were no lines for baggage, security, or customs, Figuring we were on vacation, we downed an entire bottle of ... read more
The Man Spread
Our hotel room

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas January 19th 2020

Hmm well, they say that you’ve gotta experience it I’m glad it’s done. Can’t say that we’ve relished the Vegas experience, despite seeing two fabulous shows. The whole atmosphere, hard to put into words...weird, tacky, fake, over the top...just not really my kind of place. Part of what makes it unappealing is the masses of people everywhere...I sort of get why people would like it, but I’m not one of them!! But we always came here for the shows - Tournament of Kings and Cirque du Soleil ‘O’ and they were both fantastic! We were in the ‘Dragon’ section for T of K, so we had to cheer for the baddie - the whole experience was interactive, from eating medieval food with our hands (surprisingly Eloise hardly ate, despite the constant challenge to get ... read more
Real jousting
Got up some speed!

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas November 10th 2019

From the very first time I visited Las Vegas, I thought it was a rather curious and weird place. So, instead of calling it "Lost Wages", I think it should be called Las Weirdos. Let's see why. Vegas had nearly 150,000 hotel rooms. It would take 340 years to spend one night in each room!! The average rate is $150 a night. Nineteen of the largest 25 hotels in the world are in Vegas! The four hotels at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Ave. has more rooms than all of San Francisco. The famous Strip is not located in Las Vegas. The Strip is in an unincorporated part of Clark County. Head downtown if you want to cee the Brain Center. Las Vegas is home to one of the largest Mormon populations. Casinos ... read more
Be a daisy in Vegas!
Or a mermaid??
Vegas weirdness or normal?

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 14th 2019

Heute habe ich zunächst wieder gefrühstückt, wobei die Auswahl in diesem Hotel nicht so schön ist, wie in anderen. Es wurde auch mit Wegwerf-Geschirr serviert. Danach ging ich zur nahegelegenen Station der Monorail und bin zum Las Vegas Strip, also der Hauptstraße der Casinos gefahren. Dort bin ich ausgestiegen und entlang gelaufen. Es war da schon recht heiß, aber man konnte es noch aushalten. Irgendwie muss ich nichtsahnend am City Center Gebäude vorbei gegangen sein, aber die anderen waren auch beeindruckend. In einem Casino war ich im Eingangsbereich. Es ist ja jetzt nichts, was mich besonders interessiert. Danach bin ich mit der Monorail wieder zurück zum Hotel gefahren und habe so dies und das gemacht. Erst am Nachmittag bin ich ins gleiche Einkaufszentrum, wie gestern, und habe mal wieder mexikanisch gegessen. Dann wollte ich doch noch ... read more
The Las Vegas Strip.
Im National Atomic Testing Museum.
Im National Atomic Testing Museum.

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas June 13th 2019

Heute habe ich wieder ordentlich gefrühstückt und bin danach gleich ins Auto, um nach Las Vegas zu fahren. Dabei habe ich an einer Kreuzung ohne Verkehr leider ein Stoppschild ignoriert. Eine Polizeistreife hat dann gleich mal das Blaulicht eingeschalten und mich darauf hingewiesen. Aber zum Glück habe ich keine Strafe bekommen. Ich bin dann also auf dem Weg nach Las Vegas am Hoover Damm vorbei gekommen und habe ein paar Stopps eingelegt. Einmal um den Stausee zu sehen, einmal um von der Autobahnbrücke den Damm zu sehen und dann bin ich noch über den Damm selber gefahren und habe ihn von der Wasserseite fotografiert. Aber eine Tour durch das Bauwerk - organisiert vom Besucherzentrum - zu machen, hatte ich jetzt keine Lust. Ich hatte vielmehr in Las Vegas nach 2 Tagen fast ohne Internet einige Dinge ... read more
Am Hoover Damm.
Am Hoover Damm.
Am Hoover Damm.

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