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North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 8th 2021

I'm back at it, after a long time. Curaçao is going through another lockdown, so I decided to take advantage of the time I have and to continue writing. This time I went to the USA again, it was my 6th visit to the country. This time with J&S Tours, the same travel agency from Curaçao I went to New York and Niagara Falls with back in October 2017. It was December 2018 when I went as a coordinator with a group of 10 travellers from Curaçao to Sin City. It was my second time in Las Vegas, first time being December 2010. If it wasn't for J&S Tours, I don't think I would have been there for a second time now. Do not get me wrong: it is a nice place and definitely worth visiting ... read more
Excalibur Hotel, where I stayed
In the limo from the airport to the hotel
The group at Las Vegas McCarran Int'l airport, before boarding the limo

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 8th 2021

We left Vegas Monday morning. We were home by 5pm. Just a few things of note.... We are still technically in a pandemic. You would never really know this in Vegas. No one was ever-ever-ever following the 6-foot rule. Masks were being worn by basically everyone everywhere but many people weren't covering their noses with their masks (even waitresses). Saturday, when the full-on young crowd was here, masks were optional outside everywhere it seemed. They didn't care. There were some crowded places at times during this trip so we were shocked. Thankfully, there were free mask dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers at every entrance to our hotel and there were a lot of ways in and out of our hotel. We took advantage of the free masks and the sanitizers on a regular basis. I changed ... read more
California vehicles have no rules against tinting (this was a CA tag)
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Egypt Hotel
Mandalay Bay  - Famous for the saddest reason

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 7th 2021

Sunday was a good day in Vegas. We didn't do too much before noon today. Lunch was at Gordon Ramsay's Burgers here in Planet Hollywood. We had noon reservations. There are no menus. You use your phone to scan the code on a small card they give you so your menu shows-up on your phone. The options are basic but nice. We both ordered a burger (Dubliner, 3 cheese for me and I'm not sure what he ordered) and we also got some parmesan truffle fries to split. I ordered a white sangria with pear Prosecco and Chardonnay with a hint of cinnamon. It was okay. My burger was fine, nothing amazing. Kamie's was medium and it was raw in the middle - not pink - raw. He barely ate half. We thought the fries were ... read more
Ready for another day in Vegas
Gordon Ramsay's Burger Restaurant
That's a Pear Sangria at from Gordon Ramsay's

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 6th 2021

Saturday in Vegas. WOW Friday was busy but Saturday is packed. Scarily so. By the way, masks are mandated to be worn outside so we do (but many people do not). Let's backup. Kamie slept-in and I was awake by 7am (Vegas time). There are two Starbucks in our hotel. They were both packed. I waited in line over an hour for an iced tea and it was worth it. We tried to have lunch at Gordon Ramsay's Burger Restaurant but all their reservations for today were taken. We made a reservation for tomorrow. We had sandwiches from "Earl of Sandwich" which Kamie loved and I would pass on in the future. The bread was 10X better than Subway, however. We walked outside and the weed smoke hit us again. We were on the south side ... read more
The morning line for Starbucks (every morning it was this long or longer)
PH Chandeliers
A shop in the mall surrounding our hotel

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 5th 2021

We are in Vegas! Kamie got 10 days off work so we booked this trip ... read more
Poor Arthur
Us at the airport
Flying into Nevada

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 22nd 2021

Las Vegas, Summerlin, Nevada, USA 🇺🇸 Rampart Casino Feb 21, 2021 Ladies bingo night and dinner at Earl Grey Cafe We enjoyed this place. It was nice, clean and classy.... read more
Bingo paper
Bingo accessories and drinks
Bingo Game Sheet

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas July 11th 2020

Las Vegas - Day 1 Getting there Our first day in Vegas was awesome. The plane rides were easy. This is the first time we had flown in First Class. In Starling tradition since there is a global pandemic there is no service in First Class unless you ask. We were up at 4am to catch our 7am flight out of Tallahassee so all we wanted to do was get comfy on the plane so we weren’t worried about drinks or snacks on the plane ride. I did want a water and I thought that was kind of extreme to have to ask for that but oh well. Tallahassee to Dallas our flight was almost full. This caught Jeff and I off guard because we haven’t traveled since March. We just assumed people weren’t flying. Oh ... read more
Welcome to Dallas
Mimosas 🍾🥂
2nd leg - masks on

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas March 5th 2020

From 2011, some history about Vegas, and how it became the Vegas we know. My visits now are solely to visit dear friends, Ken and Debbie. Rarely do we go down to the casinos, Strip, or shows. As we drive back to Las Vegas from St. George, I cannot help but wonder how this desert floor became the biggest gambling place in the entire world. Boulder Dam and the mafia seem to be the biggest players in the evolution of Vegas. Nevertheless, it is a colorful and checkered past, with familiar names, and lots of intrigue. A fellow named J. Ross Clark formed a partnership with rail tycoon, E.H.... read more
Famous Vegas sign
Luxor light

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 10th 2020

Monday was Aly’s turn for guzzolene powered fun. This morning we would be taking dune buggies out into the desert. Our shuttle was jammed pack with a group of young girls whose prowess operating off road vehicles and overall attitudes would make their guide’s day I’m sure. Not judging (okay yes I am) but I was glad we we’re assigned a separate group. There weren’t much too these buggies. A steel tube frame with 2 plastic seats, an engine, and a steering wheel. Aly drove for most of the trip, only dumping sand all over us once as she smashed through a dune (which was still awesome). It was fun but I felt like I was in a martini shaker most the day, wondering what effect it was having on the breakfast I’d eaten. I took ... read more
Bellagio Fountains at Spago

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas February 9th 2020

Today was the day. I would get to drive something which was a culmination of over 50 years of automotive engineering and progress. And no, it was not the Corolla we rented. We were headed out to “Exotics Racing” out near the Las Vegas Speedway where I would be driving not a Lamborghini, not a Ferrari, not even a Mercedes. I would be driving a Ford. This wasn’t just any Ford. When we arrived I could see it sitting amongst a row of Huracans and Avenators; a red Mustang GT500. Since being resurrected in 2007, the GT500 has been Ford’s top Mustang trim and up until this year the philosophy has been just add more horsepower. First 500, then 540, then 660 as the model years went on. 2020 was no different. The snarling 5.2L V8 ... read more
Aly and the Aventador
Getting Ready to Take Off
Happy customer

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