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North America » United States » Michigan » Munising June 16th 2018

Tourist Park Campground, Munising, Michigan We made it to our fourth, and last, Great Lake. (We aren’t going to see Lake Ontario on this trip.) We spent some time on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Then we kind of drove around the edge of Lake Erie when we drove west from Cleveland and up into Michigan. After that we spent another week on the northeastern side of Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Yesterday we drove a little less than 300 miles up to what they call the Upper Peninsula - the part of Michigan that kind of looks like an accent mark above the glove. We first drove west to Traverse City and did some shopping. We were told that we were definitely going to need heavy ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising May 17th 2018

This is Wednesday night, in Marquette, Michigan. We are at the top of our trip. We are located at 46.55 North, 87.41 West. The elevation here is 754ft. We are at a higher elevation than over in Munising, which was at 600ft. In fact, I have learned that most of the Great Lakes are about elevation 600ft. We are above the 45th parallel. We passed a roadside marker near Leland, Michigan that indicated we were mid-way from the equator and the North Pole. That's a long way from home. Tomorrow, we will drive South for the first time on this trip. Our goal is Green Bay but we may drive farther south. Okay, after booking a room in Downtown Chicago for Friday and Saturday nights, we changed our minds. We decided that since we had both ... read more
Port Washington
Port Washington
Port Washington

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising June 9th 2017

This morning we are continuing our trek northward to a place not many people have visited - The U.P. For those who don't know, "The U.P." stands for the Upper Peninsula. As I vaguely remember my elementary school geography, Michigan is an odd shaped state actually split into two pieces by Lake Michigan. The lower half is affectionately known as "The Mitten" as it is shaped like a mitten, and most of the people live there. But the upper portion is known as The U.P. and the people who live there are called "Yoopers". Now that the geography lesson is done, back to our adventure. After catching up on a little rest yesterday, it was time to start the 300 mile journey into Munising, Michigan. Though we typically stick to the secondary roads, the first half ... read more
Munising Falls - Jody on the Trail
Munising Falls - Rick Hiding
Munising Falls - The Falls

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising August 2nd 2016

Geo: 46.4111, -86.6478I woke up this morning and made my coffee while some still slept and some were rousing. I took a couple of blueberry muffins and my coffee and stepped outside. You could not see Otter Lake because it was blanketed in fog. Pretty. I worked up a fire in the fire pit though it was kind of hard because everything was damp with dew. I managed to make one while I could feel a seasoned couple watching me from a couple sites over thinking this city girl can't make a fire. I showed them. By the time, I got the fire started, I could see the lake. By the time, the first child came out, it was hiding again. Weird. Elizabeth came out and wanted to fish. So, she and I grabbed our poles ... read more
Munising Falls

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising May 31st 2016

Geo: 46.4111, -86.6478We flew into Marquette on the upper peninsula of Michigan on a Tuesday and drove from there to Munising where we checked into our motel, the Sunset Motel on the Bay. It really was on the bay, and we did see a couple of pretty sunsets. We spent three nights in Munising and managed to do a couple of pretty nice hikes while there. On a rainy Wednesday morning, we drove to the Miners Castle area and took a relatively short 3 mile hike to the Castle itself, a rock formation on the coast, and then on to Miners Beach and back to the car. That afternoon the skies cleared, and we took a boat tour to see the shore and the “pictured rocks” from the water. While in the gift shop at the ... read more
Trail to Miners Beach
Miners Beach
Another of Miners Beach

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising June 7th 2015

Pictured Rocks national forest.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising August 23rd 2011

Well, we finally made it to the UP. On our way up we stopped in at the small town of Gaylord to get gas, re-supply, load up with maps, and just take a short break before continuing on. Crossed the Mackinaw Bridge and ......Bam...we were in the wilderness. Our first order of business was to find a camp site, preferably secluded and cheap. We traveled down some gravel roads but couldn't seem to find what we were looking for. Two hours of searching and we decided to give a national forest campground a try. It was a small campground and there were only two campers there......perfect! After a good nights sleep we ate a quick breakfast and headed out for a short hike around the lake. On one of the trails we discovered blue berries ... read more
Pickle barrel house
Blind Sucker Camp

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising November 17th 2010

Munising is AMAZING! Yes, that is correct! Munising, Michigan. A tad closer that all the way across the state from where I live, on a diagonal. A half-day's worth of flight hours in an LSA or a full day's worth of driving practice just to arrive for lunch or dinner! So, you ask, why is Munising so attractive and amazing?! Simple. There are two simple reasons. * The parks and shoreline (i.e. the scenery) * The food (esp. the pizza varieties!) I will explain the one closer to heart first. The pizza is just so amazing! When I visited back in my middle school days, there were no less than three pizza parlors selling all sorts of unheard-of delicacies in the form of an ancient Italian cheeseplate. There's anchovy pizza, artichoke pizza, and the one we ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Munising July 9th 2009

PICTURED ROCKS DAYS 5 AND 6 -Pasties -Incredible -Colors -Tour boat -Upper Peninsula... Read More -Rock cliffs -Early mornings -Dynamic -Relaxation -Outdoors -Christmas -Kaleidoscope -Superior ... read more

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