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Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachussetts, 15 juillet Le tout petit État du Rhode Island mérite que l'on s'y arrête, que vous soyez amateur d'architecture et d'histoire, de voile ou de musique. C'est à Newport, petite ville de 25 000 habitants joliment installée sur l'île Aquidneck au coeur de la baie de Narragansett, que l'on peut profiter de toutes ces merveilles. Après des débuts mouvementés lors de la Guerre d'indépendance américaine, Newport fut un lieu de villégiature huppé dès la fin du dix-neuvième siècle et les richissimes familles qui venaient ici passer quelques semaines estivales ont fait bâtir de véritables châteaux, les "mansions". Les magnats du rail comme les Vanderbilt ou du charbon comme les Berwind n'ont pas lésiné sur les moyens et la promenade le long de Bellevue avenue nous dévoile des dizaines de ces magnifiques manoirs ... read more
En mer
En mer
New London, Connecticut

May the bloody 13th. Fifty is such a ridiculous age and clearly nothing to do with me. Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes anyway. Spent yesterday and overnight on Cape Cod which is very pretty, all weatherboarded houses and beautiful beaches. They seem not to develop their beaches in the same way we do.... Not a kiss me quick hat or slot machine in sight... Just miles of dunes and sandy beaches. We walked across the salt marshes and along the beach for about a mile. Spencer contemplated a swim until he saw the shallows were inundated by the weirdest crab things ever.... Horse shoe crabs apparently, about a foot long and definitely prehistoric!! You'll have to google if you want to see them as, yes, you guessed it, no camera!!! We had lunch ... read more
Spencer at Spankys
Very snappy

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Brewster November 12th 2011

Geo: 41.7637, -70.0747Lovely, lovely, incredibly windy day.After brekkies at the condo, we drove up the cape to the park. Took a few walks -- beautiful day but very, very cold. Went to Provincetown for lunch, then another walk. Back to Brewster for dinner. ... read more
Cape Cod
Cape Cod
Cape Cod

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Brewster November 11th 2011

Geo: 41.7637, -70.0747Okay, it's really from Peninsula to Cape, but that's not a very interesting turn of phrase.We were up well before 4am to head out to SFO for our flight to Boston. Had been upgraded, which was only sort of nice, as we actually would have had less seat-back in our face if we had been in the exit rows. The flight was incredibly bumpy, especially crossing the Sierras, and it actually might have been more stable over the wing ... But they fed us, and the seats are wider, so I'm really not going to whine too much about having to fly First Class. We briefly went to the United Club (old RCC) when we landed to send emails, then got our rental car and headed south. The leaves are burnt orange and brown, ... read more

We said goodbye to High Brewster and all of Andrew's relatives. A little reluctant to leave the cape, we opted to visit The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History before setting off to the airport. There was enough information available to be interesting for adults, but most of the museum's focus appeared to be directed at children. There was a "summer sleuth group" of kids working hard at decyphering clues. There was a hands-on room (Oliver enjoyed putting his feet in the sandbox) and an aquarium where a volunteer helped children touch starfish (she called them "sea stars") and other local aquatic creatures. Oliver loved looking at the turtles and the striped bass.... read more
Oliver and a Wooly Mammoth Tooth
Grandma Colleen Shows Oliver the Sand
Oliver Tries to Touch the Turtle

The Shattucks/Shermans spent the evening at home. Sara made pesto pasta and potato salad, and the guys barbequed some food outside. Sara's friend, Vicky, came with her family, including her mother (whom everyone called, "Oma"). After dinner, I struck up a conversation with Oma. I told her how we called my great-grandma Oma, and I asked her if she was from Germany. She didn't look German, so I expected her to tell me no (I thought she'd have a story for me on how "Oma" is a name that's used in multiple countries or something). I was surprised when she said yes. In fact, she told me she was born in Germany. She told me her family's Jewish, and she left Germany when she was 13, in 1939. Oma went on to tell me that people ... read more

Yesterday, Sara and John's son, Sam, arrived. While young (17), he works hard to make sure everyone's happy. I like having the young man around. Last night, Andrew's brother, Zach, also arrived to High Brewster. It's always nice having Zach with us, and Andrew was especially happy to see his older brother. Early this afternoon, Andrew, Zach, Sam, Chris and Lizzie went back to the beach. I decided Oliver and I had enough fun in the sand, so we stayed behind with Sara and Colleen. John went for a long (13.5 mile) run, and Paul did more metal detecting. Sara is very handy in the kitchen and makes delicious meals and treats, so when she mentioned baking pies for all, I jumped at the chance to help. Colleen took my little babe (photos below of their ... read more
Cherry Pie Fillings!
Cherry Pie!
Grandma Colleen Babysits Oliver

Oliver went down for his nap at 10am, and Andrew and I decided to set sail (errr, row?) at the lake. I grabbed a sun bonnet and sun glasses, and Andrew grabbed a paddle. Grandma Colleen went on baby watch duty. The lake is pretty large, and there are a few other homes dotting its shore with their own docks. However, we were the only boat on the lake this morning. Andrew paddled, and I relaxed and bird watched (not that I know anything about birds). Different colored dragon flies landed on the canoe, and we paddled by some lily pads and tadpoles. It was a very quiet and gorgeous mini-expedition.... read more
He's a Bad Ass
Lily Pads
More Lily Pads

Andrew and I spent some time before dinner reading on reclining chairs, overlooking the lake, listening to ground squirrels run on the grass around us. Sara made fantastic fajitas and black bean & corn salad for dinner. After dinner, Andrew's second cousins invited us out to the Wood Shed. We thought they were inviting us out back or something, perhaps to chop wood for the numerous fireplaces. Andrew did, too. Joey clarified; the Wood Shed is a bar down the road. I've been to a bar once before, and it was for my sister's wedding weekend. For a moment, I thought of ways to deny their invitation. Then, I realized, these are Andrew's cousins (whom he hasn't gotten to see in a decade). Besides, I've been working hard at being a little more flexible in my ... read more

At noon, Oliver was fed and rested, so we dressed him up for a day at the beach and took him to a tide pool at Cape Cod. Oliver's Grandpa Paul went metal detecting nearby while his Grandma Colleen, Andrew and I took him over to the water. The water was nice and warm (I'd say 70 degrees or so). We plopped Oliver at the edge of the water with his bucket and shovel and watched him marvel at the feel of sand and ocean water. Hermit crabs crawled all around us. Although we didn't see regular crabs, there were shell evidence of them. Oliver squished the wet sand with his hands and feet. He gnawed at his shovel. He had a great time! Then, we took him into the water. Colleen had purchased a baby ... read more
I Demonstrate How to Use the Bucket and Shovel
Oliver and Me at the Tide Pool
The Tide is Coming In!

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