Vacationing at the Wood Shed

Published: July 3rd 2010
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Andrew and I spent some time before dinner reading on reclining chairs, overlooking the lake, listening to ground squirrels run on the grass around us. Sara made fantastic fajitas and black bean & corn salad for dinner.

After dinner, Andrew's second cousins invited us out to the Wood Shed. We thought they were inviting us out back or something, perhaps to chop wood for the numerous fireplaces. Andrew did, too. Joey clarified; the Wood Shed is a bar down the road.

I've been to a bar once before, and it was for my sister's wedding weekend. For a moment, I thought of ways to deny their invitation. Then, I realized, these are Andrew's cousins (whom he hasn't gotten to see in a decade). Besides, I've been working hard at being a little more flexible in my ways.

And so, we accepted their invitation, letting them know, however, that we'd want to be back home at a reasonable hour to relieve Andrew's mom of baby watch.

Surpringly (well, surprisingly to myself), I had a wonderful time. There was a $5 cover charge to get in, and a band played covers of artists like Cat Stevens and Sublime. We sat with Joey and Lizzie and Chris, and we talked and joked. It was fun doing something on vacation that's so atypical of me, and I couldn't believe that I wad such a nice time. I really like Andrew's family, I really like Cape Cod, and I really like doing something a little different.

This vacation is going by too quickly!

We were out all of an hour, maybe. Still, that hour was fun and enjoyable, and I left feeling better than I would have had I denied their invitation and stayed back at our place for the night.


3rd July 2010

Summer fun
Summer is here. It is such a great thing being outdoors. Sitting in chairs and around listening to the lake. I always liked the outdoors and adventures. Its peacefull to me. This looks to me from Becky's message what a great time. And Becky has a beautiful boy name Oliver Kory. And he is ok. Sounds like it was a beautiful evening and enjoying the summer of July. Summer is here. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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