Oliver's Adventures at the Tide Pool

Published: July 2nd 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

At noon, Oliver was fed and rested, so we dressed him up for a day at the beach and took him to a tide pool at Cape Cod.

Oliver's Grandpa Paul went metal detecting nearby while his Grandma Colleen, Andrew and I took him over to the water. The water was nice and warm (I'd say 70 degrees or so). We plopped Oliver at the edge of the water with his bucket and shovel and watched him marvel at the feel of sand and ocean water. Hermit crabs crawled all around us. Although we didn't see regular crabs, there were shell evidence of them.

Oliver squished the wet sand with his hands and feet. He gnawed at his shovel. He had a great time! Then, we took him into the water. Colleen had purchased a baby floating device for the occassion. I thought it was going to be super cute (it even came with a sun shade), but Oliver got quite mad at the whole floating-on-the-ocean ordeal. He wouldn't calm down, even when we took him back to shore, so I wrapped him in a towel and wandered down the sand. He calmed and played a little bit more with a sea shell I found, but ultimately was too over-whelmed and -stimulated by the experience to enjoy much more. In fact, he fell asleep and couldn't be woken. Andrew and I took him back home where he napped for about an hour. I enjoyed the outdoor shower while he napped, and when he woke, I got as much sand off of him as I could (You wouldn't believe where all the sand ended up! OK, maybe you would...).

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The Tide is Coming In!The Tide is Coming In!
The Tide is Coming In!

Oliver loves the wet sand!
Oliver Eats the SandOliver Eats the Sand
Oliver Eats the Sand

Could we really say he fully experienced the fun of the ocean tide pool if he hadn't at least tried some sand?
Andrew and Oliver Test Out the Ocean WatersAndrew and Oliver Test Out the Ocean Waters
Andrew and Oliver Test Out the Ocean Waters

Oliver does not like the ocean water.
Walking Along the Rising Water's EdgeWalking Along the Rising Water's Edge
Walking Along the Rising Water's Edge

Before we turned around, the water reached the grass.
Oliver Tastes the Sea ShellOliver Tastes the Sea Shell
Oliver Tastes the Sea Shell

Yuck! But he chews on it some more.
Colleen Holds a Hermit CrabColleen Holds a Hermit Crab
Colleen Holds a Hermit Crab

I was a bit afraid of the little guys, but Oliver wasn't!
Andrew, Oliver, and Me Back at the SandAndrew, Oliver, and Me Back at the Sand
Andrew, Oliver, and Me Back at the Sand

Grandpa Paul is metal detecting behind us.

2nd July 2010

I love your pictures! I want to visit Cape Cod now and play in the sand with Oliver!

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