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16th June 2018

Gotta love Cambridge!
Wow, love the photos - looks like you guys had a splendid day out! If you're ever back in town, i highly recommend going on one of the traditional punting tours on the River Cam, a beautiful way to see "The Backs".
From Blog: Cambridge
28th June 2016

Becky! This place looks so relaxing. I am adding it to my list of places to go.
28th May 2015

More Cranes
Monte Vista has a nice fest (http://cranefest.com) in Colorado; and be sure to stop by the International Crane Foundation if you're ever in southern Wisconsin!
5th September 2014

Hello, This above post is all about the Yurts. These are such nice portable houses. Thank you much more for posting such a nice Article. Yurts
4th August 2013

Glenwood Springs
A beautiful part of the country and a great place for a picnic.
6th July 2013

Fun and cute
Enjoying the summer!
8th April 2013

Quite a view
Wow, what a climb and view! I always like a good adventure. I've been enjoying all the pictures! And the excitment you all are having. Hope you have foud any good gold!
20th January 2013
Something Dead

dead fish
Not positive, but looks like a dead puffer fish
5th December 2012

Great Info!
I'm a follower of your other blog; and am living in Scotland right now, so I had to check out what you saw. There is some great info here that I'd never heard-so I am glad I stopped over. Did Craig also tell you that St. Andrew students avoid stepping on the 'PH' for fear of not doing well on exams, but once they graduate they go to it & jump on it? Just a little something I learned from someone who went to school there. Fun trivia for you. :)
2nd December 2012

love it
Becky, I loved this entry. I could just hear you talking as I read it. What a great experience you're having!
30th November 2012

Happy birthday!
What a great way to spend your birthday! It sounds as though your trip (rude teenagers soon to be forgotten) has been wonderful so far. I'll enjoy following your through your blog. Have fun!
26th June 2012

Shattuck children
Becky and Andrew, your children are darling in photos, but the photos do not begin to describe how cute and sweet they are in person!
4th March 2012

Great rides through the grasslands
Have been on a few 3 airboat rides at different places in the Everglades and have received completely different tours. Rides in Everglades city were not through the grass but open water and mangroves. The kids and my self liked the rides out on us 41 the best. The area from Miami to Naples on us 41 has all the grass land rides . The last tour was with swamplandairboattours.com lots of gators and good info the kids also got to hold a baby gator. Mitch
5th March 2011
Another Texas Blind Salamander

19th January 2011
Oliver and I on Blackbeard's Castle

Just like his daddy :)
17th January 2011

St. John
Hi Becky, I should have warned you that the hiking on St. John isn't easy. But with water and without a 1 year-old, the hikes are some of our favorites anywhere. Challenging, though. When Wayne and I have been there, of course, we've gone as two adults -- doing snorkling, hiking, beaching. We've actually spent a week there. We love the chickens and roosters! Poor Oliver -- so sorry the ferry upset him! Love, Aung Gerry
15th January 2011

You Prefer Sand, Sun & Sea to Snow?
We are quite jealous. WE have well over a foot of snow. Hope you make it over to St. John's ,which is one of our favorite places in the world. Very quiet and more rustic than St. Thomas. Enjoy! Love, Aunt Ger
14th January 2011

I be interested how Oliver did on the plane ride. It looks like a great time. Especailly from the pictures.
14th January 2011
Oliver's a Beach Bum

14th January 2011
Andrew & Oliver in Saint Thomas

Super Photo!
14th January 2011

Hi! Just beautiful! Have a great time!
14th January 2011

Looks like a beautiful place to be!
16th August 2010

It *is* Beautiful!
It's very nice having so many breathtaking places so close to home. Dillon is about an hour from us, Garden of the Gods maybe two hours... Red Rocks about 5 minutes. Gorgeous places and so many things to see and do. Still, it's a trade off for sure. The museums and other cultural centers aren't up to par, the food is terrible, and most of the shopping available to us is only at national chains/franchises/corporations.
12th August 2010

that looks beautiful, you guys have to realize just how lucky you are to be living in that state...
12th August 2010

Re: Aunt Gerry
I can't wait to show off my mischievous little man to you! We need to have a family reunion sometime soon before this little guy turns into a big guy.
From Blog: Fun at Midway

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