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North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown April 4th 2022

With the skies finally open, my buddy and I decided to reconnect for the first time since the pandemic. We had planned to go to Morocco in March 2020, but the pandemic grounded our plans. Getting there is still a challenge, so we looked at a “Plan B” closer to home. Outside of Florida, I haven’t been to the southeastern United States, so we chose its unofficial capital, Atlanta. I must admit I knew very little about the city before this trip… During our nine days in the city, we explored a good chunk of it. As I grow older, slow travel is a better fit for me. Four things stuck with me after this trip. The first was learning about the history of the civil rights movement in the United States during the 1950s and ... read more
Black Lives Matter
Atlanta Skyline
Neon Sign

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown March 31st 2021

Most of us have arrived at the airport, only to realize that we forgot something. I once went on a trip to Kauai, and forgot my golf clubs!!! And golf shoes. I had to rent clubs, and buy another pair of golf shoes. Since that untimely event, I always use a list when I pack for a long trip. After printing my boarding pass, I always place my passport in a clear plastic folder with the rest of my travel related documents. If you use the airline's app, I would still print a boarding pass as a backup. And I always keep my Driver's License (Real ID) in my wallet. And I have photos of each on my cell phone. The online check in process serves several functions. One might be paying for your baggage, printing ... read more
Always use pre check!
My "water" bottle

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown October 31st 2020

Perhaps some of my readers will have seen the url= photo of masked fans attending a football game at Georgia Tech in 1918, during the Spanish flu pandemic. This week, I wanted to see the same place as it confronted a new pandemic, just over a century later. As luck would have it, one of my favorite teams, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, were playing at Georgia Tech on Halloween afternoon. This game was on the calendar before the pandemic, but originally scheduled to take place at the Mercedes Benz Stadium instead, presumably to accommodate the larger crowd expected for Notre Dame. As such, it had been one of my must-see games before the pandemic, and since it’s the only game this season (so far, and most likely will continue to be) that regular fans... read more
Nice green space on the Tech campus
Pink for breast cancer awareness (sorry not sorry for not wearing Irish green)
Shame that it still needs to be said (peep the guy in the upper right)

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown February 4th 2020

Written in 2009. Have things improved? Do we really celebrate this day the way Dr. King would want us to? Is former President Obama's idea of a day of service gone forever? Monday marks a holiday that most of us can live and relive past events, as we were alive to see and hear Dr. King in the news almost every day. We saw him lead non violently, with no fear of white supremacists or military and police barricades. He was an inspiration to all of us. Monday, I am going to spend most of the day volunteering at Medshare, in his honor. I hope you will do whatever you can today to honor him. When I first saw and read about Dr. King, I wondered. Why would he be named after the famous Martin Luther? ... read more
Beautiful windows here
I Have A Dream!!!!
Nonviolence Principles

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown November 30th 2019

I had several options for rivalry week in college football, and I don't regret going to a place I have been before, to watch a matchup I have seen several times. Though I had my choice of games for this rivalry week, I also had commitments on Sunday back home, so it meant I had to stay within an area that would allow me to be back by noon the following day. My heart was really set on the Iron Bowl, but the price just never got low enough for me to consider it as a serious option. In hindsight, of course, that would have been THE game to choose—it had everything you could hope for in a college football game, and people will be talking about it for years to come. So maybe the price ... read more
Normally I avoid this route but it's the most direct way to Tech
Many building on Tech's campus have an ultra-modern feel
The Administration Building at Tech, and one of the key shots for any sportscast from this school

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown October 8th 2019

Assuming you were around in the Sixties, you know the 1968 song, "Abraham, Martin, and John", written by Dick Holler, and sung by Dion. It is a tribute to four assassinated Americans, all great icons of social change, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and the Kennedy brothers. The song was written in response to the assassination of Dr. King and Senator Kennedy. Here are the lyrics. It is a powerful song. Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?Can you tell me where he's gone?He freed a lot of peopleBut it seems the good die young... read more
The childhood home of Dr. King
Six Principles of Nonviolence

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown October 6th 2019

My first trip to Atlanta was back in the 80s as I recall. I was attending a convention, then on my way to the US Open Tennis in NYC (1982). I was greeted by my friend, Ken Bob at the airport, along with a large cooler of ice cold beer. Those were the days!! He proceeded to show me the Atlanta that he knew, as a native. We made all the visits, Stone Mountain, the Varsity, Mary Mac's Tea Room, The Fox, and many, many honky tonks and bars. I don't even remember where I was staying! My visit now is ostensibly to visit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, and perhaps a few of the nostalgic places like Merry Macs and The Varsity. And who knows, maybe I can? From the Carter Library: Shortly after taking ... read more
Love Mary Mac Tea Room
The Varsity, an Atlanta tradition

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown May 27th 2017

After yesterday's long grueling ride, today is a tourist day in Atlanta. We both slept well, and since we only had a 30 minute ride to town, there was no reason to wake up particularly early, especially since the free hotel breakfast doesn't begin until 7:00 on the weekends. So with coffee and breakfast, we hit the road about 8:00. We were about 10 minutes from the hotel when I realized that I had forgotten the camera in the room so we had to turn around and go back. No problem, we have plenty of time today. So we're about 10 minutes down the road again and I realize that the TPMS light is on solid on the bike.This means low tire pressure on one of the tires, and when you only have 2, it's kind ... read more
Georgia Aquarium - So Many Fishes
Georgia Aquarium - Whale Shark
High Museum of Art - Colorful

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown February 24th 2015

Težko bi rekla, da je Atlanta postala moj dom in tudi ameriške sanje mi ne dišijo najbolj, hrano lahko opišem samo z eno besedo - presladko, in preživeti polovico življenja v avtu se mi ne zdi mikavno. Fulbright štipendija mi je omogočila najboljše delo, trenirala sem z odlično plesno skupino, uživala z Atlantčani, bila odlično sprejeta, spoznala več plati ameriške svobode, se preselila 5x v 6 mesecih, se navduševala nad parki, obupavala nad javnim prevozom, kričala na NBA tekmi, pojedla veliko pic, plačala ogromno napitnin in neštetokrat vlekla ven mojo osebno, da so me spustili v bar. Jugovzhod je zanimiv del Amerike in ga vsem toplo priporočam. Savannah, Charleston, Athens, so čudovita mesta, ki jih večinoma vsak turist prezre, medtem ko leti v San Francisco, Boston, Chicago. Ljudje na tem koncu so res prijetni in to ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown September 16th 2014

Pristanek v Atlanto je bil prijeten, vroč in sploh ne kompliciran. Niti viza, niti moji papirji za delo tukaj, nič ni zmotilo vseh teh varnostnikov, samo lepo so me pozdravljali in nasvidenje. Verjetno bo to mega ameriška izkušnja, ker delam z Američani, živim z Američani, jem po ameriško, ampak napitnine pa nečem dat po Ameriško...matr to je ful keša ha. O zgodovini Atlante ne vem veliko. Lahko pa povem, da je super zelena, parkov več kot hiš in več kot zelenja je samo še avtov. Gradijo še Belt Line park okoli mesta, za kolesarjenje, tek, sprehode, res super zadeva. Ha, tukaj brez avta, je skoraj kot bi bil bos in kar je najbolj čudno, skoraj ni pešcev. Metro ima samo 3 linije za 6 milijonsko mesto, vse ostalo, v avto in gasa. Avtobusi so, vsaj avtobusnih ... read more
Piedmont Park
prej Olimpijski park, danes univerzitetni kampus

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