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North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach April 25th 2017

Well, we have been back in the United States for a week already, and once again I am shocked at how quickly time passes! After a number of days readjusting, restocking and refreshing (takes some time to catch up after a long crossing!) we have begun our slow, lackadaisical journey north. To be honest, the first few days were a bit overwhelming. After months in the relaxed, laid back framework of the islands, Florida seems like a buzzing beehive. Compared to the humble, sporadic infrastructure we have grown accustomed to, coming into the harbor at Lake Worth in Florida was a little surreal. The materialistic opulence, the fancy yachts, high-rises, elaborate condos and palatial homes, all packed tightly together, made me almost a little claustrophobic at first. However, there are definitely some advantages to being back ... read more
Lake Worth Skyline
Cruising the ICW
Loggerhead Marina mascot

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach November 27th 2016

One of the nice things about our condo here is that our second floor balcony looks over a small lake that is stocked with fish, and is teeming with birds. I love sitting out on the balcony watching the birds. We have both great blue herons and little blue herons, great egrets, snowy egrets, cattle egrets, ibis, various ducks, and lots more that I don't know the names of. There is even a bald eagle that takes a bath in the lake sometimes, but I haven't been able to catch it with the camera yet. We also have cormorants and anhingas (diving and swimming birds) that hang out fishing in the lake, then they hop up onto the fake geese to dry their wings out. We caught a great blue heron with a fish that was ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach October 31st 2016

Sorry for the week-long absence. Long travel days finally caught up with me, and I have spent the last week recovering. Ya, just laying around, you know me, lol! I can't seem to leave the pain behind, as much as I try. Anyway, back to normal for me again, so thought I would finish this post. We left Colleen and Greg in Myrtle Beach last Monday after a wonderful couple of days with them. Our plan was to travel down the east coast - it's pretty much a straight shot to Vero Beach. We stayed on highway 17 for a while, then angled over to through Charleston, SC to the 95 which was a little inland but with less tourist traffic. It should have been a nice 8-hour day, but it turned into 10 or 11 ... read more
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-004
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-005
Myrtle Beach to Vero Beach 2-001

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach February 23rd 2015

This adventure was in Vero Beach with, Jim and Jean Kelly. It was a great time saw lots of birds and alligators , it was beautiful day. If you're in the area be sure to check it out. Web Links Links on more detail stories and photos Boat Rental Visit Flickr for more pictures http// Visit You ... read more
Florida Air Boat Ride
Florida Air Boat Ride
 Florida Air Boat Ride

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach August 27th 2014

Geo: 27.6583, -80.3706Now that we were back in Florida, to wait out the remainder of hurricane season, the original idea was that we'd come into Ft. Pierce, stay anchored outside the Harbourtown Marina for one night, check into American waters, get our American Cruising permit and then move on to Vero Beach right away. We had been through Vero on our way down the ICW and had enjoyed it (and the marina's facilities) and figured that it made sense to go back up to a spot we enjoyed so much. Vero Beach has an excellent pubic transit system and the beach is within walking distance from the marina. On the second day after we had arrived in Ft. Pierce we took a walk along the marina docks and I spotted a catamaran that I recognized. It ... read more
So thankful to spend time with Tracy & Marshall
Inspiration at her mooring ball at the city marina
Vero Beach Sunset!

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach February 4th 2013

"Laissez les bons temps rouler" ..... "Let the good times roll". And we are! First assignment: go to the Vero Beach Antique Show. The fearsome trio of Sam, Cory & myself flew along the roadways on Saturday to this annual show. Whoa.....Black Beauty (our new car is black) we screeched to a stop at an unexpected flea market just north of Vero Beach. We found a few goodies here while Lulu made friends with a colorful, friendly parrot. Now, she keeps asking for crackers. Squawk! Time to get back in Black Beauty and head onward to the Vero Beach Antique Show. It was good but not as good as last year (less dealers and we didn't find too much). We saw three different dealer friends from our field at Brimfield. That's always a welcome moment. It ... read more
Vero Beach Antique Show
Time Out

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach June 12th 2012

After a good crossing back from the Bahamas on May 30th and a waltz around the corners at Palm Beach and Lake Worth, MELODEON is back on track, heading north to Canada. During our crossing we enjoyed smooth sailing until we snapped an aft mast shackle as we were heading north on the Gulf Stream. We re-routed to Lake Worth to repair our only stayed mast. With great good luck we eventually secured a cruising permit and began our journey north again. Melodeon loves to sail and the south winds out of Lake Worth were perfect for us. We got am amazing send-off from some huge dolphins. They danced around our hull quite a bit, seeming to give us a good look see. Not sure if they have colour vision but we fancied they liked our ... read more
Raising the Mizzen
Securing the aft mast
Main sail

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach November 30th 2010

Nous poursuivons notre route en Floride via l’ICW en compagnie des gentils dauphins et des gracieux pélicans qui nous guident vers notre point de départ pour la traversée de la Floride vers les Bahamas prévue pour la mi-décembre. Dimanche le 21 novembre : Nous sommes toujours à St-Augustine. Cette ville fut découverte par l’espagnol Pedro Menendez en 1565 et c’est l’homme d’affaires Henry Flagler qui vers la fin des années 1800 a amené le développement touristique ici. En après-midi, nous sortons les vélos et nous rendons à la plage à quelques 30 minutes de la marina. La surface de sable compactée nous permet de rouler à vélo directement sur la superbe plage (qui fait 4 milles de long) par une journée chaude et ensoleillée. Ensuite, nous nous dirigeons vers le super-marché pour y faire nos provisions ... read more
Qu'est ce que Paul a encore sorti pour faire rire Serge de la sorte
Coucou Charlie
Pecheurs sur l'ICW - en fonds le Kennedy Space Center

North America » United States » Florida » Vero Beach May 10th 2010

The trip home began in earnest after our two day stay in Turtle Cay. If you ever come this way Turtle Cay is worth a stop. We anchored in the White Sound portion of things, but there is anchoring outside Black Sound and moorings in Black Sound were only $10.00 per night. Black Sound is at the Settlement of New Plymouth, which is a colourful friendly place. The old jail is present, and one can view the old cells. They surely do not look friendly, no light and so on, outside painted the ubiquitous pink found in the Bahamas. Streets are very narrow and mostly drivers are found in golf carts, some of which are very brightly decorated. We anchored on the North Side of Great Sale cay, an unihabited island that is a favorite jumping ... read more
Looking Back

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