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North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 7th 2017

Thursday February 2 to Tuesday February 7, 2017, Thousand Trails, Clermont, FL. Is that what day it is, February 7? Gosh, I head north tomorrow. Not sure I like this shortened version of my Snowbird trip, I am not ready to go home yet, but am ready to go home. Always a bittersweet moment for me, that turn to the north, but I have another trip coming up with my girlies in April that I am really looking forward to. We made some plans for that trip this week. We will meet in Natchez, MS on 4/20. Kathy, Ginnie and I might meet a day or two before, Kim will join us on the 20th. I might meet up with Kathy along the way someplace and discover unknown places along the way. Remember, “The Quest for ... read more
Lobster grilled cheese
Sand Hill Bobbler
Map, Lake Eola

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 4th 2017

Blog 02-02-17 Leisure day then the Horses Thursday was a beautiful day with bright sun and warm temps. We walked in the morning and took Watson to the dog park to play and get him tired out because we were going out for the afternoon. We were alone in the dog park for a while til another family came with their fun loving dog. This dog was a decedent of an old breed dog that used to hunt lions in Egypt. Smaller than you would think for such a job. He was about 35 lbs so not too big and tried to get Watson to run with him. Watson was playing with a disgusting stuffed toy he found there at the park and when the other dog snatched the toy away the race was on. They ... read more
the dance
the war horse
showing how the horse would jump so the general could see the battle better

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 1st 2017

My happy winter home. I really like it here, and feel very comfortable. I like my campsite, I have a great view of the interior roads, the farm, and the sky. All is well in the world for me right now. I have one more week to go before I head home. I don’t know if I like this shortened version of my Snowbird trip at all, though. I will be sad to leave. Our elderly, sick neighbor has had the visiting nurse visit him several times, and today I saw someone bring him groceries. All is quiet all the time at his rig. Scary. Ginnie, Kim, Judy and Larry went to the Amway Center to see Billy Joel on Saturday night. They said, despite the nosebleed seats, it was an awesome show. Kathy and I ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 31st 2017

blog 01-30-17 Gopher Tortoise Tuesday dawned with frost on the cars and grass and mist in the field. It was beautifully clear and the weather man promised a warm up. By 9 am it was shirt sleeve weather. How could it change so fast. I had great plans for the day with several chores I wanted to get done. First was a load of clothes in the washer, just across the street, then our walk around the park. I visited with several people along the way, one was a man with a mini Dachshund in his yard that had spinal problems and couldn't move his hind end very much at all. I talked to him about our experiences with Doxie spines and he said the surgery is now $10,000., more than they could afford. The dog ... read more
she seemed to like the weeds best
close up of her armour
eating the petunias

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 30th 2017

Blog 01-30-17 Dinner and Cleaning Sunday was a washout. I slept late thanks to the pitter patter of rain on the roof. The temperature was 48 degrees and laying in bed drinking coffee sure was wonderful. I did get ambitious enough to go to the grocery store for just a few items then came home and watched City Slicker II. What a great movie, it was fun to laugh with it and get that feeling of adventure too. Kat and Kim went to Walmart and when they got home Kat realized she didn't have her phone. The last place she used it was in the check-out line but now it was nowhere to be found. She checked everywhere then went to the Verizon store to disable it. She has a tracking device and could see it ... read more
then he came over to visit Watson
the lake at the campground
fishing dock

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 28th 2017

blog 01-28-17 TT rest day Friday started out with the sandhill cranes doing a mating dance in the field behind my camper but I missed it. Kat texted to alert me but by the time I got there they had gone. Next time. After breakfast and a walk I settled in to organize the camper so I could find things, enough time wasted looking for things. I started at one end and left no cub-bard or cabinet unturned. Got rid of most of the dust and dirt and set up Watson's fence in the yard. For hours I had looked for a section of fence while still home to use along the camper and finally decided to just let it go. Well guess where it was, in the trunk of the car. So now I can ... read more
eye to eye
Alfie won
my campsite with Kat's camper behind. This is our side yard complete with shade.

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 26th 2017

Arriving in Thousand Trails, Clermont, FL From Wildwood, FL to Clermont took about an hour and half and I met Kat in the Publix parking lot about 11 am. We did a little grocery shopping then waited til 11:55 and headed for the gate. Much to our surprise there was no line so we got our papers and headed for the rec hall parking lot. There were several rangers escorting the new campers to a site in their desired neighborhood and the process went beautifully. Kat and I have sites back to back with the restroom and laundry just across the street. Ginnie's site is just a short walk down the street, Easy Street, so we are in perfect places. We got settled and spent the afternoon talking to Kim in the shade of our big ... read more
neat old car
the local tortoise. It is mating season and there are several nests in the campground.
The back door of the Blues Club

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 26th 2017

The writing juices are flowing tonight. All this time I have pronounced Bushnell as Bush-NELL. I heard some locals saying BUSHnull. I had the accent on the wrong syllable and saying the wrong vowel. Never too old to learn something new. The morning I left I went early to coffee, grabbed a yummy apple fritter and said a quick goodbye to my friends. One of the transient guests was my backup eyes so I would not run into the cars and trucks behind me as I departed. I was on my way 58 miles southeast to Clermont by 9:45. I do love traveling the Florida back roads. Since the rain, the landscape is much greener. The live oaks are covered with Resurrection Fern, a short fern that grows in the cracks of bark and turns dark ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 25th 2017

Lake Louisa one of nicest state parks we have been to. We biked the James van Fleet Trail,very straight and flat 29 miles only one curve. We went to the local library and updated the computers, it was a very impressive structure, part of the local college. Lake Louisa has many hiking trails, we walked around one of the lakes while it was still cool. The temperatures have been unusually warm In Florida this January. The weather man promises cooler temps starting tomorrow. Life doesn't get easier you just get stronger... read more
Kelly on her new bike
Nice breakfast
Florida Parks

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 23rd 2016

The one about catching up for February There are a lot of pictures here. Make sure you look after the end of the text to see them all. KM Good thing I check in so many places on my Swarm app. I can just go back to 2/9, scroll forward, and bring back some good and fun memories. So, memories in no specific order, here we go. We went to Disney Springs which some of you will remember as Downtown Disney. It has been undergoing a multi year expansion. One new HUGE parking deck completed, another being built. When you walk out of the multi story deck, you are put into a new area of moderate to expensive shoppes and restaurants. A half mile walk puts you to the ‘older’ more familiar area, near the Lego ... read more
Going for the artsy reflection shot
What the well dressed nana wears for morning bike ride

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