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North America » United States » Florida » Clermont March 3rd 2015

The One About Catching Up, somewhat I have definitely settled into the doldroms….laugh…..of RV life on the road. I have been here at Thousand Trails in Clermont for just under 2 weeks now. Life settles into a quiet pattern and my brain went into relax mode. I was able to get a site midway between Ginnie and Kim, and right across from the bathhouse/laundry room. It’s not a great site, due to the location on a corner, but it is a great site being across from the laundry room. I have been happy here. BUT, there were the negatives. The weather was unseasonably cold. For the first 10 days of my stay, I needed the heat on in the morning. Only the last 4 days did it warm up enough for tank tops, shorts, and air ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 8th 2015

We rose before the crack of dawn to go on a bucket list adventure. Ginnie has wanted to go hot air ballooning for years and this was the day! Pat has always wanted to go too so she arrived just in time to join us. Pat and I met Ginnie and we arrived at the meeting place to catch the balloon people. We then drove to another shopping center and met 5 other balloonists who were going to take off from the same field. Our outfit had a Conock camper and they towed a box trailer with the balloon and basket in it. We all climbed in the camper and as we were traveling signed our lives away. When we got to the launch field it was just cracking dawn and quite chilly so we opted ... read more
blowing air in our balloon
ready to go
sun rise

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 7th 2015

Yesterday and today are pretty much the same weather wise and activities. Oscar and I walked to Hammond Lake which is just across the street, in hopes of seeing some wildlife. There were 2 fisherman on the dock not having any luck getting a fish to bite their hooks, and the breeze was blowing fairly strong so not a lot of birds to be seen.The trees and lily pads offered a pretty view and Oscar even went down some steps to look at the water. Some minnows were swimming by but we didn't see anything bigger. Went back to the ranch and sat in the sun and read my book for a while til grouch started about bisquit time. Then I heard some calls from an osprey. I grabbed my camera and went toward the dock ... read more
checking it out
IMG_0284 (2)
calling to her mate

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 5th 2015

The rain came pouring down all night and the camper roofmade it sound like I was under a waterfall. It was a fitful night. In the morning the sun tried to come out, but then it rained again. Oscar and I waited til almost 11 am to go outside, I showered and got ready to meet the girls for lunch. My campground is only 6 miles away so it was easy to arrange lunch with Ginnie and Kim I made a list for Walmart to stop on the way home and met the ladies at 1pm at Oakwood Smokehouse and Grill. Of course one must have ribs in a place like this and that is what I did and was rewarded with mouth watering goodness. We had a great visit and departed about 2:30pm. After the ... read more
shore line
spanish moss in the cyprus trees
Pennelope and Petuna at Lake Louise

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 4th 2015

This is a sonopsis of what has happened is the last several days. On Jan 28th I was lucky enough to have company. My cousin Dave and his wife Nancy Mallon from Indianapolis, Indiana were in FL and heard I wasn't too far away so they came to visit me. It just so happened that it was the same day that my sister Denise was coming to spend several days with me. We all met at the campground and went out for a leisurly lunch and had a terrific visit. After lunch, Dave and Nancy continued their tripand Dee and I went back to the camper to settle in and let Oscar know his Auntie was here. He was So excited. We had cocktails with my friends, Ginnie, Kat and Kim then went out for a ... read more
spraying water all over
saying hello
our group for lunch

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 31st 2015

The one about letting my Aunt Pat know what I have been up to. My Dear Aunt Pat called me today. My Godmother. My mother’s sister, in her 80s and pretty spry for her age – she still goes to the gym when she is not bothered by the bronchitis she has now. She has not seen a blog from me in a few days, and she was worried about me. Nice to be loved so. So, Auntie, this one is for you. A very lazy week here at Thousand Trails Orlando, which is really in Clermont. The weather has been cool during the day and downright cold at night. When it gets to low 40s and you are sleeping in a metal box like I am, it’s cold. But, my space heater or my propane ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 27th 2015

Made it to the Lake We have the wind, the northeast has the snow. The storm that's dumping all that snow up north is creating winds down here exceeding 40 mph. Despite the temp being 64 degrees it felt chilly, Oh no, I'm not complaining about the temps. While on the computer a pair of Sandhill cranes walked by so I had to grab the camera and snap a few shots. The male flew over the female and fluttered his wings to gain her interest. It must have worked because she put her beak up in the air and sang her sandhill song, he joined in and they did a little dance. Then went about feeding again. So much fun to see them. Oscar and I walked early then went to the grocery store to get ... read more
beautiful lake
the forest near the lake

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 26th 2015

The one about laziness has settled in. Another camping girlie, Kathy, arrived on Wednesday. She left the Poconos a week ago, got out before the ice came, and took a slow trip south stopping at her son’s house and to see some friends in GA along the way. The only campsite available to her was in the woods, where she generally likes to be, but this year she wanted to be near us in the main part of the campground. She checked again on Thursday and was able to move to Easy Street, just a few away from me and Ginnie. Good to have her in the neighborhood for the next 2 weeks. It has been a quietly busy week here at Thousand Trails, Orlando. The weather has not been wonderfully warm. The only time I ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 23rd 2015

On the 21st after a 4 1/2 hr drive, I arrived in Clermont, FL and pulled into the Thousand Trails Campground to find a camp site. It's always an adventure here to find a desirable site as there are no site reservations, just first come, first served. Of course you have to wait for the previous resident to vacate. So they give you a list of the sites available and you have to choose from what they have. I ended up in the outback section far away from my 3 friends that are staying here. I will be here for 2 weeks so it's nice to be near everybody. I had to get the oil changed in the camper so I decided to do that this morning and then check at the office to see if ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 23rd 2015

Sandhill Day This was a lovely slow morning, watching the news, listening to the wind and having coffee, heavenly. Then the wind got to rattling the awning and it was time to take it down, replaced the brackets once, that's enough. The nor'easter that the folks up north are supposed to get this weekend is starting to form here and we are expecting rain and some sever wind further north of here. I had a wonderful shower in the newly renovated bathouses, then headed for Walmart for a few supplies. It is a huge store so it took me a while to find what I needed, then stopped and had the car washed. I knew it was going to rain but I had to get the salt and grime from up north off poor Petunia. Oh, ... read more
his eye is red too
being chased by 2 bikes
my campsite

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