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Colorado Springs 2020 9 Breakenridge, Colorado 2020 9 Garden of Gods, Colorado 2020 9 Cave of Winds, Colorado, uSA 2020 9 Seven falls, Colorado 2020 9 Denver, Colorado 9-18-2020 Breckenridge, Colorado. Sang thuc day la vang day thanh pho. Chung toi rat sung suong nhin la vang tren nhung canh cay ma cho la da mai man ngung lai day de ngu dung noi ma la vang cua mua Thu den truoc tien o Hoa Ky. Tai sao la tren nen vang? Colorado voi Evergreen State vao mua xuan va ha la cay xanh muoc tren canh, nhung den mua Thu thi la ba... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains October 7th 2020

ROCKY MOUNTAIN nATIONAL PARK 2020 9 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 9-19-2020 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Sang nay chung toi di den Adam Falls gan Great Lake. Chung toi phai hiking den Adam falls va rat nhieu nguoi hiking nhu vay de den nhung noi khac ma doan duong klhoang 5 den 6 miles. Trong khi den Adam lake khoang ½ miles. Doan duong hiking nay ray hay coi nhieu la vang dep. Adam Falls khong co gi dac biec. Sau do chung toi vao park thi moi biet la chung toi can reserve moi vao duoc, neu khong chung toi phai vao truoc 6am vi truoc 6am park ranger khong kiem soat va du khach co the di ra vao tu do. Tu 6am den 5pm du khach phai reserve truoc online roi moi ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Trinidad September 14th 2020

I awoke up to a knock on my hotel door by the room attendant cuz I was thirty minutes late on my 11 AM checkout. I called the hotel office and informed that I could check out in a hour. They nicely did not charge me extra for my late checkout. I had places to see in Trinidad before I drove to my first back-country camp. I started on Commercial Street in the center of downtown Trinidad. (My last visit in Trinidad in 2017, Commercial Street was closed due to construction improving the street.) Many of the old buildings in Trinidad date back to the late 1800s. I had a nice slow drive on Commercial Street and made stops to shoot the neat old buildings. According to Wikipedia, Trinidad was first explored by Spanish and Mexican ... read more
old church
old church
old church

North America » United States » Colorado » Trinidad September 13th 2020

It was afternoon before I started driving up the steep grade on Interstate Hwy. 25 from Raton, New Mexico to Raton Pass at the Colorado State line. Just a short distance (about 100 meters) into Colorado was a nice scenic overlook with a good view of Colorado on the main trail of the Santa Fe Trail connecting Independence, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. The settlers from Missouri would see the very distinctive Fishers Peak and know it was time to turn South uphill over Raton Pass to get to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fishers Peak can be clearly seen from the overlook as a bald butte on the skyline. I made the twenty mile downhill to the historic Trinidad, Colorado. I checked into the very convenient Trinidad Inn & Suites for good service (and a ... read more
Raton Pass scenic overlook
Raton Pass scenic overlook
walk to Rinos Italian Restaurant

North America » United States » Colorado September 4th 2020

Last week we took a road trip to Colorado. I don't want to call it a vacation as it was more an escape from reality. We spent a week in the Rocky Mountains and Steamboat Springs social distancing at 7,000'. We hiked, we biked (some better than others lol and I think I will be healing up for awhile) and we even spent a day driving through Wyoming. It was a fantastic altitude adjustment. Colorado is beautiful and magical. Every day was a different adventure. There is so much to do there! I felt like we could slow down and enjoy nature's beauty.... read more
Steamboat Springs
Steamboat Springs
Rabbit Ears Motel

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 12th 2020

There are many expenses involved when travelling. It is possible to save money if you can be wise when incurring the expenses. For instance, you would like to pay for an air ticket and eat. The choice of hotels where you eat can save you a lot of money. Some travellers choose to eat in places where locals eat, and they end up saving a lot of money in the long run. When in your destination you can decide to use local means of public transport instead of hiring a cab. It will be way much cheaper. Below we are going to reveal to you several ways in which you can save money when travelling: 1. Be flexible when choosing flights There are some days of the week when certain airlines offer big discounts. You can ... read more

Thursday, 9 July, 2020 Because of the COVID19, you have to make a reservation to enter Rocky Mountain National Park. Our entry time was 12 noon, so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before neatening up the camper and then heading to the park. Rocky Mountain NP was, as usual, gorgeous. We were lucky to spot a couple of moose just a few miles into the park. Actually we first spotted a carload of people standing on the side of the road pointing and taking pictures. They were nice enough to point out the moose to us. Kerry still didn’t enjoy driving the steep and winding roads, but without the camper was a bit more relaxed. We found a patch of old snow near a pull off and Timmy was so happy to be able to throw ... read more
Rocky Mtn NP
Rocky Mtn NP
Rocky Mtn NP

North America » United States » Colorado » Salida July 9th 2020

Just a little info about why I am in Colorado. My sister's daughter is having a baby in Ft Collins, CO and the safest way to travel is by rv. How could I refuse a trip to the west!! So Denise and I left PA July 2 and arrived In CO July 5th. After a short visit with Jess, Rob and Abby I headed south for a month of exploring future home sites. log 07-09-20 Two Hummingbirds Today I left Ft Collins 7-8-20 and drove south to Salida, CO. The first leg of the trip was on interstate 25 but then I pealed off and went through and over the mountains on hwy 285. The journey took me to over 9,000 ft then down into a valley between 2 mountain ranges. The scenery was beautiful with ... read more
over the and down into a valley between the mts at 7500 ft
floating down the river
is that gold in there??

Wed, 8 July 2020 So Saturday, while we were staying in from the beach, I managed to reserve us a campsite for 3 nights at a national forest campground just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. The only problem was we would have to leave on Sunday, the 5th. Sunday morning Kerry’s foot was really hurting, so David took him to an urgent care clinic where he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. So we finally got on the road around 2. Once we got out of Florida, we were delayed an hour by an accident on I-10 in Alabama. We did manage to get as far as Hattiesburg, Mississippi before stopping for the night. Monday, being out of the habit of camping, we didn’t get on the road until 9:30. We again were delayed by an ... read more
New Mexico

North America » United States » Colorado » Boulder June 16th 2020

I wrote this in 2016, but the rules are pretty much the same for you Road Warriors. Well, first I do not believe in rules for my travel, I have my own set of rules. But for any of you who have set out the cross this great land of ours, I am sure you were inundated with advice. My only advice is to stop where I have enjoyed a stop, like a landmark, meal, or point of interest. What better time to go than now? While some are good, Yahoo has their own rules: 1. Never say No to a full tank of gas (NEVER!) This is very important, but I also say, "never pass a toilet without using it" comes in very ... read more

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