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North America » United States » Colorado October 8th 2019

Day 17 Page to Cortez This was going to be a transit section and as we had dropped our bikes at the dealer yesterday early afternoon, we were hopeful of getting away mid morning. We phoned the dealer around 9am who said the bikes would be ready in around an hour. We taxied to the shop but in the event they were not ready until around 12.15. We were on the road early afternoon so still ahead of our original schedule. Pavement all the way this afternoon as we were transiting between the end of the AZ BDR & the start of the New Mexico route. Whilst not too exciting riding it was still great scenery. Leaving Page on Route 98 heading south on highish plains (2000m elevation) we rode through scrubby desert type country that ... read more
Housing opportunity

North America » United States » Colorado » Aurora October 1st 2019

The entire experience of weddings has changed over the decades. People once only used to opt for church or ballroom weddings, but now gone are the days of these traditional wedding ceremonies. Couples today are looking to add their own unique takes on weddings now, and every couple has their own unique concept. It is not about who spends more money, but rather who executes the greater wedding. Destination weddings are currently all the rage, and couples are traveling to different cities and now all around the world in order to give their wedding a completely different experience. People to tropical beaches, to beautiful woodlands, lakes, beaches, and winter forests and other such locations in order to have their dream wedding, and it has almost become a sort of accepted norm in society today. In case ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 26th 2019

We decided to get up early and head into Rocky Mountain National Park to 1. See wildlife and 2. Be able to get to the Bear Lake area before all the construction traffic started. So up and out before 7 - that is hard for Donald, especially on vacation. We tried to grab breakfast somewhere but nobody was open. So we grabbed a muffin and yogurt from the gas station and moved on to the park. We arrived at the Bear Lake parking area around 7:30 and achieved our goal of avoiding the construction and traffic. They were still getting set up. I have to wonder what made them choose this time of year to work on the roads. It is their busy time and seems that their process could be more efficient. We opted to ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 25th 2019

Our morning started out cold. We had no hot water for our shower. I don’t mean it was cool, I mean ice cold water. We said something to the desk staff when we stopped by for our sort of continental breakfast. Apparently it was out in the whole building and they were working on it. We got juice and coffee and went back to our room to enjoy cinnamon roles that Donald had purchased from the bakery down the road earlier this morning. The sort of continental breakfast had basically cereal, toast and muffins. Not very hardy. We headed on into Rocky Mountain National Park via the north entrance. We made a quick stop at the welcome center and moved along. We opted for that entrance because a couple of hotel guests told us they went ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 24th 2019

Today is the day we head over to Rocky Mountain National Park. I am excited to be going back there. Not sure what it is, but something about that park just keeps calling me back. But this time I get to share it with Donald. Before we would get to RMNP, we would have a lot of driving to do. We left Montrose and began our way to the park. Our rental car did not have a navigation system, so we used our iPhone for maps and directions. Donald likes Google Maps, so we used google to lead us through Colorado. We learned that google likes to bypass cities and will take you on all the back roads to avoid them. We traveled many back roads on this trip. The backroads eventually took us to the ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Ouray September 23rd 2019

It was a grand slam morning as we started the day at Denny’s. Our hotel did have a tiny continental breakfast which we did partake of yesterday. Their offering was a choice of 3 kinds of toast, coffee and a piece of fruit. We needed something more today so we went into to town for a filling meal. After we filled ourselves and our car, we headed north. We did not have many miles to cover but the miles we did have were going to be slow. Today’s route was going to take us over the Million Dollar Highway. I have read of a few different reasons that it was named that. 1. It cost a million dollars per mile to build. 2. The drive gives million dollar views. 3. Some people state after they drive ... read more

Today we were up early so that we could get to the Mesa Verde visitor center when they opened to help the staff dig up 2 more tickets for one of the dwelling tours since our luck ran out the day before. Or at least hoping they had found 2 more. It was about an hours drive to the park and we arrived right at 8 am. But we were not the only ones there at opening time. There was already a line for tour tickets. We followed the small crowd and took our place in the queue. After about fifteen minutes I heard the park staff say to someone “not going to happen” in reference to a guest needing 2 tickets for today. I then realized they had a screen displaying the tour times and ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 17th 2019

Another late night for the Nelsons and Walkers. Last night we joined a night tour of the Stanley Hotel. The hotel was built in the early 1900s by the person who invented the Stanley Steamer. He and his twin brother developed early meat holds for taking photographs and speedier ways of developing photos. Their company was eventually bought out and became Kodak. They then built the Stanley Hotel so they could house all their guests from back east. A 40 room guest house. It real fame came in the 70s when Steven King stayed at the hotel and came up with the idea to write the Shinning. None of the movie was filmed there. A really elegant place. Today we did a 5 mile hike to Cub Lake. Lots of small ponds, meadows and hills. The ... read more
Trail to Cub Lake

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park August 17th 2019

Will our adventure is nearing the end. Yesterday we did a short hike to Alberta falls in the Bear Lake area of Rocky. I think everybody was ready for an easy day. The hike was only 2 miles with moderate elevation gain. The Falls were fantastic. The only down side was the Saturday crowds. Since we take the shuttle from the Estes Park visitor center to the park. No waiting in the mile long line at the gate. The trail was a little crowded, but it is amazing how friendly people get when you get them on a trail with beautiful scenery. One real high point was the Bull Elk sighting with a great picture opportunity. They were both resting in the trees so a picture was tough, but I managed a couple anyway. We also ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver August 17th 2019

Sat: Y’s first flight, first baseball game! After passing Y’s 2 months mark, things got a little easier and we wanted to restart our travels. We picked Denver because neither of us has been there and it would be a short 2-hour flight. Baby steps :). Friday was all about getting ready. This was going to be a different trip and mindset for V and me as new parents. I think I have everything…except! I realized that the 4:30-am bus from Millbrae to SFO doesn’t run on weekends. Oh no! The only other option was 3:55-am bus to make our 6:30 am flight. Aaand, that’s the last one before BART starts running at 6 am. With a 4.5-month-old, Uber/Lyft are out. This led to 2:30 am alarm, ouch. Going through security with the baby in the ... read more
Inside Union Station
The blue bear @ the Convention Center
Biker Jim's dog

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