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North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 24th 2015

Well that was fun. Picked up the new rental, have moved away from Avis and using Enterprise as they are 40% cheaper. Headed east from Seattle towards, uh I don’t know, maybe Ontario, Oregon. That’ll do. So headed for Denver via Ontario. From there I visited the Craters of the Moon ( What a place. I don’t think this place would be open to the public in Aussie, as the bits you want to see, which are the caves, are too put it mildly dangerous at best. I have been to cave sites before that have walkways, low level lighting etc. This place had none of that, and if you are on your own and something untoward happens you are pretty much “on your own”. Anywho, pretty eerie place and the caves are scary and very ... read more
2015-05-22 11.59.40
2015-05-23 14.09.13

With no way through Rocky Mountain National Park available, we found a northern alternative via Loveland and Fort Collins, then west on Route 14 through Rustic, Kinikinik and a lot of places that included the name Poudre. It was a really scenic road which edged a river apparently very popular for white river rafting. On exiting the national forest, we saw many moose before reaching Walden, the self-proclaimed moose viewing capital of Colorado. Route 14 eventually ended with highway 40, which we then took over the Continental Divide at Rabbit Ears Pass and into Steamboat Springs.... read more
Moose on Route 14
Poudre Falls
Approaching Walden

North America » United States » Colorado » Estes Park May 17th 2015

From Denver, we traveled to Estes Park for the wedding of our niece which took place at the Overlook Ranch beautifully situated on the outskirts. In the quaint town of Estes Park, there are lots of shops and eateries and even ghost tours at the Stanley Hotel where The Shining was filmed. On the last day in the area, we traveled the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. Our intention was to drive through the park after the weekend until we learned the road was closed annually to through traffic until Memorial Day and was only open to Rainbow Curve. With a change in plans now necessary, we drove as far as the closure point to enjoy whatever was available pre-season in the park.... read more
Master Suite in Overlook Ranch
Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road
Elk Herd in Park

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver May 14th 2015

About 20 minutes from downtown Denver is the famed Red Rock Amphitheatre. An acoustic marvel set among magnificent red rock formations, it’s a great place to view the mile high city. We felt the altitude immediately when climbing the 69 steps to the view from the top. There were dozens of very different athletes performing all kinds of workouts. We saw some runners methodically covering the entire arena row by row, others frog hopping up the steps and fitness teams performing crunches and reverse incline pushups straddling multiple rows. Here’s a workout for any ambitious reader - Just walking the steps felt like an accomplishment and the views were worth the effort.... read more
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Sign
At the top of the amphitheatre
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating

First on today's list was snowshoeing! Certainly not a planned activity for a trip in the middle of May, but after finding the snowshoes in our cabin last night, we just had to try them. And we had plenty of snow for our snowshoe adventure. Well the adventure was really just around the yard of the cabin, but for us southern girls, it was an adventure. The snowshoes were big and bulky but they did the job. I only fell once and got a great leg workout in the process. It did not take long to realize that snow shoeing was the only safe way to walk outside this morning. After a little sunshine yesterday and more snow fall last night, the ground was all ice. So that was the only safe way to get our ... read more
Sandra and Linda - first attempt in snowshoes
Snow capped mountains
The Pikes Peak Cog Railway

North America » United States » Colorado » Canon City May 10th 2015

What a difference a day can make. We woke to clearing skies and a dry ground, which is just bazaar considering the crazy weather we had yesterday, but glad for it. Barbara has a friend that lives in the area so we met her for breakfast before heading out for the day. We checked road conditions, weather, and got a few questions answered from her friend about the area and hit the road. We stopped by North Cheyenne Canon Park. The park is maintained by the City of Colorado Springs and is accessed by some less traveled back roads. I wasn't sure what to expect from the park, but I thought if the word 'canyon' is part of the name that it had to have something worth looking at. I also read about a waterfall that ... read more
Helen Hunt Falls
Royal Gorge Bridge
Train in the bottom of Royal Gorge

Today began the first leg of a new trip - a girls trip. 'The Girls' are my mother (Linda), my aunt (Barbara), my step sister (Stephanie) and me. This trip idea came about when trying to determine what to do to celebrate a couple of 'significant' birthdays and Mothers Day. So a plan was developed and this is the weekend to do it - headed to Colorado Springs. We had an early flight out of Atlanta and arrived in Denver before 8am. I have never heard so many people sleeping in one place as on that airplane today. And the guy right behind me snored loudly from the time we boarded in Atlanta, through the take off, through all the turbulence, through the entire flight and through the landing. Amazing. We picked up our rental car, ... read more
Formations in the Garden of the Gods

Roadtrip SW USA...With Home & Away...Colorado way. We have just had a roadtrip through Utah & Arizona to beat all roadtrips...but it may never have happened if it wasn't for Bob. He didn't arrange the polar vortex to lay thick snow on our path through deserts and eroded striated vistas...but I wouldn't begrudge him if he claimed he did. A few months before we left Oz I contacted Bob and said we planned to drop in from Canada on our way to meet other TBers in USA. We had entertained Bob & Linda when they visited Sydney in 2012 ...and the invitation to reciprocate still stood. Within minutes came a message back..."Great news...we'll take you on a roadtrip!" Within hours came a suggested itinerary. Sensational idea...the seed was planted...all it needed was watering. Then the snag... ... read more
Following the Colorado
Denise & Linda...together again
I feel happy...

North America » United States » Colorado May 8th 2015

Howdy folks, you guessed it, we went to Colorado to tick off Pikes Peak on Daniel's bucket list. It was quite a scary ride, I'm telling you! Winding up the narrow road, with, at times a 200m drop. At least we know that I have a strong heart and that my lungs are working well as I screamed like a banshee! We have visited a few National and State Parks, including Rocky Mountain, Custer and Badlands to see very diverse landscapes. Also presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln at Mt. Rushmore. We have met lots of creatures great and small and some of the locals in the town square. The elk must have been at least 6 foot tall and weighing around 200 kgs... you don't see that in Australia! As you can see the weather ... read more
Freeze the balls off a snowman!
Bucket list....tick

North America » United States » Colorado » Vail May 4th 2015

A NEW ADVENTURE Well, hello hello! It's been a long time since we've been on here (over four years), so it feels good to dust off the blog and get it ready for action again. The plan was to keep the blog rolling during our tenure in Colorado; then again, the original plan was to spend only one winter season in Vail. Now - three and a half years later - we're still here...but not for much longer! How did two Floridians end up in Vail, Colorado anyway? By sheer coincidence. After spending 15 months abroad in 2009/2010, our plan was to return to Florida, save some cash, and hit the road to do it all over again. What we didn't factor in was that, during our absence, the economy had tanked and the job market ... read more
Denali's First Winter
Hanging Lake
Piney Lake

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