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North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 22nd 2011

We’re in the mountains and winter isn’t far away. The temp was 26 during the night and thank goodness we had a site with electric last night, the heater kept us from freezing to death. There is frost everywhere outside, painting a portrait of what is to come. Oscar had breakfast and went back to bed. We had a quick breakfast, packed up and headed off to Rocky Mt. Nat’l Park which was only 3 miles away. There was a stand of aspens begging to be captured with a camera. Pictures….. A side note about aspens; they are called a stand because they share the same roots. That is why they grow in clumps or groups. When there is a forest fire the trees are destroyed but the roots survive and shortly after they shoot up ... read more
Pennelope's spot

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 4th 2011

September 04 Arapaho National Forest-Rocky Mountain National Park-Cheyenne, Wyoming I drove back down the mountain from the dispersed campground and into Hot Sulpher Springs. I decided to do a little exploring and discovered a nice campground called Pioneer Park Campground. I asked how much it was to camp there and they said it was free. So I will keep it in my pocket for future reference. In the town of Hot Sulphur Springs you turn off Hwy 40 like you are going to the Resort and just over the bridge turn left into the campground. It was a pretty nice campground right on the Colorado River…..and free. After exploring Hot Sulphur Springs I drove to the Rocky Mountains National Park. It was awesome and although this is the third time I have been there I was ... read more
11,307 feet altitude

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains August 18th 2011

Another long drive bought us to our next National Park – The Rocky Mountains. We entered via the west which is the quieter side so it was nice not to be welcomed by a mass of cars; well I say cars, more like trucks!! It was quite late on when we arrived and got our bearings, but we wanted to do something before we pitched the tent so we went for a walk in Coyote Valley and decided it would be nice to see if any wildlife surfaced at dusk so went and got our tea to eat there; this was a lovely place there was nobody else about and it felt really relaxing. In the end we saw a couple of Elk in the distance but in the end we were drove out by the ... read more
Coyote Valley
Fed up....

I think the photos probably do today more justice than any writing could, so I'll keep it short. We woke early and drove into the national park, parking near Bear Lake (at over 9,400ft). We then trekked up past the Loch in the direction of Andrew's Glacier, although we couldn't quite reach the end of the trail since (a) I was wearing trainers I had bought in Sports Direct for £19, which didn't really have any grip in the soft snow (b) hikers coming down described the top of the trail as 'terrifying', as the snow was beginning to melt especially where the path crossed over the river, and big chunks were falling off. All very Narnian/Pocohantas. We stopped for a quick picnic of bagels (at about 10,000ft, so pretty high) and then headed down, taking ... read more
Meltwater stream
Alberta Falls
Alice and I

A road goes nearly around Rocky Mountain National Park that starts down in Boulder, thru Estes Park and then over a 12,000+ summit and onto the west side. The road, at 12,000 looks down onto most peaks full of snow and glaciers. We thought that we’d drive up to the Alpine Visitor’s Center just past the summit on our last day in the Rockies. A plus is that part way up is a Junior Ranger Headquarters and Christabel could get her Jr. Ranger Badge here. We started out and it is a drive that I highly recommend. Near the summit the road is above tree line and mountains are visible to the west. It is amazing to look down onto mountains that look so high from Denver and see the peaks. Herds of Elk were at ... read more
Elk at the top of the World

Waking up in Rocky Mountain National Park is a wondrous thing. The Glacier Basin is surrounded by mountains so clouds are over some with other peaks visible. The basin campground has campsites are on ½ of the area with a large glassy area around the entry. A river runs along one end of the campground from the mountains on thru the valley. Kids woke up and informed me that they had already had 2 hikes, one just after I left and one yesterday. They really wanted for us to go back to Sprague Lake a 1-1/2 mile hike each way. This sounded great as I’d been sitting for way too many hours. We packed up a picnic lunch complete with tablecloth, wine, cheese, meat and breads in our picnic backpack and took off for the lake. ... read more
Sprague Lake
View from Glacier Basin Campground

Needless to say after a day of workshops, a very boring afternoon I may say, I hopped the hotel shuttle for the airport. I didn’t have much to eat during the day as there wasn’t much gluten free food and I was anxious for dinner and a cappuccino. Security was empty so I rushed thru to get to the food only to find that I was on the far end of the airport in a very small wing. There was only one vendor with pre-made sandwiches, some bananas and canned sodas. GURR! I started to blog but then the battery started dying and the outlets didn’t work. Oh well, I got to read the book I’d brought along “Packing For Mars”. Thunderstorms were once again in the Denver area when we took off but by the ... read more

We’d planned to spend 3 days in Rocky National Park but having never been there before were unsure of what exactly we would do. Then in Minnesota, Crawford called asking me to please attend a workshop in Dallas, they would pay all expenses. This would occur during our Rocky Mt. time. I thought that Dale and the kids could still enjoy the mountains and I could make a quick trip from Denver. When we got into the park we found that all of the National Park campgrounds were full except one another hour away with a pass of 12,000’. We found a private campground nearby instead for the night. Early in the morning Dale and I got up and went to Glacier Basin, the one nearby campground that takes campers on a stand-by basis. We got ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains October 14th 2010

September 27-30: Much as we had hoped so see a number of good friends on the east coast and on a northern return trip from Vermont to Oregon, we had to admit that there was no way we could do that with the time we had left. So we flew from Austin to the wedding in Vt, then had to return to Austin to pick up our van. This left us just 8 days for travelling back to Portland because our flights back to Australia were fixed so I could get to Sydney in time to teach in Term 4, starting October 11. It was great to see Karen, Ellie and Ethan again briefly before we hit the road. Having been spoiled by our meandering “butterfly” ways in August and September, the interstates loomed rather harsh ... read more
The old homestead
Autumn spreads its gold

Now you should've known if there was a casino within a hundred mile radius Tim was going to find it and of course he did. We woke up this morning in Black Hawk, CO in the parking lot of the Isle of Capri somewhere around 10:30. I was still a little upset because we lost some money last night but I guess I'll get over it since it wasn't that much. It was kinda hard getting ready this morning because we had to crawl over the bed to get to the shower and master bath because there wasn't enough room to let the slides out. Somehow we managed and were soon on our way over to Idaho Springs, CO in search of another water fall and water wheel. Tim drove us over the mountain and through ... read more
Incredible view on top of the mountain.
Yep, It's Bullwinkle himself !!
Finally, after 3 long years, we got to see a moose !!!

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